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I went to Hong Kong for the first time over the last weekends, spent a very happy 4 days 3 nights. Hong Kong is probably the capital of street food that you eat on the go. This probably stemmed from the fact that most restaurants are too packed, and when you have a place to sit, lunch time might have been over by then.

So, here are some of the stuff we managed to try, none of these food requires nor provides table & chair.

fish ball stall that sells more than fish balls
fish ball stall that sells more than fish balls

If you watched Hong Kong movies from the 80s and 90s, there’re always scenes of hawkers selling fish ball on portable stalls. These small business owners will push their stalls running away from cops on first sighting.

Well, there aren’t portable stalls anymore but you can find all these stalls on virtually every other street corners. Typical item on the menu will be various types of fish/beef/meat balls, pancakes, beef tripes, and my favorite – octopus tentacles, very yummy! They’re usually priced from around 10 HKD onwards.

yummy grilled meat, innards, and sausage
yummy grilled meat, innards, and sausage

We stayed at South Pacific Hotel at Wan Chai on Hong Kong island for the first two nights, and there’s this little grill meat place that operates from evening till late that we visited a couple times. There’s a variety of sausages, pig innards, chicken wings, grill duck/chicken/pork, and even abalone.

My favorite was the grilled 3 layer pork, so succulent and tasty! That was around 10 HKD too. The lady will grill the meat (which was usually already half grilled) on the spot when you order.

yummy egg tart with fluffy pastry
yummy egg tart with fluffy pastry

Bakeries are abundant in Hong Kong too. We tried this egg tart from a random bakery by the name of Golden Peach Bakery at Wan Chai and it turned out to be better than any I had in Malaysia, better than John King egg tart at Pavilion KL, which I thought was pretty good. The pastry is very fluffy and the content delicious.

coagulated pork blood and intestine
coagulated pork blood and intestine

Opposite Nathan’s road at Mong Kok, I spotted this other fish ball etc shop that offers coagulated pork blood with intestine. Of course I couldn’t give this a miss, for 15 HKD I had one of the best combinations of pork product in a little styrofoam bowl. Keep a look out for this if you’re in Hong Kong, not every stall offers this dish.

stinky tofu at Mong Kok
Haze ordering stinky tofu at Mong Kok

And no Hong Kong trip is complete without sampling stinky tofu. We found this shop with our nose at Mong Kok (directly opposite Starbucks and located at the end of Sai Yong Choi Road).

The stinky tofu costs 7 HKD each and was actually came in a rather big piece, you then add the spicy or sweet sauce on your own. Very yummy, but a clothing clip on your nose might be advisable.

There’re more Hong Kong posts to come so stay tuned!

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  1. Woots! First!!!! Aiya… you should have ask me first.. been working there for a few years, could have given a few nice street food tips and locations.

  2. coagulated pork blood and intestine -__________- ewwwwww

  3. bro, you went to HK? walao sure enjoy your food very much. I realised that you are a spare part king. you like to eat spare parts….hahahaha

    btw, i want stinky tofu!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

    • clement: haha yah I love those stuff! btw I think they used to have stinky tofu at Asia Cafe in Subang, not so sure if it’s still there.

      • yeah i used to have stinky one in asia cafe too when my fren stayed in SS15. now he has moved and no longer go there. To satisfy my hunger craze for stinky, i usually leave da office early to miss the crowd to buy. hehehe

  4. You also first time being to HK? I haven’t been there yet, but can’t wait to make a trip there to savour their delicacies…

  5. Is the stinky tofu stinker than the ones sold in taman connaught pasar malam? i live near the pasar malam. and i can tell you, it stinks so bad that the smell can reach my home. 🙁

  6. i VANT to SUCK ur BLURRRD! Lovely – congealed blood is my utmost fave. Call me a vampire, whatever. 😉

  7. I love their stinky tafu and “kai tan chai” (something like kaya ball but nothing inside) 😛 miss HK already 😉

  8. The egg tart looks so good!

  9. Man, i hate the stinky tofu smell, it ruin everything. Don’t tell me you like the tofu….

    But i admit the octopus tentacles are very yummy, best of all street “junk food”, hehe. You should try the Hong Kong KFC portugese tart. They are soooo good! They are even better than the tart from local bakery shops.

  10. dude, the chou tau fu is good and as for egg tarts, most of the stalls in HK sells better than MY’s egg tart…must be some kinda special eggs they use 🙂
    oh boy, dont u just love hong kong 😉

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  12. Hey dude,

    I am keen to find the coagulated pork blood place. Can give me the exact location? Nathan road is a very long road.

    • Mike: the same type of stall’s all over HK though, we had it beneath an underpass, don’t exactly know which part of Nathan road though.

  13. Thanks for your guide. For first two days in Hong Kong, I can’t find the stinky tofu stall in Mong Kok. But you mentioned the shop location and I able to find it.

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