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Every once in a while I get this from my colleagues:

“Eh KY ni selalu makan babi saja, bila nak blog makanan halal?

So here’s one! Another Char Kuih Teow place that serves good old fashion halal version of my favorite Penang dish. This time at Restaurant Jaya in SS5 by the name of Lau Wan Char Kuih Teow.

Note: this place has moved to the food court on Jalan SS 3/33 (

Char Kueh Teow Lau Wan at restaurant Jaya, KJ
Lau Wan char kueh teow at Restaurant Jaya

Restaurant Jaya is situated a stone’s throw away from the slightly more famous Aunty Gemuk CKT at restaurant Jamal Muhammad, another halal CKT operated by Chinese stall owner in a Muslim restaurant. 1Malaysia, my friends.

Char Kueh Teow halal
Lau Wan Char Kueh Teow, with prawns, cockles, and soya sauce + cili padi

Lau Wan’s version of CKT is slightly different from your typical Penang style. The end product is quite a lot wetter, with prawns still in their shells and a side of soya sauce with cili padi. Other ingredients are your typical egg, cockles, bean sprouts, chives, and tiny pieces of chai poh (salted vegetable).

I was initially a bit skeptical, but the CKT turned out to be rather good, with plenty of “wok hei”, plenty of zest. This is a must try especially for Muslim friends.

tauhu bakar, KY & Haze
tauhu bakar, KY & Haze

At restaurant Jaya, a RM 4 plate of CKT is best accompanied by a set of tauhu bakar (BBQ taofu) that is packed with rojak sauce, nuts, bean sprouts, and shredded cucumber for RM 2.40.

We had the CKT at night, but I’m quite positive this stall is operational over breakfast/lunch time too (correct me if I’m wrong).

Lau Wan Char Kueh Teow
Restaurant Jaya, Jalan SS 5/1
Kelana Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.10124, 101.60598

Discuss : Char Kueh Teow Lau Wan (halal) at Restaurant Jaya [Closed]

  1. Do you add cockles when you have ckt? I always add cockles!

  2. mmm… doesn’t look THAT tempting.. veli the wet, bro! That aside, finally, LDP appeared twice in your AWESOME map!!! A First! huhuhu..

  3. Makanan babi banyak sedap. I mimpi makan Siew Yoke tiap tiap malam 😉

  4. looks delicious as always. 🙂

  5. Finally! Halal food was blog it. Owh, tuhu tu cam sedap je..
    nice post bro KY!


  6. CKT can almost be halal all the time right? Coz not a lot of owner cooked it with lard nowadays…

  7. Hi KY, this is my first time visiting your blog! Awsum food pics~

    Was wondering if you could introduce me to some nice (and cheap) food in KL, cos I will be visiting there soon! I’m not familiar with KL at all and wonder where I can get nice food. 🙄 I will be staying v near the Petronas Tower.. so if there are places with good food nearby.. do let me know. Thanks!

    • Junie: yeah there are, just click on the category list on the right, in “KLCC” or Bukit Bintang area. 😀

  8. Eh, you know sometimes at those gerai-gerai or warung right, you can get pre-cooked Malay style Char Kuey Teow?
    I like those! Sweetish with a spicy kick.
    Definitely under-rated lah ….

  9. Hahaa…. Your colleagues are so cute… 🙂

    But yeah I get that from my friends sometimes too. I remember once a good friend scolded me: “Dammit ur post looked so delicious that I wanted to eat it the ramen too and then I see that it’s its not halal. PUT IT AT THE TOP OF YOUR POST PLEASE, NOT AT THE END :P”

  10. yeah true also. this KY asyik makan babi saja! LOL… we all need some Vit B sometimes!

  11. To survive !!! YEAH

  12. Hi there! I love your blog! Always makes me hungry. lol

    Anyway, love this post! I grew up around this place and used to eat the CKT here quite often! It’s been years, but I still love it =)!

  13. KY,

    First time visit your Blog .. Thank for the nice food introduction.

    I drop by to Lau Wan’s Shop try the Char Kueh Teow after saw your blog. But I found out they are not using “tiny pieces of chai poh (salted vegetable).” as you mention on your blog, if I not mistaken that was a “Bawang Putih”.

    AnyHow, Thank for the Recommendation.

  14. Hi……….I Am Looking For Mamak Restaurant 24 hour…Owners Please Contact Me 6016 283 6739….Thank You.Regards Ricky.

  15. 😥 Lau Wan has moved from Jaya Restaurant….any clue where?

    Nice site, keep it up.

  16. ir khairul

    bro… very sad, just pay a visit to ss5 kuew tiau, the stall has been taken over by the restorant owner, ask the tokey, where is the old kw, freely i got scool by the tokey

    any body know where uncle go?? last time he said his son open new branch at foodcourt at wnd of ss5 giant kecil, also the foodcourt already become empty land …,

  17. ir khairul

    orit, finally got it, he move to nasi kandar DE at SS3/29

  18. Now moved to the food court behind De Bistro …

  19. any1 know wheres Lau Wan Keaw Tiaw move now?? i miss to eat..!!

  20. KY,

    Since Lau Wan has moved, please produce a new entry with new pictures.

    Lau Wan is actually very famous. They have been frying kueh teow for more than 20 years!

  21. The western food at no 19 is also very nice called Garden Western Grill. Very affordable, big portion. But ready for long wait.

  22. He’s a hotel chef by day time 😀

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