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I think it goes without saying that car insurance is not only necessary by law, but by common sense too.

Take it from someone who has claimed a pretty good sum of money for car repair after the, luckily, not-too-tragic accident just 2 years back (no human was harmed in the process).

Now traditionally, when it is almost time to renew our annual road tax, we would go to the car insurance company, meet up with the agent behind the desk, and get everything sorted out. This sometimes requires taking half a day off, get stuck in the jam, spend half an hour looking for parking space, spend another half an hour in queue, etc etc.

HSBC car insurance cartoon

If you’re the luckier bunch, you might do it over the phone, but that necessitate another meeting with the agent’s runner to collect the cover note, and most of the time you need to tell the agent your credit card details over the phone for the transaction, not exactly a very safe thing to do.

I used to do mine over the phone, until the person in charge resigned, and then I wasn’t called to be reminded about my expiring policy. As a result, I was driving with no insurance for something like 2 weeks until I realized that my road tax expired.. luckily nothing happened in between, gah!

Enter HSBC Car Insurance (aka the 21st century)

  • Apply HSBC car insurance online and you can get the E-cover note within 10 minutes
  • Use your credit card (get points) to pay for car insurance securely
  • Download and print the policy
  • Get your NCB (no claim bonus) transfered automatically with no hassle
  • Auto reminder when you need to renew the car insurance

That’s pretty simple and straight forward now isn’t it? Check out HSBC Car Insurance now, there’s even a cute little video demonstrating the old aunty’s frustration in renewing car insurance.

Discuss : Car Insurance? Do it Online lahh

  1. wah, everything nowadays is available online..ppl meet future husband/wife online, ppl divorced online..ppl dies online…oops, i take my words back, it’s still cny 🙂

  2. i love that pic – qualify for Epic FAIL

  3. SibehTulan

    I think Maybank’s Etiqa motor insurance is much better. Buy motor insurance online and get a 10% discount besides the NCB entitlement. You can even pay your road tax by credit card and have it delivered to your door step in 2 days!!

    The 10% discount is as much as the agent’s commission!!! Hahahaha!

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