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Jalan Peel has always been a place where the locals go to eat. The area has some of the most old school traditional eateries one can find outside Pudu area.

A few weeks ago I went there for the first time when we visited the Sunway Velocity showroom. It was the good people from Sunway who actually treated us lunch at Kar Kar Lai (家家来). Thanks!

Edit: According to Aaron Lim – They have since then shifted to China City Restaurant and renamed to Yoong Char Siew after their stall at Jalan Peel is demolished.

Kar Kar Lai 家家来 at Jalan Peel, KL
Kar Kar Lai 家家来 at Peel Road

The set up at Kar Kar Lai isn’t much. An inconspicuous stall with plenty of meat on display, with make shift tents over a dozen of so tables by Jalan Peel. Not very different from Thim Kee at Pudu, 10 points for old school feel, 1 for weather protection.

We ordered steamed chicken, siu yok (roast pork), char siu (bbq pork), steamed tilapia, and vegetable to go with rice for lunch, but did not try the yummy looking pork knuckle or chicken feet, unfortunately.

steamed tilapia, steamed chicken, char siu
steamed tilapia, steamed chicken, char siu

The steamed tilapia with thai sauce was pretty good. The meat fresh and tender, the sauce packs a kick, goes well with white rice but probably too strong to eat as is.

Steamed kampung chicken was yummy too, slightly tougher than normal chicken, but quite a bit more flavorful. After all, Kar Kar Lai’s signboard shows that this is a chicken rice stall.

My favorite of the day though, goes to the char siu (bbq pork). The caramelized meat was tender, sweet, and positively delicious, don’t miss this out if you come here. This is on par with some of the better char siu in town, like Meng Kee at Glenmarie and Famous Seremban Favorites at Aman Suria.

siu yoke (roast pork), vegetable at Kar Kar Lai
siu yok (roast pork), vegetable at Kar Kar Lai

The siu yok (roast pork) was what our host kept telling us about, but to be honest, while it was good, I couldn’t say that it is exceptional with a straight face, an off day perhaps? (Our host swore it’s better on other days). I would definitely give it another try.

As usual, we also ordered a vegetable dish to make sure mom approves.

Nic Gan, Kim, Gareth, Haze, KY
Nic Gan, Kim, Gareth, Haze, KY

Overall, Kar Kar Lai is a place definitely worth visiting even just for the char siu and steamed chicken, I’d also like to try their pork knuckle and Chinese sausage next time. Price information is absent since lunch was bought by our generous host from Sunway, but I have a feeling it’s pretty affordable.

map to Kar Kar Lai at Jalan Peel

Kar Kar Lai 家家来
Jalan Peel, Cheras
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS:  3.12865, 101.72488

Discuss : Kar Kar Lai (家家来) at Jalan Peel

  1. slurp

  2. The siu yoke did not look that nice. What happened to the crackling? The chicken and the fish, on the other hand, is a diff. story.

  3. looks delish and YOU look like ur putting on weight di.. izit ar? 😉

  4. Is this near the Yong Tau Fu place?

    You’re under 60kg? Liddat I sit on you sure cannot move. Hahahaha… 😆

  5. *lap top full of drool*

  6. yeah! Love this area! Remember coming here before Carrefour or Queens Park was here! Always patronise Zui Mao (Fook Kee) which is located along Jalan Peel but they have since moved into Queen’s Park! Alamak… I crave for their signature pork ribs now!

  7. can’t remember when i last had sio bak.. 😕

  8. macam sedap maxxx..!

  9. the thai sauce tilapia looks good but certainly the siew yoke didn’t look like it’s good. Not fatty also!

  10. the pork knuckle was…..ok…..for around RM24/pc……it can feed 2 small family. for the char siew….better don try la…….they seems like using the water to cook it and then bbq it to look like charsiew. it was nice but u know la, cook using water…still got those ‘smell’……not nice…… to fully roast one….

    • kenny_lim: i don’t really care how it was cooked so long as it’s tasty hehe.

      • that’s the problem, it still have those raw pork smell on the charsiew……not mild but strong…….unless u like sashimi pork then u’ll like it.

  11. The pork knuckles and chicken feet looks really delicious. I wonder how much the whole meal costs.

  12. thegreat_vanlee

    Indeed, the cha siew is sweet and tender. Siew yuk taste ok. But the siew yuk is fast selling then the cha siew. I’ve been eating there for the past 2yrs. Average 2-3times a mth go there eat. Thumbs up….lorr

  13. hi ky.. is it for lunch or dinner?

    • connie: we went for lunch, but i think they serve dinner too.

      • hi ky…

        sorry it is not open for dinner… the stall closes at about 4.00pm and another operator takes over… to maximise usage of this stall, there are 3 operators ~ one in the morning for breakfast, kar kar lai for lunch and one in the evening for dinner…

        you should try the chicken feet… it is well done… as for the roast pork, it was really good when i was first introduced to the stall, but my last visit (about 2 weeks ago), the standard has dropped… before we ordered, the operator told us that the roast pork is not so good that day as he was not able to get the right quality pork for the purpose, but we still want to try it… 😉 …

  14. Definitely a place that I would have vouched for! Great street food with the perfect ambience.
    Weather proof? Can’t care less! 🙂

  15. […] having a pretty good first impression on the food at Jalan Peel that came in the form of Kar Kar Lai chicken/pork rice stall, I was determined to go back to the area again. We did just that several weeks later, but […]

  16. michelle


  17. Catherine

    Hey this place has unfortunately been demolished to make way for the MRT project. Does anybody have the phone number of the owner coz wanna know where they shifted to…Thanks soo much to whoever can help me!!!!!!! 🙂

  18. Hi… The cha Siew is really the best. But any idea where have it been moved to? Coz I try to go there recently it is not there anymore.

  19. Kar Kar Lai, new location address ,any ifo from you guy ,thank

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