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If you are one of the few readers who are familiar with this blog, it wouldn’t be wrong if you think that I have a particular liking for some really unhealthy food. The fact that there’s a lard tag and another intestine tag is a subtle evidence.

restaurant B & Best, with extra lard!
Restaurant B & Best fish noodle, with extra lard!

Lard is such yummy thing, aren’t they? Look at the bowl of kueh teow with red grouper, sambal, and an extra serving of lard, that was what I had just a few days ago at Restaurant B & Best, PJ SS 4.

ss3 pork noodle
pork noodle with intestine, liver, and of course, extra lard

And if fish noodle with lard is bad enough, what about a bowl of yummy pork noodle with pork, innards, and even more lard? Two of my favorite pork noodle places – Keat Fatt at PJ SS3, and Hong Cha at OUG both offers pretty much unlimited lard for the taking.

Human physiology is such a contradiction that more often than not, the things that are good for the taste buds are exactly the things you aren’t supposed to have (in excessive quantity I guess). If I had to argue against evolution, that would be my main and probably only argument. 😀

Life is of course, precious and everything, and when you have love ones who wants you to stay around for much longer than all this kinda lifestyle necessarily permits, self preservation must take a slightly higher priority.

All these lard (and plenty of other unhealthy stuff I eat) has a high correlation to increase in heart disease, high blood pressure, and a lot of other undesired health problems.

Hence I don’t eat pork noodle with extra lard every single day. I do put in a day of futsal every week and walk close to 4-5 KM on weekdays since I usually take the LRT instead of driving to work.

That is of course, not all we one can do. With the escalating medical costs, it is also important to have yourself covered just in case anything happens – be it a serious illness or accidents. That is where insurance comes into play.

Prudential Insurance

Medical insurance is something that everyone should look into, and it is even more important to start young. Premium is lower when you are younger and medically fit. As for myself, I opted for a combination of medical with investment plan from Prudential, the best of both worlds in my opinion.

My case is slightly unique, the company I work for allows employee to choose our own insurance and then make a claim of the premium. This allows me to choose my own medical plan. For those who are covered under group policies from their employers, many would agree that a second personal plan is probably a good safety net that is helpful when moving away from the current job.

Take a look at what Prudential has to offer, there’s a variety of plans that suits everyone.

Do you have yourself covered?

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  1. Tan Yee Hou

    I have Prudential too! Which is why I noms so much pork lard!

  2. I love pork intestines, chicken heart and goose liver. Hehe. 🙂

  3. I’m curious, you pour in the lard only or together with the oil?

  4. Wahh~ Lard super fat o!! XD Calories 1000~ Damm so many!! XD

  5. My company bought my PA from Prudential… but I’m more of Great Eastern kind of guy… not Cina Apek… but I read reports from Bank Negara every year!

  6. so we can all buy prudential and still eat pork lard?

  7. Amen to those pork lard …. it ain’t cheap nowadays …. 😈

  8. Huge fan of pork and all of it’s byproducts here too. Heh!

  9. Hi- don’t always believe the conventional wisdom. Despite what the medical establishment might try to tell you, saturated fat like lard is NOT unhealthy. Google health benefits of saturated fat to see what I’m talking about. The results might surprise you – and have you reaching for the crispy lard, deep-fried intestines and foie gras.

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