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I’ve pretty much totally forgotten about this place until horng tweeted about it several days ago. Dug through the photo album uploaded from my old phone, and viola! There are materials which I had failed to share from the awesome roadside hawker centre at Jalan Sayur.

So this post is brought to you by the procrastinator in me, enjoy!

tofu bakar at Jalan Sayur night food court
tofu bakar at Jalan Sayur night food court

I’ve written about the pork intestine porridge and chee cheong fun at this place, but here few more things you should definitely check out if you ever find yourself at the vicinity.

First off is the tofu bakar & prawn fritters by this aunty in red t-shirt (aunty not always in red t-shirt, however). The sauce is home made and very different from anything I’ve ever had. A strong hint of belacan + prawn paste in it, and definitely come with a kick.

Can’t remember the price, but not more than a few ringgit per plate. She also offers grilled cuttle fish, but those things can be pricey.

one of the better char kueh kak in town
one of the better char kueh kak (fried radish cake) in town

The tweet from Horng though, was the char kueh kak, or Penang style fried radish that comes with egg, bean sprout, and a bit of finely chopped salted vegetable (choi pou).

You can often find char kueh kak stalls at various pasar malam, but most of the time the quality is a bit of a suspect. This was why I had only written about one other char kueh kak place in Penang on this blog. The version sold here is as good as any decent one  you can find on the island, plenty of “wok hei”, flavorful, and satisfying for the char kueh kak fan in me.

Horng, KY, Rachel, Kerol, Shiang
pork noodle, fish noodle, Horng, KY, Rachel, Kerol, Shiang

During the same session, others had pork ball noodles and fish noodle from another stall that turned out pretty good too. There is still one other stall selling fried chicken that I have yet to try at Jalan Sayur hawker centre (always a super long queue), so perhaps next trip!

location map of jalan sayur food court

Hawker center at Jalan Sayur
off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.135208, 101.713051

Discuss : KY eats – Char Kueh Kak & Tofu Bakar at Jalan Sayur

  1. must try lah their winner chicken wings. this is one of the places i like to come and makan, cheap and nice !

  2. i thought your char kueh kak is a human…

  3. fried chicken! – some said better than KFC

  4. Must try the fried chicken! It’s like a must-have whenever I drop by for dinner. I swear, they must have discovered their recipe before KFC even came to town!

  5. What were you guys drinking?

  6. I like the Curry Chee Cheong Fun too, very nice. Now it’s only walking distance from my office.

  7. The Char Kuey Kak looks a little too wet. I still prefer Penang’s version though.

  8. Christine Beach

    Michelle: those were air tebu 😀

  9. The good old days of going to Jalan Sayur for al fresco dining. You should go for the dessert stall for steamed egg custard. Absolutely the best. Char Kueh Kak, yes miss that a lot. Winner’s fried chicken and gizzard is an absolute must. The pork noodle stall right at the corner of an alley way opposite the char kueh kak stall is awesome. The curry cheong fun of course. Ah…………..the good old days of living in Malaysia. Merry Christmas!

  10. OMG yes! Thanks for this entry! I’ve been trying to find a good char kway kak spot! Now I know! Awesome-ness!!!

  11. The tofu bakar n prawn fritters nowadays come with set too(with added sotong bakar and sotong head), it cost about rm11 per set! A bit pricey though, but I still love it’s authentic flavor!

  12. Have you tried the Char Kuey Teow in Taman Desa? Is a small steal hut right in front of a Chinese medicine shop.

  13. […] you find many stalls that are famous for what they serve (char kuih kak being my favorite, mixed pork porridge is awesome too). Today, we look at Sei Ngan Zai fried […]

  14. Hi Vivian, i ate once and like the CKT at Taman Desa in front of medicine shop but I can’t remember exactly where was the shop. What time the CKT is opened. It had an ancient peppery taste which is very difficult to come by even in Penang. I am from KL, formerly Penang.

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