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As I was browsing the food map created by yours truly (if you don’t know what I mean, just look at the frigging thing on the right sidebar, I’ve spent lotsa time and effort to create it so make use if it gahhh! ops I digress.. ), I realized there’s a huge chunk of area devoid of any entries and yet famous for food among Klang Valley dwellers – OUG.

Hence, in order to gain some street cred, I’ve decided to venture into this side of Klang Valley that’s relatively unknown to me. This time with the help of Haze (who somehow knows the way around OUG and basically not many other places)

Restaurant Hong Cha at Old Klang
Restaurant Hong Cha at OUG

So a few days ago we headed over to OUG for dinner and ended up at Hong Cha Restaurant since the initial plan of curry mee did not work out (the restaurant was closed. Lately I’ve not had luck with a couple curry mee places I tried to eat, always closed goddamn, but lest I digress again..)

Restaurant Hong Cha is a pretty busy joint at OUG offering an unlikely combination of foods – pork noodle, seafood noodle, and interestingly – simple Japanese dishes. Since I rather have my Japanese food from proper Japanese joints, the session was confined to their pork and seafood noodle.

seafood noodle with lotsa lard!
seafood noodle with extra lard!

To be honest, the seafood noodle and the pork noodle actually kinda overlapped each other quite a bit. In the seafood noodle you have lard, and in the pork noodle there’s prawns. Even the soup tasted quite similar – in this case, similarly awesome! The soup was rich, savory, salty, and very tasty, yums!

I had my seafood noodle in soup version with mee suah and it was loaded with quite a bit of squid, fish paste, fish, and prawns. they’re not exactly big in size but it also only costs some RM 5.50 or 6.50. And oh, you can ask for basically unlimited lard if you’re willing to walk over and self serve!

seafood noodle and pork noodle at Hong Cha
seafood noodle and pork noodle at Hong Cha

Haze ordered a dried version of pork noodle and reported to be very happy with it too! Pork slices, minced pork, liver, and even a few smallish prawns to add a bit more sweetness to the soup. Very addictive.

Haze and KY, old school dining
Haze and KY, old school dining, OUG

The dinner ended up to be something like RM 14 or so inclusive of drinks. As you can imagine, with excellent value and equally awesome food, this place is pretty busy, but they have the help of technology though – ordering is done via wireless PDA!

How’s that for progress?

This place is a must-try if you’re a lard lover.

map to Hong Cha at Old Klang

Restaurant Hong Cha
No 7, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.073334, 101.672083
Tel: 012-350 6755

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  1. ooh that looked so good and the pork lard! yums!

  2. Was jus thinking of going thr for dinner earlier.. love the pork noodles.. the curry mee shop beside is not too bad either

  3. Christine

    this is my fav place for pork and seafood noodle! ROX !!

  4. Dude! You looked damn cute in that last photo! I guess you seriously dig pork lard huh?!! 😀

  5. A few more interesting eateries there around OUG includes, Black Pepper Pig Stomach Noodles + Loh Mai Kai in the morning. It’s the cornershop along Jalan Hujan Emas 4 on the stretch of shop adjacent Hong Cha. One of my personal favourite Loh Mai Kai and still can’t find any that can best it.

  6. TummyRumble

    yo, Ah Loy curry house is not open on the 2nd and 4th monday of the month.. In my humble opinion, there are only very limited places that serves reasonable food around OUG. Certainly not worth your travel time unless you’re passing by or live very nearby. Most of this places are open during lunch hours only.

    Pan Mee @ Restoran Swee Hing

    Curry Mee @ Ah Loy

    Noodles @ Restoran Yang Kee

    Curry laksa & Seafood porridge @ Restoran Hong Beng

    Pork Mee @ either Hong Cha/Sun Sea. The chef some Sun Sea moves over to Hong Cha to serve pork noodles during the night.

    Another place that people like to frequent is StarVillage (I haven’t been there myself, but I heard its so-so only)

    You can also head over to Happy Garden if you’re looking for food around that area. There’s either Joy Cafe or that home cook house turn restaurant place called Lucy Stall (which serves a different sort of pan mee).

    If you’re looking for directions to those places, there are maps at the bottom of the post below.. Have fun trying out the food places there 🙂

  7. Shaun Lee

    Easy on the lard now! We are counting on you for more food reviews for at least the next 50 years! 😛

    • Shaun,
      Hahaha I’ll be reviewing cholesterol drugs and such by then 😛

      • Shaun Lee

        You can be like an independent lab rat for the pharmaceutical industry. Now that’s revolutionary! Hahaha.

  8. Pork lard is always good. I also seldom go to OUG too but read there’s a lot of good food there.

  9. Vote me by commenting on my blog post here Thanks

  10. Shaun Lee

    Hey KY,

    If you happen to be anywhere near Bandar Menjalara, do drop by WineActually HQ. We review wines several days a week for WineActually.TV so we welcome people to bring their lunches over and wine’s on us!

    We have a long meeting table that we use for dining purposes too. Lol.

  11. Yah some awesome places to eat in OUG, and actually it’s not that far from PJ if the jam isn’t bad.

    That lard looks EVAL.

  12. I am a Malaysian living in Spore for the past 20 years. I am a huge fan of your blog as it’s a vicarious satisfaction of my food cravings since I only go back to PJ twice a year 🙂

    I love pork/seafood noodle which is comfort food especially on rainy days. I have tried the one at Kean Fatt, SS3. I wonder how this is compared to Kean Fatt’s. I like the one at Kean Fatt. My only gripe is the super slow service even on a weekday morning which wasn’t very crowded.

    • Carmond,
      Thanks thanks.

      I live a few minutes’ walk from Kean Fatt but am willing to eat at Hong Cha. They are quite different but equally good in their own way, i love this service at OUG, Kean Fatt’s just too slow on busy days.

  13. Thanks for your prompt reply, KY. Will give Hong Cha a try on my next trip back, most probably in early Oct.

    Keep those wonderful food posts and pix coming! Love them 🙂

  14. why does haze look so black?!

    the chee yar char .. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. beer and chee yar char keropok .. shiok!

  15. university student

    I will recommend this restaurant to my university friends who are lard lovers.

  16. ai…. now i feel hunngry so many miles away from KL…. lololol..

  17. […] exploration of the popular food district that is OUG. This followed by the good experience I had at Hong Cha pork noodle, just a couple doors down the road on the same row of shop […]

  18. Flip Officer

    Looks awesome. This is definitely on my list given I live in the neighbouring suburb. Thanks!

  19. Best thing about Hong Cha is unlimited lards. Do you aware that waitress use PDA device to take order from customers ?

  20. hey are u gonna do any reviews on places around oug/kuchai lama anytime soon? keep probing this area for more stuff ya!

  21. this place is a rip-off, do not go there unless no place to go and eat. i live in oug and i went there twice. 1st time i did not realise the price, i ordered with extra pork kidneys – i paid extra $3 and for 3 pieces of kidney only. then 2nd time i asked them what is ordinary price and how much to add the kidney – only 3 pieces of kidney for extra $3, so i just returned the bowl of stuff to them and ask them to eat it themselves!

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