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The very first Oktoberfest is said to be taken place in Munich on October 12, 1810 to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. They decided to do it again the very next year since it was a lot more successful than everyone anticipated.

oktoberfest in kuala lumpur

However, it is pretty safe to say that even the original couple couldn’t have envisioned the appeal of Oktoberfest to be this huge. It took 200 years, but Oktoberfest is now a in full swing right here in KL! (someone should edit the Oktoberfest Celebrations article in Wikipedia if it’s not done already).

Oktoberfest in Malaysia.

Sid's TTDI, Guinness, Tiger, Heineken, and more!

Five big celebrations of Oktoberfest happened right here in Malaysia, SOULed Out, Sid’s TTDI, and Laundry Bar in KL, Upper Penang Road in, well, Penang, and Waterfront in Kota Kinabalu.

In conjunction with Oktoberfest, Tiger Beer has some pretty awesome promotions too:

  • RM50 mug of 1 litre Tiger beer (you can keep the Oktoberfest mug)
  • A bucket of 5 Tiger Beer pints Free when you spend more than RM200 on your food bill
  • Free Oktoberfest Hat when you grab the 12-beer cans pack at participating hypermarket

I went to Sid’s to break my Oktoberfest virginity.

To be honest, the celebration turned out to be quite a lot bigger than I had anticipated. There was a big tent set up outside Sid’s, with hundreds of people partying right on the streets (this despite the fact that it was a weekday too), check out the video above.

FA, Terence, Zess, Haze, Joyce, Cindy, Ringo, and more!
FA w/ 1 liter beer mugs, Terence, Zess, Haze, Joyce, Cindy, Ringo, and even a baby!

It was an awesome party, with dancing, singing, lotsa great beer – Tiger, Guinness, Heineken, Paulaner, Kilkenny, Strongbow.

getting guys to register under Team Guinness

One of the things we did over the evening was getting people to sign up under our team. Everyone was friendly, and everyone was super happy, it was a blast.

shepherd's pie & awesome sausage at Sid's

This being at Sid’s, there’s always food that goes well with Oktoberfest, and of course I didn’t waste the opportunity to have some awesome pork sausage for dinner!

This is gonna be bigger next year, I’m already anticipating Oktoberfest 2011, bring it on!

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  1. Kenapa tak de muka I? *upset*


    Idiot, you more kiasu than me with the signing thing okay!

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  3. Oktoberfest not lasting a whole month here in KL ah? But Rm50 plus the mug is definitely a steal!

  4. if i can eat that mash potato T.T

  5. You and your Guinness… Oktoberfest is so cool when you have free beers, lol

  6. wah sids looks very lau juak too! plus pork sausage zomg

  7. Sure don’t look or feel like Oktoberfest to me…
    Heineken, tiger, Guinness in Oktoberfest? must be kidding me, the bavarians sure feel insulted if they find out haha

    • tpl: have to localise it a bit mahh, if it’s all just foreign beer then perhaps not everyone can afford. anyway there’s Paulaner too

  8. i want to mug…

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