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Second day in 2011, and we went to Petaling Street for some old school goodies – the Hon Kee Famous Porridge. A hawker stall that has been in operation since 1959, when most of our parents are still licking lollies.

Hon Kee famous porridge at Petaling Street
Hon Kee famous porridge at Petaling Street

We ordered a bowl of sang yu (raw fish, haruan) porridge, pork intestine porridge, a serving of yao cha kuai, and two iced herbal tea. There are only a few tables right outside the stall, but they do have plenty of seats just across the road right outside Hong Leong Bank.

pork intestine porridge & raw fish porridge
pork intestine porridge & raw fish porridge

The pork intestine porridge had plenty of crunchy intestine and sliced tongue/etc, and served with some shredded ginger and chopped spring onion, yums! This is as good as they get, but I’d wish that they have coagulated pork blood though.

The raw fish porridge is served with the fish raw and on a separate plate. Adding them into the piping hot porridge cooks the fish almost instantly though, fresh and flavorful, it was actually very good – except for the tiny problem of getting too sweaty when it is hot like this afternoon.

The yao char kuai turned out to be good too. Always nice to have a bit of different texture.

Haze and KY at Petaling Street
Haze and KY at Petaling Street

There are always some misconception that food at this area is priced artificially high to slaughter them tourists, we paid RM 14+ for two bowls of porridge, two iced drinks, and a serving of yao char kuai, pretty good value for money if you ask me.

Another place for pork intestine porridge would be at Jalan Sayur’s hawker center, check out the porridge tag for more entries too.

map to Hon Kee Famous Porridge, Petaling Street (Chinatown)

Hon Kee Famous Porridge
93, Jalan Hang Lekir,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.144389, 101.697924
Tel: 012-227 6281

Discuss : KY eats – Hon Kee Famous Porridge at Petaling Street

  1. Porridge with pitan and egg…. heaven! Makes me hungry! 😈

  2. their fish porridge my fav too… they have a branch in puchong as well..

  3. omg the porridge looks sublime! i love porridge!

  4. looks yummy, shall try it soon 🙂

  5. I have this every morning about 6am during my college days in Limkokwing (when they are still in Jln bukit bintang) and i am there almost every other day cuz my opis so blardy near.

    dammit !! in fact i think i’ll have it TODAY !JOM KY !

  6. i really DIG this chok! supremely noms!

  7. Not-Soul-Uncle

    The best way to enjoy the raw fish (my dad taught me 20 years ago at Hon Kee PS) is, pour the soy source on the sauce bowl, add plenty of white pepper, mixed it well, dip the raw fish into the mixture together with the sliced scallion, then do the ‘shabu’ in the hot porridge for few second, and eat it. This way will bring out the best natural sweetness of the fish. enjoy 😎

  8. iamthewitch

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this porridge! Just had that last week at the Puchong branch, which is more comfortable with air-conditioner. hehe.. Will definitely go back again when I yearn for fish porridge!

  9. Biopolymath

    Petaling Jaya or Petaling Street?! I’m so confused man!

    • Biopolymath: petaling street my friend, accidentally put in the wrong address, sorry. hehe fixed.

  10. ooh my favourite comfort food. so naisss

  11. theres one at uptown … need go petaling street there….very jam and crowded

  12. Tan Yee Hou

    I remember that koon kee (nearly) used to sell really good wantan mee. now damn suck already, but one of the workers opened a shop near my place (call me when you’re here) and its damn good.

    way OT.

  13. the kuchai lama pig intestine porridge is better imho 🙂

  14. Pas De Nom

    Is from 1949 not 1959

  15. Thank you for this post. We’re planning to join the KL Heritage Walk on a Monday morning…and I was wondering where we can eat lunch after the Walk. Your posts have given me a lot of ideas. Thanks! 🙂

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