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A couple weeks ago @missyblurkit invited a few of us to a food review session by describing it as “lets have some Italian food” at Jalan P. Ramlee.

As it turned out, nothing could be further from her misinformation, the dinner at Trattoria Cucina Italiana turned out to be so overly plentiful and wholesome that describing it that way is akin to describing a 20 feet stretched Hummer limo as “some car”.

Trattoria Cucina Italiana
Trattoria Cucina Italiana

Trattoria Cucina Italiana is located on the ground floor of Rohas Perkasa, which is about a stone’s throw away from KLCC and Mandarin Oriental hotel and a pebble’s flick away from Thai club and Beach club.

The restaurant is beautifully furnished and tastefully decorated, but for some reasons beyond comprehension, it is represented by a very cheap looking “mamak style” backlit blue sign board with yellow fonts. I fully blame this banner for the invisibility of this eatery despite it’s prominent location.

By the way, there are free car park spaces right outside the restaurants for diners.

salad and antipasti
Caesar salad, caprese (buffalo mozzarella), seafood salad

We were served beer and the typical bread with olive oil and vinegar to get started, but soon enough the antipasti and salads came.

I’ve taken liberty to name the dishes in English rather than the more “authentic” name in Italian as specified on the menu. First was the Caesar salad (RM 26, or Insalata Caesare, if you woudl) and seafood salad (RM 27, Insalata tiepida di mare) that were beautifully presented and equally as delicious. I particularly love the fresh seafood and the juicy clams on the seafood salad!

The picture on the middle of the collage was Caprese (RM 33), fresh buffalo mozzarella with tomato, very interesting and should satisfy any cheese lover, though I don’t find myself fancy the whole serving of this all to myself.

cheese platter, caesar salad, eggplant antipasta
mixed Italian cheese platter, tuna salad, eggplant pie

The other half of our  appetizers consist of the lovely Italian cheese platter (RM 37), tuna salad (RM 26), and this interesting eggplant pie (RM 23) that was stuffed with mozzarella and tomato.

The cheese platter was served with a few tiny bottles of sweet fruit jam, I didn’t know the combination of pungent blue cheese with jam could taste so good, it was addictive! Tuna salad didn’t disappoint either, and the eggplant pie turned out to be less exciting as I’d imagined. It was not bad though.

seafood pasta,spinach pasta, ravioli
seafood pasta, spinach pasta with mushroom sauce, ravioli with salmon sauce

It is a sin to not have pasta for any Italian food review, thus right after the antipasti and salads, we were served several signature pastas from Tattroria.

I had the chance to gorge myself more of those yummy juicy clams from the seafood pasta (RM 35, spaghetti allo scoglio), so needless to say it was another good dish.

The spinach pasta (RM 29, papperdelle verdi ai funghi) is served with mushroom sauce, and the ravioli stuffed with seafood (RM 32, raviolo nero di pesce al salmone) and swims in salmon sauce. Both of these dishes were pretty rich and creamy and should suit the taste of those who prefer their pastas served as such – rich and flavorful.

pasta and risotto
gnocchi with bolognese sauce, cappelletti pasta, mushroom risotto

With the pastas, we also had potato gnocchi with bolognese sauce (RM 34), cappelleti pasta (RM 31), and mushroom risotto (RM 38).

Gnocchi is another very rich tasting dish with strong potato and bolognese taste. Cappelleti pasta is stuffed with cheese in cream and turkey ham sauce. At this point, I was a bit overdosed with cream and rich cheese based sauce already. I’m sure they tasted much better when you don’t have so many of similar dishes at once.

The mushroom risotto provided a sense of balance and departure from the creamy pasta taste. They prepared it quite true to the origin, as in “not very well cooked”, but that’s the way them Italians like it, and I find it quite nice actually.

1kg T bone steak, sliced tenderloin, grilled lamb
1kg T bone steak, sliced tenderloin, grilled lamb

I thought we were done after the 9 of us went through 12 different dishes, in fact, I was mentally prepared to see desserts coming, but what came instead was another half a dozen dishes. Only they’re even bigger this time. *pengsan*

The 1-KG T-bone steak (RM 128) was huge, and can easily feed 3 adults, or about 27 skinny models. Though it is not wagyu prime ribs at Prime, the T-bone does hold up to it’s own, pretty juicy and flavorful, if lacking the marbled fats.

The sliced sirloin (RM 59) had a smoother and softer texture that I liked, and I do feel that the aromatic herbs with rocket did add some welcoming sophistication to the meat.

Grilled marinated lamb chop (RM 71) is another dish that can feed 2 smaller eaters. I found it to be pretty average though, not something I would order myself, there a lot of better choices on the menu.

seafood grill, mixed grill, pizza
seafood grill, mixed grill, pizza

The seafood grill (RM 126, griliata mista di pesce) came with 4 huge tiger prawns, cod fish, squid, seabass, and some grilled vegetable. This is another dish to share, and it was actually really good, especially the seabass, so yummy!

Mixed grill (RM 120, griliata mista di carne) is another dish that is impossible to finish alone. There’s grilled chicken, sirloin, lamb chop, and chicken sausage. I tried some of the chicken sausage and they were surprisingly good.

I also took a small slice of the pizza carnivora (RM 68) that had tomato, mozzarella, beef salami, chicken sausage, and turkey ham. It was pretty good, but at that point I was already seriously over fed.

desserts galore - tiramisu, carrot cake
desserts galore – tiramisu, cake

After 18 different dishes, of course, it was dessert time. The tiramisu (RM 26), apple cake with chocolate cream and vanilla ice cream (RM 24) were rich and pretty tasty. On the other hand, the shaved iced lime with strawberry thing (not on menu) was rather refreshing and gave the palette a good wash.

ice cream, molten chocolate cake, creme brulee
ice cream with espresso, molten chocolate cake, creme brulee

There’s also the vanilla ice cream with espresso (RM 17, affogato), the classic creme brulee (RM 22), and my favorite dessert of the night – molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (RM 26, fondente al cioccolato) that was so rich and flavorful we finished it in a bout 0.8 second.

The good chef also treated us a shot of chocolate liquor each. This supposed traditional breakfast drink for Italian was so rich, sweet, and concentrated I felt I was drinking some gourmet liquefied chocolate with alcohol. I liked it a lot.

chef, haze, gareth, kim, KY, horng
ze chef, Haze, Gareth, Kim, KY, Horng

While Trattoria Cucina Italiana might not have a very welcoming sign board, do check it out if you are into authentic Italian cousin prepared by real Italians and favored by expatriates. Drinks and some desserts are priced slightly on the higher side, but overall I find that most of the main dishes and appetizers were of great value.

Give it a try, remember there’s free hassle free parking right in front of the restaurant too!

map of Rohas Perkasa

Trattoria Cucina Italiana
Wisma Rohas Perkasa
8 Jalan P. Ramlee,
50540 Kuala Lumpur‎

GPS: 3.15485, 101.708711
Tel: 03-2163 2368

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  1. The cheese platter somehow appeals to me the most…along with the 1 kg T-bone steak. Yums! 🙂

  2. are u resting that piece of meat on your nose ah hahahahaha

  3. Huai Bin,
    I think you might be able to finish that steak!

    I was just covering my phlegm. hahaha

  4. 0.8 seconds is more than enough time for you to drip hot gooey goodness on my hand 😛

  5. Marcky,
    hahahah at least then you get to lick it from your hand! 😛

  6. lol.
    Yeah. The sign is a little bit “out”. The colour combo and font is kinda fail.

    Food looks good tho! 😀

  7. J,
    hahaha that’s true

  8. yup.. I saw this place while walking to Aloha one night… seems nice! and now u posted this up 🙂 guess it’s safe to go since it gets your stamp of approval

  9. I’m still full.

  10. Leo,
    yeah, make it happen, do it! 😀

    hahahaha, but I’m ready for more!

  11. myhorng

    looking at this post makes me FULL all over again….

  12. i love the spinach pasta…my favourite pasta other than the black squid ink pasta….

  13. myhorng,

    oOo i love squid ink!

  14. lotsofcravings

    wah the signboard is indeed dodgy big time, would expect some mamak cooking looks awesome indeed.

  15. lotsofcravings,
    haha yeah, u should give it a try 😀

  16. Suertes

    Looks like you ate enough to pay rent for a house! All looks so splendid!!

  17. Indeed, the meal would have cost a BOMB, had it not been an invited session eh? 🙂

  18. Really never heard of it at all! Glad that you did a review! Food looks good and I think the price is pretty ok…who wants to treat me for my birthday meal?

  19. Suertes,
    hahaha yah I bet!

    treu true 😀

    hahaha good luck!

  20. Oh! I must go to this restaurant! I have eaten at Trattoria in Bali and it was simply the best restaurant I’ve eaten there!

    And yes, I love the complimentary choc chelo – very nice!

    Their desserts are to die for! : )

  21. foongpc,
    They’re the same franchise! 😀

  22. all the deserts look so pretty and tempting!

  23. chefmel,
    I haven’t met a girl who doesn’t like desserts, must be some biological explanation here. emm

  24. hate chiu hate chiu! so good food and OMG cheese platter. U’re living the life of dato! haha

  25. eiling,
    hahaha don’t say like that la puan sri. 😛

  26. I like all the cream based pastas. That’s damn a lot of food wei! *slurps* 😉

  27. the sign-board really doesn’t impress. but the food! omg… have to try that next time i’m in kl.

  28. Bangsar-bAbE,
    yeah way too much!

    why not!? 😀

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  30. That is ALOT of food…

  31. OMG!! Cheese, seafood platter, lamb, pasta, desserts… Everything looks so yummy!! I must eat all these nxt time in KL.. How come you can still maintain so skinny eating so much good food? ;p

  32. Looks really delicious! 😛 gonna try cook them myself. LOL..

  33. jfook,

    hahaha yah way too much.

    Eat them all, and then exercise laa

    oo cook? cool!

  34. biopolymath

    Goddamn yummy! I wish I can afford those!

  35. Gosh!!!
    I need to mark this place in my MUST VISIT dine out list…

  36. biopolymath,
    of course u can 😛

    do it! 😀

  37. undergraduate

    GOSH~~ The food looks D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S., especially the dessert. Might go there to have a try.

  38. undergraduate,
    do it, make it happen! 😀

  39. i will die for the steak omg.

  40. Yiling,
    don’t die for it! don’t dieeee

  41. The resto start to be famous among expat community. Food is great, good draught beer too, good selection of wines.
    I go only for dinner, at lunch time it is always pack

  42. my favourite resto now in KL. italian friendly staff working in the resto. I go for lunch with my gals gang once or twice a week, they have set menu’ and sandwich

  43. I have been yesterday in this resto for my first time. my comment is “Great”. the place fits quite any occasion. you can take your gfriend there without spending a fortune or just go with your group of friends to have dinner and drinks. The place is at ground floor of a building next to beach club

  44. Robert,
    yeah, lunch sets are cheaper I think.

    wah, every week huh

    yes, that’s exactly where it is located, opposite beach club. 😀

  45. im heart with spinach pasta…love n miss it..
    hopefully trattoria will open at sarawak n sabah.
    n my friend also work there..trattoria kl,jln p.ramlee..hehehe..

    anyway….i love italianfood!!

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