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Every once in a while I get this from my colleagues:

“Eh KY ni selalu makan babi saja, bila nak blog makanan halal?

So here’s one! Another Char Kuih Teow place that serves good old fashion halal version of my favorite Penang dish. This time at Restaurant Jaya in SS5 by the name of Lau Wan Char Kuih Teow.

Note: this place has moved to the food court on Jalan SS 3/33 (

Char Kueh Teow Lau Wan at restaurant Jaya, KJ
Lau Wan char kueh teow at Restaurant Jaya

Restaurant Jaya is situated a stone’s throw away from the slightly more famous Aunty Gemuk CKT at restaurant Jamal Muhammad, another halal CKT operated by Chinese stall owner in a Muslim restaurant. 1Malaysia, my friends.

Char Kueh Teow halal
Lau Wan Char Kueh Teow, with prawns, cockles, and soya sauce + cili padi

Lau Wan’s version of CKT is slightly different from your typical Penang style. The end product is quite a lot wetter, with prawns still in their shells and a side of soya sauce with cili padi. Other ingredients are your typical egg, cockles, bean sprouts, chives, and tiny pieces of chai poh (salted vegetable).

I was initially a bit skeptical, but the CKT turned out to be rather good, with plenty of “wok hei”, plenty of zest. This is a must try especially for Muslim friends.

tauhu bakar, KY & Haze
tauhu bakar, KY & Haze

At restaurant Jaya, a RM 4 plate of CKT is best accompanied by a set of tauhu bakar (BBQ taofu) that is packed with rojak sauce, nuts, bean sprouts, and shredded cucumber for RM 2.40.

We had the CKT at night, but I’m quite positive this stall is operational over breakfast/lunch time too (correct me if I’m wrong).

Lau Wan Char Kueh Teow
Restaurant Jaya, Jalan SS 5/1
Kelana Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.10124, 101.60598

You don’t get to know 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

This is the movie we’ve all been waiting for, unless you don’t have a facebook account, that is. Since you’re reading this piece, here’s a chance to get your hands on the tickets! Read on.

Update: screening date has been changed, see below!

the social network (facebook movie)


On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history… but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications.

Do check out Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook profile, this is one guy who doesn’t need to sing “I wanna be a billionaire… ”

Screening details:

Date: 1 Nov (Mon) 22nd Nov (Mon)
Time: 9 pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Ticket collection: 8 pm till 9 pm

The official release date in Malaysia is 11 Nov, so you get to watch this a full 10 days ahead. The movie’s also currently rated 8.5/10 in imdb!

I’m gonna keep this simple, all you need to do is click the facebook “like” button on this post and at the same time comment “I want a ticket to this movie because..“. Bonus point if you tweet this post too 😛

Do it now! I have 18 tickets to give away and they’re moving quick. Be sure to put in your valid email address in the comment.

The very first Oktoberfest is said to be taken place in Munich on October 12, 1810 to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. They decided to do it again the very next year since it was a lot more successful than everyone anticipated.

oktoberfest in kuala lumpur

However, it is pretty safe to say that even the original couple couldn’t have envisioned the appeal of Oktoberfest to be this huge. It took 200 years, but Oktoberfest is now a in full swing right here in KL! (someone should edit the Oktoberfest Celebrations article in Wikipedia if it’s not done already).

Oktoberfest in Malaysia.

Sid's TTDI, Guinness, Tiger, Heineken, and more!

Five big celebrations of Oktoberfest happened right here in Malaysia, SOULed Out, Sid’s TTDI, and Laundry Bar in KL, Upper Penang Road in, well, Penang, and Waterfront in Kota Kinabalu.

In conjunction with Oktoberfest, Tiger Beer has some pretty awesome promotions too:

  • RM50 mug of 1 litre Tiger beer (you can keep the Oktoberfest mug)
  • A bucket of 5 Tiger Beer pints Free when you spend more than RM200 on your food bill
  • Free Oktoberfest Hat when you grab the 12-beer cans pack at participating hypermarket

I went to Sid’s to break my Oktoberfest virginity.

To be honest, the celebration turned out to be quite a lot bigger than I had anticipated. There was a big tent set up outside Sid’s, with hundreds of people partying right on the streets (this despite the fact that it was a weekday too), check out the video above.

FA, Terence, Zess, Haze, Joyce, Cindy, Ringo, and more!
FA w/ 1 liter beer mugs, Terence, Zess, Haze, Joyce, Cindy, Ringo, and even a baby!

It was an awesome party, with dancing, singing, lotsa great beer – Tiger, Guinness, Heineken, Paulaner, Kilkenny, Strongbow.

getting guys to register under Team Guinness

ï»żï»żOne of the things we did over the evening was getting people to sign up under our team. Everyone was friendly, and everyone was super happy, it was a blast.

shepherd's pie & awesome sausage at Sid's

This being at Sid’s, there’s always food that goes well with Oktoberfest, and of course I didn’t waste the opportunity to have some awesome pork sausage for dinner!

This is gonna be bigger next year, I’m already anticipating Oktoberfest 2011, bring it on!

Most of you haven’t seen the photo of Sunway Velocity below, and definitely none of you (including yours truly) have never seen it in naked eyes…. yet.

For a very simple reason that Sunway Velocity is still in development, and this is what it is supposed to look like in just a few short years. This place is going to change the whole landscape between KL and Cheras. Do read..

Sunway Velocity

First of all, location.

Sunway Velocity is strategically located right between KL and Cheras, just 3.8 kilometers from KLCC and smacked between Jalan Cheras and Jalan Peel, and a mere 10 minutes walk from Maluri LRT station.

The most recognizable landmark as of current is a Jusco, Carrefour, and of course the eating places at Jalan Peel. Already a pretty mature area, but one that isn’t exactly very appealing. On completion, this project is going to change the whole area much like how Sunway Pyramid transformed the whole Subang and PJS area.

location map - Sunway Velocity

Instead of just building another shopping mall, Sunway Velocity is an integrated project, there’s service apartments, shops, offices, a modern shopping complex over 1,000,000 sq. feet, and even a pretty big central park over 2 acres – a much needed green lung.

Sunway Velocity showroom

The very first phase of the project consists of a dozen shop units, offices, and a service apartment with 264 units (915 standard – 3208 sq ft duplex). The apartment of course, comes with all the usual amenities such as swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, cafeteria, security, etc, but those are not the only selling points.

There’ll also be the park, the attached shopping mall, and to me, one of the more interesting feature – the environmental deck – a walkway connecting the mall, service apartment, central park, offices, and shops with outdoor dining area that are open only to foot traffic.

Sorta like The Street at Curve, except elevated on 1st floor, and much grander in scale. Imagine having that right downstairs where you stay, pretty interesting isn’t it?

Sunway Velocity models
Gareth and Kim checking out the architectural models, Central Park

Second phase of the project will be the Sunway Velocity mall, a much needed high class shopping complex in Cheras area. The 1 mil sq. feet size is  a good size I think.

The mall is located about 400 meters away from Maluri LRT station, in comparison, Pavilion is about 300+ meters away from the closest Monorail station. There’s also pretty good accessibility from major roads and highways too (there’s gonna be over 5000 car park bays available)

Sunway Velocity service apartment

We also checked out the service apartment show units. The design’s pretty good, and I particularly like the fact that they only have 2 rooms for the 900+ square feet unit, too many developments try to sell by the number and packed in 3 rooms in sub 1000 sq. ft. units and made everything far too small.

Now if imagine if you can stay in a place and have the ability to take the elevator downstairs to do everything you need!

I believe some people might have an aversion to any development especially one that’s going to transform and area we have fond memories of, but I do believe that this one is a positive change and a step to the right direction. I can’t wait for this to get completed, now if only I can get a big discount for the apartment, emmm….

By the way do check out the facebook page of Sunway Velocity too.

Curry Mee has always been one of my favorite hawker foods.

The Penang style curry mee is quite distinct from any other version, it’s ingredients encompasses elements that are quite uniquely Malaysian – santan, sambal, seafood, tofu pok, noodle, meehun, and coagulated pork blood. I bet you can’t find this blend of ingredients readily available outside this region.

Penang Curry Mee at Restaurant Okay, SS2
Truly Penang style Curry Mee stall at Restaurant Okay, SS2

Ever since I read about this place on masak-masak, I’ve always wanted to give it a try. A couple failures later (they usually finished early on weekends, like 9am!), I struck charm on the 3rd trials, and had this for breakfast last Monday Tuesday.

Curry Mee with coagulated pork blood
coagulated blood, cuttle fish, prawns, cockles, tofu pok – yums!

A bowl of curry mee here costs RM 4.20 and really does come with all the ingredients one would expect from the original recipe, heck, even the owner speaks proper Penang Hokkien.

There’s prawns, lightly boiled fresh cockles, tofu pok, cuttle fish, and yes, coagulated pork blood, my favorite! There’s also of course, your choice of noodle/meehun swimming in santan based soup and the signature curry mee sambal that’s not overly spicy but slightly burnt.

KY and Haze having curry mee at restaurant okay, PJ SS 2
KY & Haze at Restaurant Okay

While not exactly the best curry mee I’ve tried (this one at Mt. Eskerin in Penang’s one of my fav), this must be one of the better ones especially in Klang Valley. I’d choose this version over the likes of Ahloy at OUG and especially over the now pork-free Lorong Seratus Tahun at SS2.

Give it a try if you’re longing for Penang Curry Mee, but be there early, and  they’re closed on Mondays too.

map to Restaurant Okay, PJ SS 2

Restaurant Okay
2, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya,
(at the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising KAYU)

GPS: 3.115084, 101.616390