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Restaurant O&S must be the most popular kopitiam at Taman Paramount/Seapark area (not to be confused with Taman Sea), and for one very simple reason – the place is filled with awesome hawker foods!

I’ve been here for so many occasions I mistakenly thought it was already covered on the blog, but it’s never too late I guess.

Restaurant O&S at Taman Paramount
Restaurant O&S at Taman Paramount

The restaurant is opened for breakfast, lunch, and actually dinner too (with limited stalls operating, a siu chau for example). Breakfast/lunch on weekends is an affair not for the faint hearted, the place is absolutely packed, and you often have to share the same table with strangers ala HK style. It also goes without saying that securing a parking space isn’t a trivial matter around this area.

Then again, if there’s good food, that’s a small price to pay isn’t it?

Prawn Mee at restaurant O&S
Prawn Mee at restaurant O&S

The prawn mee at O&S is arguably the most famous dishes in this kopitiam. The stall here is operated by real Penangites (I always test their Hokkien) and offers both normal prawn mee soup, and loh mee (Penang style) soup. You can also opt for extra ingredients such as bigger prawns, pork ribs, and intestines.

A normal bowl goes for RM 4.50 and the soup really does pack a punch with that sweet prawn taste, on par with Yon Lee, TTDI, one of my favorite prawn mee places, with extra ingredients the price can go up to RM 7.50 or more but ohh soo tasty!

Penang Chee Cheong Fun & Laksa
Penang Chee Cheong Fun & Laksa

Another thing that I always order at O&S is the Penang style chee cheong fun. The difference between this and HK chee cheong fun is that the Penang version comes with just the chee cheong fun, with har kou (prawn paste), dark sauce, chily, sesame seeds, and fried shallots. Less than RM 2 for a small plate, very addictive. There isn’t very many places you can find this.

Then there’s the asam laksa that is sworn by so many. Haze loved it and claimed that it tastes the same as her favorite Cheras pasar malam version. I tasted it a bit and it was actually quite good! Again, plenty of har kou too, and all the proper ingredients you’ll find in a bowl of Penang laksa like banana flower, cucumber, onion, and a big chunk of fish.

Haze and KY at restaurant O&S, Taman Paramount
Haze and KY at restaurant O&S, Taman Paramount

There’re other good stuff at O&S that I shall be covering sometimes later, the Yeong Tau Foo, the steamed chicken rice, and more! Stay tuned 😀

O & S Restaurant, map to Seapark, PJ
this is how you get to O & S restaurant

Restaurant O&S
Jalan 20/14,
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.107713, 101.624919

Discuss : Prawn mee & Laksa at Restaurant O&S

  1. Looks good especially the prawn mee!

  2. I don’t mind coming to this place… but have to wait until the day that my daughter doesn’t make my life hard 😛

  3. Oh how I miss Malaysia Y_Y The prawn mee looks so flavorful!

  4. Michelle Chin

    The penang ccf looks really nice! I never tried those before

  5. One of the best hokkien mee.. “lor cham th’ng” is yummy! N also the chee cheong fun, not many places in KL selling the penang style one.

  6. my sister told me about this place but she also warned me about the “crowd”. such a hassle la to eat good food

  7. where’s all the spare parts in your prawn mee.. where? i kenot see one.. ? 😛

  8. No pork ribs in the prawn mee? 😯

  9. The prawn mee looks really really slurpilicious…haih, when can I start eating prawn again.

    Yeah, the Cheras pasar malam has got a famous assam laksa that my wife love too, but I forgotten if it’s the Wednesday Connaught Pasar Malam or the Friday near Leisure Mall Pasar malam, can Haze confirmed?

  10. haha, i’ve been going there since i was a kid, and the food hasn’t lost its appeal at all!

    Love the har mee. =)

  11. This is one of my favorite coffee shops. I have been there a few times. Most of the food I tried were good. I rememebered the chicken rice stall started business during breakfast hours. They have good jemput pisang. At nite, they have Hokkien mee. It was delicious 🙂

  12. and I went allllll thhhhhheee waaaaaayyy for the CCF. Only to realize that the shop was closed. Ended up at Char Siew Zhai instead.

  13. The nite time dai chow changed to another person already… the old “operator” shifted to the shop nearby Shell, SeaPark, and the new dai chow that rented this place doesn’t do a decent dai chow anymore! 😛

    • Fui: ahh that’s tragic! hopefully the “new” one is good too, have to try one of these days.

  14. Chee cheong fun is awesome, btw….I miss out beef noodles trip in lot 10 near BBP last weekend. Shit.

  15. I love the assam laksa, prawn mee, chee cheong fun, yong tou fu, nyonya kuih here.
    For chicken rice, it is so so for me.

  16. Ask the aunty to make curry+laksa soup with chicken, really taste and one of a kind. drooling just thinking about it.

    • DC: with chicken? i think that’ll be a bit weird. hehehe

      • Ya well its one of a kind called cam(mix). they add shreaded chicken and cockles to it. so the curry soup instead add curry oil add asam laksa soup so add savory appetising flavour to it. 😆

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  18. […] Chee cheong fun Penang style is always bare, and served with shrimp paste, sweet sauce, chili paste, and sesame seeds, and sometimes with a bit of fried shallots. I like it quite a bit more than the HK version with prawns or char siu. If you need to find one of these in PJ, look no further than O&S in Paramount Garden. […]

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  20. business hour plz?

    • david: it’ll be from morning 7+am till about 2pm I believe

      • are they open everyday 7 days a week?
        I wanna go on a Monday. Please confirm. Thanks!

        • LTeh: I think not 7 days a week, close on wednesday i believe.

          • i wish they have a phone # I can call 🙁
            i have a celebrity chef coming in KL and I am bringing him to taste the assam laksa & prawn mee, and I only have Monday available. I am checking with some others to confirm, will let u know if I find out. Thanks anyway.

  21. Had u try Aunty Lora at Taman Segar, Cheras?
    They serve Penang authentic Assam laksa, curry me, hokkien mee and loh mee.
    Go have a try:

  22. […] no disappointment, the only other place in PJ to get this version of chee cheong fun would be at O&S restaurant in […]

  23. Hey if you like prawn mee, you should try Kam Heong restaurant in PJ state. Its beside UOB bank, and facing the Menara MPPJ

    • junsern: i’ve tried it and while it’s decent, I think the O&S and Yong Len are still the two I like more 😀

  24. The ons prawn mee is no longer there. Do you know where has it gone too?

  25. Prawn noodle stall moved to few shops down the street, still the same row.

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