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Tropicana City Mall is fast becoming one of the favorite places for the gang to hangout during those lazy weekend afternoons. The smallish mall is conveniently located at a pretty central location at the junction of SS2 and Uptown, with ample parking, reasonable crowd volume, and most importantly, good coffee!

The good coffee of course, is the Hawaiian chain – Bad Ass Coffee

Update 2019: this place is closed

Bad Ass Coffee
Bad Ass Coffee is located at the end of the Mall closest to the office tower

Bad Ass Coffee is probably one of the very few places that serves Kona coffee – a type of coffee beans cultivated all the way from Hawaii. It is one of the most sought after coffees in the world, but via some wonderful cosmic arrangement, the relatively unsophisticated coffee drinking crowd here in Malaysia gets a franchise.

100% Kona coffee, oxtail soup
100% Kona coffee, oxtail soup

The menu at Bad Ass Coffee is actually quite extensive, there are quite a variety of normal coffee, chocolate/vanilla drinks, and of course, the 100% Kona Coffee that is sold at a bit of a premium (RM 15.90 and up if I remember correctly). The 100% kona is very flavorful and rather kao, Terence once had it in the evening and couldn’t sleep till 5am. FHL

The best thing about iced coffee there is that ice cubes made of coffee is used, so your drinks will never ever gets diluted. That alone is a very good reason to choose Bad Ass over Β the more famous chain that spots the green and white logo of Medusa.

KY Kerol Suan Kim Horng Terence
KY, Kerol, Suan, Kim, FA, Terence

While I haven’t had many meals at Bad Ass, I can vouch that the oxtail soup is in fact, super awesome. At RM 9.90, you get a bowl of really kick ass oxtail soup with quite a few chunks of, well, oxtail. There’re three slices of garlic bread too.

Seatings are available both indoor and al fresco. There’s even a smoking section with really comfortable sofa and power outlets for those who likes to bring their laptops too.

tropicana city mall map

When you find yourself at TCM in search for a good cup of coffee, look no further than Bad Ass!

Bad Ass Coffee
G-37/38A, 1st Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.130757,101.626421
Tel:03-7728 2622

Discuss : Bad Ass Coffee at Tropicana City Mall, 100% Kona

  1. The coffee any good ah?

  2. OMG. I didn’t know they serve hot food there. Beats Starbuck and Coffee Bean’s sucky food?

  3. kimberlycun

    love that place! so cosy!

  4. woohoo.. great minds think alike.. and im just writing a post on coffee. How inspiring to see this;)

  5. Mellissa,
    the coffee is awesome!

    Simon Seow,
    Yaaa of course!

    very true! πŸ˜€

    Woo, best! πŸ˜€

  6. the name looks so cool…bad ass…

  7. I missed the sofa there~
    nice place to chill out when super hot weather!

  8. i like the name…hehehehe

  9. Bad ass coffee surely kick ass? Coffee ice cube and premium coffee been from Hawaii, need to pencil a date to go there next weekend, since it’s a looong weekend!

  10. clement

    wow thats interesting.. I always go TCM (not traditional chinese medicine…. hahaha) for movie as i like the seats and popcorn. Nice place to hang around.

    I will find some time to go and wallap the menu. hahaha

    take care bro.

    (monday blues is creeping up.. sucks! )

  11. hi… food blog? i just posted up some dim sum from Yoke Fook Moon ..opposite Ming Court Ipoh..

  12. kumfye,

    hahah and sleep!


    yah make it happen but don’t take my seats!


    oh, neat!

  13. The coffee is badass! Not as good as the ones I make at home though. hahahahaha.

    Damn, been wanting to blog about it since long time ago but kept forgetting.

  14. really a good place, only thing they need to upgrade is the smoking room. Can’t fit a full porkgang team

    100% is not for the faint hearted, you really zombiefied for the entire night, i’ve tried .@.@

  15. Yah love this place, the 100% Kona is a bit pricey but well worth it IMHO especially with the coffee ice cubes.

    Great place to hang out too, comfy sofa, nice aircon and some food if needed..very near Room 18 too haha.

    I love TCM, always easy to catch movies, find parking and a decent car wash.

  16. LOL – can’t get over the name. It’s so cheeky! πŸ™‚

  17. eyeris,
    hahaha stim!

    Hahah you got pwned by the 100% kona

    yah, great place, great coffee too

    Hahah true that

  18. wah this is kick ass coffee man. Wished it was here when I was in college so that I can burn midnight oil.

  19. yeah…like their coffee…nice to see u did a review of them …

    u like char siew rite? not sure u heard/went to the fun kee bamboo noodle restaurant at jln sg besi before….u can visit my site to see.

  20. eiling,
    yaa, but your college was at INTI, this one at TCM πŸ˜›

    ooo fun kee bamboo noodle? not yet, thanks for the tips!

  21. iamthewitch

    Read quite a few reviews on this coffee joint before.. Even though I’m not a fan of coffee, I’m tempted to try it out!

  22. iamthewitch,
    cool, do it! πŸ˜€

  23. sure, nice egg noodles … give a try and see.

    hope u will do a coffee review at pacific coffee at ioi boulevard…the coffee place looks nice and coffee taste very strong! nice place for photography too…

  24. I passed by this cafe that day but din go in. Will try it next time~ ^^

  25. via,
    Ooo IOI? haven’t been there for a long time!

    cool ;D

  26. My first Bad Ass coffee was in Singapore. And i love it. But then when i visit Bas Ass in Tropicana City Mall that day, i feel disappointed, the coffee is a bit tasteless. May be it is my unlucky day. May be now is better. πŸ™‚

  27. gracieq

    I think their coffee was much better when they first opened up. Somehow, the quality seemed to have gone down a little. Nevertheless, it still kick ass especially compared to the more ‘commercial’ coffee joints.

    I love their foot long sausages and their Hawaiian/Bad Ass toast was surprisingly good too. The tom yam spaghetti can be a tad spicy if memory serves me right. Have fun trying out more of their food!

  28. Sandy,
    maybe! try again! πŸ˜€

    ooo I gotta try their sausage next time though. πŸ˜‰

  29. lol so many funny coffe outlets coming up these days.. but all in KL.. too bad i cant try them at the moment.. bad ass! =P

  30. kenwooi,
    hahaha yah, move to KL πŸ˜›

  31. tcmsucks

    mall is nothing to shout about. beware, the cinema is full of thieves. i just had my ipod touch stolen from the cinema yesterday. and when i went to report it, i was asked to write in a book where i found the names of plenty of other victims. golden screens management was not too helpful either. not going back. ever.

    • Hahha i happen to still like the mall. losing stuff at GSC has nothing to do with how the mall or bad ass coffee is tho

  32. coffee ice cubes…GENIUS! πŸ’‘

  33. 😎 i liked the food there coz i was working as a chef there.wonderfull food and drinks like mocha n blended

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