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Like many rakyat of Malaysia, one of my favorite foods hail from the land of the rising sun, sushi, sashimi, udon, ramen, soba and the like. The cravings would come up from time to time, and it happened again last week, just before lunch time on a working day.

Munakata Ramen Japanese Restaurant
Munakata Ramen, Chirashi & Udon set

Since I work at KLCC and there isn’t any good Japanese food joints worth spending money on in Suria, I often would go to Ozeki right across the road at Menara TA. They offer good lunch sets at very reasonable prices (around RM 30+), not to mention a decent variety too.

But when I arrived outside Ozeki, I thought on this particular day I’d walk further down and see what else is around the vicinity. A few minutes later I saw a signboard displaying Munakata Ramen outside Life Centre, and I said to myself, why not?

chirashi sushi from munakata
the best Chirashi sushi I had!

The menu for lunch consists of varies ramen, udon, and the like (apparently their specialty), but I had my stomach prepared for some raw fish already, so I picked the Chirashi Sushi and Udon set.

The set was priced at RM49, that’s quite a lot to spend for a lunch set. In fact I asked the server if I could just have the chirashi sushi without the udon since I knew I wasn’t able to finish everything.

“It’d still be RM 49 anyway”, she said.

I took the deal, I was already seated in the restaurant and gotten myself comfortable anyway.

munakata chirashi and udon lunch set
green tea, salad, and a bowl of very good udon

Salad came, it was pretty ordinary, I prefer the version served at Ozeki to be honest. Then came the udon and chirashi sushi, accompanied by a serving of chawanmushi and some fruits.

The udon was very good, texture of the noodle and the subtle taste of soup topped with some crunchy bits of tempura-ish stuff on top, one of the bests I had. The real crown jewel though, was the chirashi sushi.

Just look at the picture. Prawns, salmon, ikura, octopus, high grade tuna, unagi, tamago, sanma, and a couple other types of raw fish meticulously cut into tiny pieces served on top of sushi rice. This dish definitely had the most ingredients ever, and the combination yield the best chirashi sushi I’ve ever had. It was excellent!

map to Munakata Japanese restaurant at Life Centre

Now was the set a tad too expensive?

Was the serving size a bit too much?

Choices of raw dishes in set lunch rather limited?

Would I have this again?
Definitely! I need to have this chirashi sushi again!

P/S: Munakata also offer ala carte buffet dinner at RM 60 or RM 70+

Life Centre 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS: 3.15378, 101.70870
Tel: 03-2166 7441

Discuss : a quick lunch at Munakata

  1. TummyRumble

    food is singular and plural.. no such thing as foods… okay that was mean.. anyway, the choices of sashimi and sushi for their buffet is very very limited.. however, the quality of the food certainly is very good..

  2. I think it’s one of the oldest Jap restaurant around KL. But there are quite a number of promotion from them these past few months…

  3. Michelle Chin

    munakata was around since my mom was in her 20s

  4. lotsofcravings

    i thought chirashi sushi is where the fish is served in slices rather than all chopped up into small pieces.

    u pay for wat u get, other places charge cheaper but we all know, they tend to skim on ingredients.

  5. Weirdly enough I’ve not stepped in Munakata even when it was in Menara Promet. Must give this a try one day. Thxs for the tip on the chirashi (or bara since it’s diced) sushi as that’s always my fav order.

  6. that looks like a big bowl of goodies 😀 i start to imagine how fabulous they taste…

  7. Oh wow, I absolutely love Japanese food but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of chirashi sushi.



    Ahaha, and omg I so know what you mean by urge for Jap food. There’s just sudden cravings for ’em, yknow?

  8. at least the portions is big. the last thing you want is to pay a hefty price and still have room for a nasi lemak at the mamak!

  9. Kinda weird to see the fresh seafood all cut up into small cubes. Maybe easier to eat with a spoon instead?
    But at RM49, rather steep I’d say.
    This is also the place that offers buffet right?

  10. was there for the ala carte buffet almost 9 years ago.. glad to hear the quaility still maintain

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