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I’ve spotted Hoo Yee Kee plenty of times while on the way to one of the better late night bak kut teh places at Kaka BKT in Kepong, what captured my attention was the big neon sign of a prawn over the roof of the hawker shag turned psychedelic dining area.

I told myself I’d give this place a try one of these days, and I did just that last week. *proud*

Hoo Yee Kee at Kepong, opens 24 hours
Hoo Yee Kee at Kepong, opens 24 hours

Don’t be fooled by the exterior of this place. From afar, it almost look like some air conditioned high class restaurant, but in actual fact it is just a highly renovated stall with a touch of quirkiness in design. This means that it is somewhat cute, but lacking in total environmental protection during thunderstorms, for example.

The menu is pretty extensive, lam mee, prawn mee, various sorts of drinks, chicken rice (if I remember), and a few other stuff. We ordered pretty “up market” noodle for both of us, while the “normal” meal starts from around RM 4.50, as you would expect from most hawker centres.

lam mee with crab
lam mee with crab

This plate of lam mee with crab (RM 18) was what Haze ordered.

This dish took a little while to serve, not entirely surprising since they had to cook the crab from scratch. The end result is a sweet tasting crab sitting on top of lam mee, with a half a hard boiled egg and all the other usual lam mee ingredients. The crab made the broth especially tasty too! It was very good.

prawn mee with pork, bubble tea
prawn mee with pork, bubble tea

As for me, I went with their prawn mee with meat (RM12, normal RM 4.50). It came with a couple pork balls, pork slice, ribs, and a lot of intestine which I liked. The soup was a tad too sweet for me but otherwise a decent bowl of prawn mee. I still prefer the version at Yon Lee, TTDI to be honest. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t any impressive, not especially after I’ve seen the crab lam mee.

KY and Haze at Hoo Yee Kee
KY and Haze at Hoo Yee Kee

Both lam mee and prawn mee also do come in meat version, seafood version, and crab version. I haven’t tried the seafood version, but it does look to offer good value at RM 12. Will go there again, it’s especially convenient since the place’s open around the clock. 😀

map to Hoo Yee Kee at Kepong

Hoo Yee Kee 好易记
Stall 7A, Jalan 29,
Kepong Baru,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.207726, 101.645079
Tel: 019-318 1533

Discuss : Hoo Yee Kee (好易记) prawn mee at Kepong

  1. Tan Yee Hou

    Erm, shag?

  2. TummyRumble

    wow the crab looks so good.. and value for money too… looks like a place worth visiting.. heh.. thanks for sharing..

  3. Michelle Chin

    Wow, the crab looks nice. And it seems like it’s holding an egg!

  4. have to come here on weekends… coming here on weekdays mean only one thing… stuck in the jam

  5. WOW! AN ENTIRE CRAB. Jesus Christ, that is one nice meal. Heh!

  6. Wah, they served the entire crab nowadays? Been a long time since I last eaten there…can’t eat anymore prawn mee. 😐

  7. just a few mins drive from my house but seldom visit them, a bit overpriced & food not really impress me 😕

    • mimid3vils: a bowl of normal prawn/lam mee at RM 4.50 can’t really be considered overpriced I think

  8. wah i’ve never seen a crab lam mee before! looks naisss

  9. their presentation looks decent ehhh…but ordering crab meal is like commiting suicide to me…just too much hassle to savour such a meat-less creature. I know some ppl will say that having crab is like having sex 😳 with orgasm at the end to enjoy the sweety meat. To me that whole warming up process are just so time killing. 🙁

  10. huh.. 2 fler eat never invite me.. pftt … chsssss

  11. Hi there,

    I randomly came across your food blog and found it very exciting. You should try out this place in Mont Kiara called China Wok. It has wonderful chicken rice 😀 and not expensive

    CHINA WOK, A3-G1-3A, Solaris Dutamas (Mont Kiara),1 Jalan Dutamas, KL (Tel:03-62079598). Business Hrs: Daily (11am-9pm) (Non-Halal). Homemade delicious recipes. Fish Head Noodles, Charcoal Roasted Duck & Char Siew, Award Winning Chicken Rice, Curry Fish Head, and Claypot LaLa Pepper Soup.

  12. HYK isn’t as good as they were about 10 years ago. Best prawn mee is still in O&S.

  13. HYK,last time always go there but abit overprice if “kah liew”..

    U shld try Lam Mee soup + Har Mee soup..last time I always order like tat,not bad,shld give a try…..

    U shld try the “pai kuat” also but after u eat,u need to drink alot of water, maybe too many ajinamoto qua…

  14. 😮 😥 kensay salad ja

  15. Lisalicious

    walao that lam mee in crab look damn awesome!

  16. Ky: your coordinate for this loc is wrong la. Cannot reach one.

  17. Prawn mee nothing special.

  18. I just want to say…

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