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A couple weekends ago I went back to Penang for a little get together with my family in conjunction with Mom’s birthday. Even though we don’t usually celebrate birthdays, it is still a son’s responsibility at least to try to make mom happier during times like this.

Soon Lai Seafood, Penang
Soon Lai Seafood, Penang

Instead of any fancy place (she warned me not to bring her for Japanese food), one of mom’s favorite places is this inconspicuous house-turned-restaurant place that goes by the name of Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant. The eatery is located in the housing area just a few blocks away from Lam Wah Ee hospital.

scrumptious butter crab
scrumptious butter crab

We ordered 6 dishes for the 5 of us, with the big kahuna being their butter crab (RM 42). The way they prepared this this is a little different, crab’s cooked with butter, onion, and even some spring onion. It turned out very good, mom suspects that the crabs are sourced from Kuala Kurau, where you find the best mud crab around the country.

I actually have aunts from fishing village in Kuala Kurau. 😀

deep fried grouper, thai style pork hand, veg, tofu, soup
deep fried grouper, thai style pork hand, veg, tofu, spinach soup

You can’t have a seafood dinner without fish, we took the recommendation from our friendly server and ordered the “weird taste” deep fried grouper (RM 39). I’m not so sure about the name, but the fish was good not not exactly weird. The sauce is a mixture of plum and chili (and more?) with plenty of thinly sliced fried ginger on top.

Another must-order item at Soon Lai has got to be their Thai style pork knuckle (RM 18). It’s similar to the more familiar German style pork knuckle, but this one’s with Thai style chili sauce and mint leaves draped over it. The combination of crispy pork skin with the underlying fat plus that sauce – heaven!

Mom, KY, Haze, Jerry, Sister
Mom, KY, Haze, Jerry, Sister

The other three dishes were tofu on hotplate (RM 8), spinach soup with century egg (RM 12), and vegetable with sambal (RM 6). No disappointment at all with these side kicks either.

We had rice for everyone, and a couple bottles of beer too. It was a very satisfying dinner.

The bill? Less than RM 160. Now that’s great value. You have a choice sitting semi-alfresco or in air conditioned room too.

map to Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant

So if you’re looking for a decent seafood at a bargain right on the island, this is where you go.

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant
15, Lintang Batu,
11600 Green Lane, Penang

GPS: 5.386974, 100.306149
Tel: 04-658 9799, 016-441 3666

The holiday season is coming, the malls are already having x’mas decorations, and we’re all looking forward to the festivities. Hohohoho

To me though, this is also a time to catch up with some old young friends over a several glasses of drinks.

xmas tree

I was chatting online with Pinky over some work and suddenly realized that we actually haven’t properly met again ever since she came back from Melbourne. Earlier in the conversation we were just talking about beer, and in particular, Kilkenny.

So I asked her to join us for dinner at Bernard’s where they serve Kilkenny draught.

Bernard's at Centrepoint, BU
KY at Bernard’, Centrepoint, BU

To some, Kilkenny might still be a pretty foreign brand (Haze never had it until now). I actually first learnt it from Suan and FA not very long ago. The Irish cream ale has a head that’s risen, pretty similar to Guinness draught, it is also very smooth and carries a full flavor.

Pinky, Haze, and a couple pints of Kilkenny
Pinky, Haze, and a couple pints of Kilkenny

A small amount of roasted barley gives this beer the distinct reddish tint that also adds to the flavor. I like it, the girls do too.

If you are a beer fan and haven’t had a taste of Kilkenny, give it a try. There are now over 200 locations where it is served, a pint usually goes at around RM 20, there are places that have 3 for RM 50 too.

pesto pasta with grilled chicken, chinese style pork chop
pesto pasta with grilled chicken, chinese style pork chop

Dinner was a Chinese style pork chop served with steamed rice (RM 23) for me, and the Pesto Pasta with grilled chicken (RM 20) for Haze.

I liked the capsicum sauce served with the pork chop but thought the meat was a little too lean though, you’ll like it more if overly fatty pork isn’t your craving.

The pesto pasta though, was excellent. I mean, just look at the piece of grilled chicken thigh there and tell me if it wasn’t beautiful? I am going to order this next time, definitely goes well with the Kilkenny!

What will be under your tree this year?

location map of Bernard's, BU Centrepoint

G9A-14, Centrepoint,
Jalan Leboh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.137988, 101.610124
Tel: 03-7710 3188

I still vividly remember 1st Jan 2000, I was with a few friends driving around Washington DC, just finished our late NYE dinner when the fireworks started. Worrying about the potential Y2K bug and how the whole IT infrastructure was going to go berserk (nothing happened huh?).

And here we are, in a little more than 2 weeks it’d be exactly 10 years later. How time flies.

KY & Haze in the magical train
KY & Haze in the Magical train, Hong Kong

A lot has happened in 10 years. I got back to Malaysia, went through 3 different jobs, visited a few new countries, bought a house, bought a car, picked up diving, started this blog, got to know many great friends, started and ended several relationships; within just this year I went to 6 dive trips, went to Hong Kong (blog posts coming soon), renovated (ok renovating) the house, and most importantly, got together with Haze and got engaged.

With the incoming new year, most of us will have new resolutions – get healthier, be more hardworking, get a promotion, buy a car, a house, etc. I’m usually not particularly big on resolutions, but hey, that’s just me.

If your resolutions for 2011 include upgrading the mobile phone, then there’s good news, read on: Read this

I’ve pretty much totally forgotten about this place until horng tweeted about it several days ago. Dug through the photo album uploaded from my old phone, and viola! There are materials which I had failed to share from the awesome roadside hawker centre at Jalan Sayur.

So this post is brought to you by the procrastinator in me, enjoy!

tofu bakar at Jalan Sayur night food court
tofu bakar at Jalan Sayur night food court

I’ve written about the pork intestine porridge and chee cheong fun at this place, but here few more things you should definitely check out if you ever find yourself at the vicinity.

First off is the tofu bakar & prawn fritters by this aunty in red t-shirt (aunty not always in red t-shirt, however). The sauce is home made and very different from anything I’ve ever had. A strong hint of belacan + prawn paste in it, and definitely come with a kick.

Can’t remember the price, but not more than a few ringgit per plate. She also offers grilled cuttle fish, but those things can be pricey.

one of the better char kueh kak in town
one of the better char kueh kak (fried radish cake) in town

The tweet from Horng though, was the char kueh kak, or Penang style fried radish that comes with egg, bean sprout, and a bit of finely chopped salted vegetable (choi pou).

You can often find char kueh kak stalls at various pasar malam, but most of the time the quality is a bit of a suspect. This was why I had only written about one other char kueh kak place in Penang on this blog. The version sold here is as good as any decent one  you can find on the island, plenty of “wok hei”, flavorful, and satisfying for the char kueh kak fan in me.

Horng, KY, Rachel, Kerol, Shiang
pork noodle, fish noodle, Horng, KY, Rachel, Kerol, Shiang

During the same session, others had pork ball noodles and fish noodle from another stall that turned out pretty good too. There is still one other stall selling fried chicken that I have yet to try at Jalan Sayur hawker centre (always a super long queue), so perhaps next trip!

location map of jalan sayur food court

Hawker center at Jalan Sayur
off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.135208, 101.713051

If you are one of the few readers who are familiar with this blog, it wouldn’t be wrong if you think that I have a particular liking for some really unhealthy food. The fact that there’s a lard tag and another intestine tag is a subtle evidence.

restaurant B & Best, with extra lard!
Restaurant B & Best fish noodle, with extra lard!

Lard is such yummy thing, aren’t they? Look at the bowl of kueh teow with red grouper, sambal, and an extra serving of lard, that was what I had just a few days ago at Restaurant B & Best, PJ SS 4.

ss3 pork noodle
pork noodle with intestine, liver, and of course, extra lard

And if fish noodle with lard is bad enough, what about a bowl of yummy pork noodle with pork, innards, and even more lard? Two of my favorite pork noodle places – Keat Fatt at PJ SS3, and Hong Cha at OUG both offers pretty much unlimited lard for the taking.

Human physiology is such a contradiction that more often than not, the things that are good for the taste buds are exactly the things you aren’t supposed to have (in excessive quantity I guess). If I had to argue against evolution, that would be my main and probably only argument. 😀

Life is of course, precious and everything, and when you have love ones who wants you to stay around for much longer than all this kinda lifestyle necessarily permits, self preservation must take a slightly higher priority.

All these lard (and plenty of other unhealthy stuff I eat) has a high correlation to increase in heart disease, high blood pressure, and a lot of other undesired health problems.

Hence I don’t eat pork noodle with extra lard every single day. I do put in a day of futsal every week and walk close to 4-5 KM on weekdays since I usually take the LRT instead of driving to work.

That is of course, not all we one can do. With the escalating medical costs, it is also important to have yourself covered just in case anything happens – be it a serious illness or accidents. That is where insurance comes into play.

Prudential Insurance

Medical insurance is something that everyone should look into, and it is even more important to start young. Premium is lower when you are younger and medically fit. As for myself, I opted for a combination of medical with investment plan from Prudential, the best of both worlds in my opinion.

My case is slightly unique, the company I work for allows employee to choose our own insurance and then make a claim of the premium. This allows me to choose my own medical plan. For those who are covered under group policies from their employers, many would agree that a second personal plan is probably a good safety net that is helpful when moving away from the current job.

Take a look at what Prudential has to offer, there’s a variety of plans that suits everyone.

Do you have yourself covered?