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The holiday season is coming, the malls are already having x’mas decorations, and we’re all looking forward to the festivities. Hohohoho

To me though, this is also a time to catch up with some old young friends over a several glasses of drinks.

xmas tree

I was chatting online with Pinky over some work and suddenly realized that we actually haven’t properly met again ever since she came back from Melbourne. Earlier in the conversation we were just talking about beer, and in particular, Kilkenny.

So I asked her to join us for dinner at Bernard’s where they serve Kilkenny draught.

Bernard's at Centrepoint, BU
KY at Bernard’, Centrepoint, BU

To some, Kilkenny might still be a pretty foreign brand (Haze never had it until now). I actually first learnt it from Suan and FA not very long ago. The Irish cream ale has a head that’s risen, pretty similar to Guinness draught, it is also very smooth and carries a full flavor.

Pinky, Haze, and a couple pints of Kilkenny
Pinky, Haze, and a couple pints of Kilkenny

A small amount of roasted barley gives this beer the distinct reddish tint that also adds to the flavor. I like it, the girls do too.

If you are a beer fan and haven’t had a taste of Kilkenny, give it a try. There are now over 200 locations where it is served, a pint usually goes at around RM 20, there are places that have 3 for RM 50 too.

pesto pasta with grilled chicken, chinese style pork chop
pesto pasta with grilled chicken, chinese style pork chop

Dinner was a Chinese style pork chop served with steamed rice (RM 23) for me, and the Pesto Pasta with grilled chicken (RM 20) for Haze.

I liked the capsicum sauce served with the pork chop but thought the meat was a little too lean though, you’ll like it more if overly fatty pork isn’t your craving.

The pesto pasta though, was excellent. I mean, just look at the piece of grilled chicken thigh there and tell me if it wasn’t beautiful? I am going to order this next time, definitely goes well with the Kilkenny!

What will be under your tree this year?

location map of Bernard's, BU Centrepoint

G9A-14, Centrepoint,
Jalan Leboh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.137988, 101.610124
Tel: 03-7710 3188

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  1. Wasted lar all these Kilkenny advertorials all given to people who don’t even drink Kilkenny. LOL Suan! FA! Come we mogok! 😀

  2. Wish merry xmas to all christian believers

  3. I love kilkenny too!

  4. That pesto pasta and grilled chicken looks very mouth watering, i’m envious! 😛

  5. Eric Yap Kok Wai

    Pinky looks good.. Haze …arghh *throw to rubbish dump*

  6. Hi Ky,

    You have a mouthwatering blog. It’s nice to see all the food of Malaysia. I’m not sure if you know this but, Kilkenny is actually a County(state), in Ireland. I have not came across this beer, here in Ireland. Of by the way, I forgot to mention that I’m a Malaysian living here the last 12 years. Yes, never hear of that beer here.

  7. […] Kilkenny as one of those premium beers you get from fancy pubs and restaurants, places like Bernard’s and Sid’s Pub, and indeed this is true, Kilkenny draught can be found in all those […]

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