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Most everyone who are originally from Penang is a fan of Char Kueh Teow, myself included. While this particular dish hasn’t really found its rival outside the island, there are actually several places right here in Klang Valley that are certainly more than good enough to satisfy my cravings from time to time.

Robert char kueh teow at say huat
Robert Char Kueh Teow at Restaurant Say Huat

I’ve heard and read about Robert Char Kueh Teow quite for quite a while, but for whatever reason the few kopitiams at Seksyen 17 remains to be pretty unexplored to me.

I got the cravings again the other day, and this time I made it a point to head over to this famed stall.

Char Kueh Teow
glistering char kueh teow with prawns and lap cheong

The stall is located amongst the dozen of so other offerings within restaurant Say Huat with the friendly owner, Robert, busy frying away. I made our orders, 2 plates of Char Kueh Teow with everything.

Some 10 minutes later, we got our servings. The plate of Char Kueh Teow comes with all the ingredients: flat noodle, bean sprouts, chives, prawns, lap cheong (Chinese sausage), egg, tiny bits of salted vegetable, and of course, lard too.

KY and Haze
KY and Haze enjoying char kueh teow

I must say that Robert CKT lives up to the expectations. The combination of all the classic ingredients, and the availability of pork lard of course contributed to the overall “original” Penang CKT taste. Now if only they could add massive prawns….

map to restaurant say huat, PJ seksyen 17

Restaurant Say Huat
1083, Jalan 17/29

46400 Selangor
GPS: 3.128818, 101.635305

Discuss : Robert Char Kueh Teow at Restaurant Say Huat, Seksyen 17

  1. Yummy. Love Robert’s ckt. 🙂
    (hmmmm, it’s <rm5 so no massive prawns, I guess?)

    • Hahaha yah, but there isn’t a place where u can pay more and get massive prawns tho. Least not that I know?

  2. There is also a Robert’s ckt at Taman Megah and SS2, so who is the original? You should try the stall located inside a no-name kopitiam opposite PJ Old Town market. The fantastic ckt comes with big prawns and lots of taugeh.

  3. Hmm I never like Char Kueh Teow because the noodles are flat. lol! I wonder when I will get the chance to eat it? o.O

  4. no cockles?

  5. Michelle Chin

    one of the stall in ipoh sells good char kuey teow too but the portion is so tiny that i think it’s ckt for babies.

  6. theres another roberts ckt in damansara kim!
    my fav,

  7. The waxed lap cheong looks very good right about now. :S

  8. mmmm… looks good. it’s hard to find good ckt that’s not… halal… in Klang Valley nowadays.

  9. look at the prawn.. can die 😀 shiokness

  10. Better than Seng Lee?!

  11. My favourite lunch place on a working Sunday afternoon lol.

  12. Hmm …. compared to Penang’s? 🙂
    Miles apart, or nearly there?
    Penang’s CKT seldom put lap cheong though, from what I ate.

  13. yeah.. I agree that you don’t have to drive all the way up North for a plate of good CKT! Robert’s version is as good as it can get 🙂
    However, I would go to another stall (also with Robert’s CKT sign) in Aman Suria area… taste-wise was good but don’t know whether authentic or not! Coz it seems that most stalls have been delegated to the foreigners

  14. nice nice ckt by robert…i got to know him and his ckt thru my dad…his friend…i mean he always sat my dad taxi to airport…hahaha…

  15. I’ve got a theory that KL Chau Kuay Teow is not Penang Char Kuay Teow. KL style is more deeply fried, usually mixed with noodles and comes with a bigger portion. Penang style is more lightly done and usually comes in smaller portions. And Singapore CKT is wet and soggy with kicap.

    • that’s sort of generalizing though. but everything in Penang’s usually in smaller portion anyway.

  16. Oh, and there’s one you should check out, located at Old Town. Near the Bak Kut Teh house, opens at night. Cockles are exceptionally fresh by the standards of these parts.

    • yeah i’ve heard good things about that place, haven’t had a chance to try yet though.

  17. wah…the foods looks tempting. must go and try

  18. Hi Ky, I think the location is wrong. it is on the opposite side from where you drew it. Then next to it. My usual ckt stall. Really good from my point of view

  19. snowybabie

    yes, this 1 is one of those acceptable CKT… hahaha… (really hard to find nice CKT in kl… haizzz….)

    big prawn or not, doesn’t matter, a nice CKT depends on the taste of the koay tiew… don u feel tat KL CKT all come with lots of “LUI” that look so “ho liao”, but once u makan the koay tiew, terus kecewa… haizz… down…

    and i paling benci those stall put the big big “jiu pai” –> “Penang CKT”, then when i order in Hokkien, he dunno wat i’m talking about… WTF… -.-|||

    please help find more nice CKT place… tolong~~~~ hehehe 🙂

  20. Went to give it a try when i head up to KL last weekend. I must say I was a little disappointed. 🙁 I really love & craved for Penang CKT since I’ve been staying in S’pore for 7yrs.

    Robert CKT is a little bit sweeter than the usual PCKT. The cockles are overcooked and dried up. One more thing I noticed was the garlic came in chunks!! (I hate garlics) I don’t remember seeing garlic in PCKT as it is usually very fine. The prawns are pretty small, well can’t complain much as it costs only RM4. 🙄

    We had our dinner @ Sumi-ka and it was an absolute thumbs up which reminds me of my favorite yakitori shop in Sapporo!! Bravo KY, pls cont’ to bring us good food. Love your blog!!! *full support*

    • SF,
      thanksf or the vote of confidence. yah prawns’ never gonna be too big for RM 4. 🙂

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