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Datanglah Rumah Ku jikalau bang lapar! Makanan sedap, enak, lagi berkhaksyat.. or something…

Anyway.. I shall not attempt to compose this entry in Malay, the ability to write a proper essay has already gone out of the window since after SPM. These days my ability in our national language is reduced to having small talks with colleague, and ordering food.

note: I’ve been notified that this restaurant has changed ownership, menu is different from this blog now.

Rumah Ku at Kelana Jaya
Rumah Ku, air bandung, ulam (and the sambal!)

I first got to know about this little Malay restaurant at Kelana Jaya from a sales person (who also happened to read this blog) that my company had dealing with. The first impression was very good, and I’ve meant to go back there again for a while but didn’t manage until just a few days ago.

nasi timbel ayam & nasi timbel tenggiri
Nasi Timbel with Ayam Goreng, and with Ikan Tenggiri

Other than your usual nasi goreng, danging merah, ayam paprid, sotong kunyit and so forth, this place serves the very unique (to me anyway) nasi timbel.

Nasi Timbel is an Indonesian thingy with steamed rice wrapped in banan leaf, serves with ulam (raw vegetable with sambal), keropok melinjo, spicy anchovies, beef gulai, and also ayam goreng. Alternatively you can have it with ikan tenggiri (Spanish Mackerel), kembung (Indian Mackerel), or tilapia.

Haze and KY at Rumah Ku
Haze and KY at Rumah Ku

I tried the tenggiri version and the fried chicken version (both at RM 12 while the other 2 versions slightly cheaper) and they tasted rather quite awesome! The beef in gulai was tender and flavorful, and I also particularly like their sambal that packs a serious kick.

The fried chicken was one of the best I had too, with the texture still very firm and I can only inappropriately described it as .. “fresh”. Give this place a try, the restaurant is situated by one of the lakes and spot a pretty nice view if you’re sitting al fresco.

map to Rumah Ku at Kelana Jaya

Not all things are perfect here though, if you go there in the afternoon, make sure to park in the covered car park to avoid getting clamped. The food also usually takes quite a while to be served, but I guess this was due to the fact that everything was prepared from scratch

Rumah Ku
B-01-1, GF Block B
Plaza Kelana Jaya

Jalan SS7/13A, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.09634, 101.59800
Tel: 03-7877 3024

Discuss : KY eats – Rumah Ku at Kelana Jaya, awesome Nasi Timbel

  1. Nasi timbel – it looks really promising! I’m not a big fan of fried fish but the fried chicken looks like a win. 🙂

  2. it’s ‘berkhasiat’ ahahahahaha

  3. Omg jikalau!

  4. Smart! Food served with banana leaf always look delectable!

  5. is it super spicy? coz i won’t like LOVE it , unless it is super spicy.. 😉

  6. the looks of it reminds me of balinese food.

  7. slurp. must try! ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

  8. now i feel like balik rumahKU!

  9. New management taken over. Different menu.

    • KH Hong: ah, thanks for the tips.

    • Shucks! I was just going to give it a try 🙁 I had awesome nasi timbel in Jakarta and would like to eat it again. Sad…

      • Piq: perhaps you can try again, maybe still has it? never try never knowwww

        • Taken over by new management and serving totally different food. All they serve now is very forgetable, very common, very lousy food. Don’t need to go there anymore, coz its a waste of time and money.

  10. dreamalildream

    aloo.. i found d nasi timbel i sooo love.. was looking for it hi n low till a friend of mine suggested tis place.. it turns out they are d original nasi timbel from rumahku(regconize d waitress!!!the original rumahku owner has actually moved to wq park in kelana jaya(just in case its the one next to sri nobel international school) they are called blue hut cafe….check it out….

  11. Kafe Blue Hut

    Hi, Rumahku (now Kafe Blue Hut) is operating in WQ Park Health & Rehabilitation Centre in Kelana Jaya. Its a centre for physically challenged patients. Landmark nearby is Sri Nobel Private School and SRK Kelana Jaya. Operating hours from 8am-10pm. Please check out our fan page to get more details

  12. Anwar Azhari


    Is it th same owner, Rumah Ku at section 13, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya?

  13. Anwar: ahh unfortunately I’m not sure. Maybe you can call and ask?

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