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For those who have had the privilege of joining one of these sessions, there’s a consensus:

You haven’t had BBQ until you had BBQ Addicts!

Today, you, my dear reader, gets to drool over these wonderful grilled food that we had at Michael and Lance’s place at Genting the very last day of 2010. You’ll also fint out how to get your hands on them, read on.

pork ribs, pigs in blanket, asparagus with bacon
pork ribs, pigs in blanket, asparagus with bacon

Firstly, lets look at the first few dishes we had: baby back ribs, marinated to perfection, grilled over charcoal fire, le yums! Asparagus wrapped with bacon, and pigs in blanket, all piping hot and awesomely delicious.

BBQ Addicts - Grill Sergeant Lance
BBQ Addicts – Grill Sergeant Lance

The super happy dude in windbreaker from early 90s, that is Grill Sergeant Lance, the uno supremo of BBQ-Addicts. Don’t let the windbreaker fools you, his BBQ outfit is complete with super short running pants and old school badminton jersey from the same era.

One thing for sure though, this dude is the best in the business when it comes to BBQ.

beef burger with bacon, rolling pin
beef burger with bacon, rolling pin

At BBQ-Addicts, don’t expect to find boring old chicken wings, fish balls, or sausages you find from supermarket. Everything is of premium quality, like the home made burger pattie, sandwiched between buns that’re also grilled, add a piece of bacon in it, and viola – you get instant carb + heart attack material, but it tastes good.

Then there’s rolling pin – marinated chicken wrapped with streaky bacon that is then grilled (well, almost everything is grilled anyway) so that the pork fat seeps into the chicken to make it that much more tender and flavorful…. ah..!

watermelon salad, grill lamb, clam chowder, french cut
watermelon salad, fren cut lamb, clam chowder, steak

There’s more, the french cut lamb is one of my favorites, and that big piece of steak over fire till medium rare, grilled mushroom with cheese and actually we did have some marinated chicken wings too.

Other than grilled food, these guys make some pretty fine watermelon salad (you gotta try it!), and seriously “life altering” clam chowder (that appears in xmas eve at Suanie’s post).

porkgang and more at BBQ Addict's New Year Eve party
porkgang and more at BBQ Addict’s New Year Eve party

We had an awesome time at the little party that had way too much awesome food, good drinks, and glow sticks. It was a New Year Eve with many satisfied stomaches.

frankenstine junior at new year eve party
frankenstine junior at new year eve party

To have your own BBQ-Addicts experience, head over to their facebook site to find out more. They can deliver the ingredients to your event or even be there to cook for you too, BBQ pit rental’s available too. If you want to have a kick ass BBQ party, you know who to contact!

Update: BBQ Addicts is now too busy to be doing BBQ stuff!

Discuss : BBQ-Addicts New Year Eve Party

  1. Come for the food! Stay for the booze! 😀

    BTW, the rolling pins are actually chicken chops stuffed with sausage meat and wrapped in bacon! 😀 And the Juicy Lucy burgers have an awesome cheese filled center that OOZE out when you bite them!

    Sekian sahaja pesanan dari BBQ Addicts. hahaha.

  2. wow this is great!.. btw, they dont rent the bbq pit?

  3. wahhhhh ky, new year already wana give me heart attack ah?? haha…

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Wow what a brilliant idea! Now to figure out when to throw a BBQ party. 😀

  5. i remember this coming out in star newspaper few weeks ago
    …really looks great

  6. i guess this is only for kl area? how about us hungry people across the south china sea? =(


  8. Wah a local ‘Robert Rainford’?? Damn sure looks and taste damn good especially in that cold weather, doesn’t it?

  9. Had already heard a lot about BBQ Addicts, no chance to engage them yet. Hopefully during the coming CNY.

  10. wah definitely not for the faint hearted or high in cholesterol people… naisss

  11. WAHLAU that bacon in beef burger can beat Yut Kee WTF!

  12. BBQ addicts never fails to provide good food. Slurps…

  13. […] Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to talk about asparagus. Now most of us associate asparagus as sort of a Western style vegetable, something you find in a fancy restaurant sitting pretty next to your steak (such as this side dish at Mandarin Grill), or being wrapped in bacon and BBQ-ed (ala BBQ Addict’s menu). […]

  14. 🙁 their FB link not working anymore.

    By the way, which part of Genting can have BBQ event (say for a small group of friends)

  15. Do you stil have bbq pits for rent?

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