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The weather’s been out of whack lately, it was raining constantly for a while, and then now it’s super max hot. Look at cendawan the delinquent Bengal cat here, even the wild animal’s feeling the heat and had to stick out his tongue to get some relief.

Cendawan is over heating
Cendawan is over heating

Yes, we do occasionally take the cat out for a bit of a tour, to let him pretend he’s a dog of sort. Perhaps that’s what made the kitty learn how to play fetch in the first place.

Anyway, we found ourselves a salvation on a hot Sunday afternoon while driving around Puchong buying lights a couple weeks ago. (by the way Top Ten trading is the best place to buy any lights, it’s way cheaper than anywhere else we tried).

The salvation was a road side coconut juice stall.

coconut juice by Jalan Puchong, near Tesco
coconut juice by Jalan Puchong, near Tesco

Places like this used to litter every other street corner in Klang Valley, but lately most of them have since been replaced by the likes of 7-11, 88 speedmart and such.

RM 2+ (RM 2.50 if I remember correctly) for a freshly opened young coconut, and they even have crushed ice to go with it too. You also get that sweet coconut meat in that 100% pure juice drink.

Ahhhh, how I wish we could get this everywhere!

puchong coconut

Jalan Bandar 8,
by LDP, Puchong
GPS:  3.03170, 101.61442

Discuss : I want my Coconut Juice!

  1. Michelle

    You’ve got me craving for them and no I cannot settle for packet type coconut juice!

  2. Coconuts!! I iz wantz!

  3. mimid3vils

    There are a few coconut water stalls around my area (Kepong) 😆

  4. Actually there’s a few near my place in Connaught too. And yes, I know Kepong Baru, there’s still some stalls there…

  5. Very hot weather now, I need to go Puchong and drink coconut juice, I know where it is.

  6. coconut juice is a very cheap and great refreshing drink!
    the cat is so chubby!!! :mrgreen:

  7. cendawan is so cute!

  8. where exactly is this lighting shop that you mentioned???

    • suertes: it’s just on that little road parallel to LDP between coconut stall to Tesco

  9. Nice! Nothing beats coconut juice on a hot day! 🙂

  10. Cendawan is the cutest. Btw, how do you bring your cat out eh? You used what type of leash and where can I get it? Hehe.

    • dils: you can get the shoulder leash from any big pet store, we got ours from the one next to Ming Tien 😉

  11. oh, you post made me feel like having coconut juice now.. u should try the one near kepong baru market, the aunty sold over 100 biji a day! she only sell the “pandan” coconut on every saturday which smells like pandan juice and is very refreshing + sweet! RM2.50 sebiji! 10.30am – 4.30pm – 016-3685503 😉

    • CY: wah that’s damn good info! thanks!

      • pleasure and thanks for sharing out ur food hunting experience too 😀

    • Near by Kepong Baru Market? Is it somewhere around Magnum there?

      • Hi JC, is actually located at the main street before turning into the Kepong Market. Feel free to call that coconut lady, she will be more than happy to guide you there 😉

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