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Egg, telur,  蛋, easily one of the most important foods in our everyday diet. We gotta respect the first prehistoric human who looked at the egg and said “I’m gonna eat that liquid chicken!”

From that fateful day many thousands of years ago until very recently, the production, preparation, and consumption of eggs hasn’t really changed that much. Until now..

safe eggs launch
so when is an egg not an ordinary egg?

But before we get to that, here’re some trivia on eggs that you might find interesting:

  • Malaysians eat an aeverage of 305 eggs per person per year
  • The longest throw of a fresh egg without breaking it is 98.51 meters
  • The older the hen, the larger the egg
  • A fresh egg will sink in water while an older egg will stand up.
  • The average hen will lay an average of 300-325 eggs a year, taking 24-26 hours to lay a single egg
  • A raw egg will wobble and a cooked egg will spin freely if you spin it
  • It is estimated that there are 4.93 billion egg-laying hens in the world. China is the world’s largest egg producer with approximately 20.25 million tonnes
  • The only pasteurized eggs sold in Malaysia are “Safegg” from Safe Food Corporation, available now at all leading hypermarkets

safe eggs launch
Healthy Living talk show, and the launch of Safegg

Last week I was invited to attend the “Healthy Living” talk show with the launch and cooking demonstration of Safeegg, which brings us to the latest method of egg production and preparation – pasteurized shell eggs.

The talk show and speeches were given by YB Datuk Hajjah Rohani Haji Abdul Karim, the deputy minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Yong-Sik Cho, CEO of Safe Food Corporation (SFC), Professor Gulam Rusul Rahmat Ali, University Sains Malaysia, and Maverick Lee, MD of SFC, and Mr. Kong Vee Hong, GM of SFC (I went to uni with him back in the States!)

Salmonella bacteria
the nasty Salmonella bacteria

The picture above shows the nasty Salmonella bacteria under electron microscope, this is the very bacteria that infect 142,000 Americans and causes some 30 death yearly. Basically one of the major causes of food poisoning that leads to diarrhea, dehydration, and in more severe cases, death.

This nasty stuff can be found in contaminated egg whites, you don’t really want to mess with it.

egg cooking demonstration
Safegg live cooking demonstration

To be honest, before attending this event, I didn’t even know that pasteurization of shelled eggs even existed. The technology is actually from Korea to treat bacteria at low temperature, without the need of chemicals. During the process, the eggs are also coated with a protective layer of food grade mineral oil to prevent cross-contamination and keep the eggs fresh longer.

Through this method, harmful salmonella bacteria are killed but the nutritional value and tastes of the eggs remain.

The tell tale sign of a pasteurized egg is that the egg white appears to be slightly opaque instead of completely transparent.

love the eggnog
the eggnog was absolutely fantastic

After the show, we proceeded to the Safegg cooking demonstration where I helped myself to a few omelete, “mata kerbau”, desserts, and that addictive eggnog. They were delish!

Safegg is now available at all major hypermarkets in the country.

Discuss : Are your eggs.. safe?

  1. fantastic! I sometimes having eggs for my meal… 😀

  2. sonnykazu,
    ooo only eggs for meal? interesting O.o

  3. Dropping by ere. =).. INformative.. =).. Do drop by to mine too yeah

  4. JLean,
    thanks thanks 😀

  5. Egg…My favourite o…=p

  6. hoay,
    Awesome 😀

  7. What does eggnog taste like btw? I’ve always wondered how it taste 😀

  8. Lindy,
    It’s like a really rich drinks, very nais

  9. ooh i didn’t know that too!

  10. eiling,
    learn something new everyday 😀

  11. Safegg mascot damn tragic hahahaha egg shell why wrinkly wan!

  12. aud,
    I think the mascot might have been overcooked!? 😛

  13. Wah you probably fulfill your quota of eggs for the entire week…

  14. Eggs I likey.. dunno if they are safe or not though 🙁

  15. But i always try to avoid egg yolk as too high cholesterol. Yet it is definitely nice to have nasi lemak or curry with egg yolk!! And of course an egg into your Maggi Curry mee.. yummy yummy!!

  16. i love to eat eggs actually….omega 3 one…kekeke…

  17. JD,
    hahah almost!

    cook throughly lor in that case.

    what is this cholesterol thing they’ve been talking about? 😛


  18. Are you serious, you just wrote an advertorial for eggs?!?! Bwahahahahahaha! But all jokes aside, I’m a free range person. Are their eggs free range? Damn difficult to find free range in KL.

  19. Well, are your eggs safe??:P

  20. Mellissa,
    hahaha yah, why not? Actually I don’t remember if their eggs are free range. :S

    oh of course 😛

  21. good eggs cost a lot…just a normal egg will do…eat outside they sure served you some normal egg one…

  22. foodcrazee

    good info. . tq

  23. fraulein

    Haha.. the title of the post sort of ‘misleading’.

  24. I luv eggs, my doggie 2.. especially half cooked eggs with soya sauce serve like those at SG’s Ah Kun Kaya Toast Cafe. Tqs for the info. Din know there is such deadly bacteria till now. Happy wkd!

  25. Dude, does this mean that it can be consumed ‘raw-er’ than ordinary eggs?

  26. kumfye,
    yeah true that

    you’re welcome


    yeah, have to be careful all!

    that’s true!

  27. Suertes

    Wonder if Liquid Nitrogen preparation of eggs is actually able to kill off bacteria etc.?

  28. Suertes,
    liquid nitrogen’ll probably freeze but not kill the bacteria?

  29. as im always an extremist, i once tried pure protein diet and whack 20 eggs a day for 1 week. I chirp in the morning and i get horny looking at feathers ! fml !

  30. I love eggs!
    Eggs are great, they are pocket friendly, delicious on their own, when add to something, or something add to them, they taste even better, they can be both sweet and savory, they are “middle”>>>like middle M’sia>>>neither too carnivore nor vegetarian, they’re also ethnic/race friendly, yay eggs FTW!

    eh, how much does one safegg cost?

  31. Ford_GT

    I should have gone there to learn eggs revolution.

  32. Darn. I watched this documentary on battery hens which has traumatized me for life. But looking at so much emphasis they put on choosing the egg, making it “safe” blah blah blah, it should be of good quality, and should be free range or similar I assume? :S

  33. i like eggs mmmmmmmmmmm

  34. God,
    hahah that’s crazy

    yeah, really versatile. I think I saw safeggs at Giant for about RM 5.99 for half a dozen if I’m not mistaken.

    haha yah

    yah true, I remember them saying they’re different from the other farms

    eat more! yums

  35. anonymous

    I always eat the no-antibiotic eggs only.

    ky what is the color of the egg yolk for this safegg ?

  36. anonymous,
    yah good idea. Well the egg yolk’s the normal yellow color. 🙂

  37. anonymous

    Thanks but the egg yolk that i always buy (no-anti) ones are orange color. 😀

  38. anonymous,
    and how do we know if they don’t feed the chicken colorings? heehee

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