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Whenever we think about fast food, the image of pan fried burger patties oozing with oil come to mind. While they are often delicious, the more health conscious bunch might not embrace fast food with open arms….. unless it is grilled instead!

Burger King at KLCC
Burger King at KLCC

Burger King is one of the very few fast food joints that serves burgers you can eat without feeling too guilty. In fact, it is the only quick service restaurant that serves grilled burgers, and one of my lunch stops every once in a while ever since they opened up the branch at KLCC.

BK Grilled Chicken poster

A couple days ago I went over to take advantage of Β the BK Grilled Chicken promo. The new kid in town is the BK Black Pepper grilled chicken, while the BBQ Beefacon & Mushroom grilled chicken are included in the promo too – when you go large, you get a free sundae.

BK Beefacon & Black Pepper grilled chicken, Sundae!
BK BBQ Beefacon & Black Pepper grilled chicken, Sundae!

My colleague Sam, who is originally an Iranian (with no BK there) but has since abandoned his country to become a Norwegian (with only one BK in the town of Stavanger, see the pic, it’s beautiful!) ordered the black pepper grilled chicken set, while I opted for the BBQ Beefacon version.

flame grilled chicken, yums
there’s no food makeup in these photos, this is what you get! yums

The burgers, while not exactly as beautiful as the posters, turned out to be pretty yummy. The crunchy beef bacon on mine goes well with the juicy grilled chicken patty, and Sam loves his black pepper grilled chicken burger too.

We made quick work of the burgers, fries, and then of course, the free sundae.

Sam & KY at Burger King
Sam & KY at Burger King

P/S: actually Sam didn’t want to go to a fast food restaurant (watching his weight apparently) until I told him that it is BK and we’re going to have the grilled chicken burger, then he went “oh, okay!”

Discuss : Burger King’s Grilled Chicken promo

  1. I love BK’s beef burger! but im gona switch the grilled chic burger bcoz there’s free sundae! hehe

  2. i miss BK french chicken!!! Singapore doesn’t have it =(

  3. Yup, flamed grilled burgers are great! I’m not a chicken fan though (burger wise), would always go for plain beef Whoppers. πŸ™‚

  4. FREE sundae.. nice..

  5. yes yes yes!! Burger King.. it’s a wonder how I always forget about its existence. Normally it’s either McD or KFC :mrgreen:

  6. iamthewitch

    Oh yes! Grilled burger is the way to go! Kudos to BK! Now if only they have the RM5.95 value meals for set lunch… πŸ˜›

  7. I think their Caramel Sundae is pretty special vs the norm of choc/strawberry sundaes. Nice one!

  8. It’s been a while since I’ve had burger king. How was the large serving like? Their large mushroom swiss is never enough for me. πŸ˜•

  9. BK kinda ex for fast food prices lar =(
    the last time i had their grilled chicken i found it a little dry.

    • BY: I think the price is inevitable considering their preperation method and ingredients. I thought the grilled chicken now is pretty good πŸ™‚

  10. Burger King is my favourite, better than McD becoz it is grilled more tastier.

  11. yieza,it really taste good..try it, love it, and i blog about it…

  12. Costa Rica

    As a body builder I have always been taught to avoid fast food, that is except for BK’s grilled chicken. High on protein and low in fat, fair in price. It may not be the best chicken, but on the run, it makes the grade.

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