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If you’re traveling on the road north of Kuantan and past Kemaman, you’ll eventually pass Kijal before reaching Kerteh/Dungun/Kuala Terengganu on your way to some island holidays or oil and gas work.

Now Kijal is a pretty uninteresting town with probably the only interesting place being Awana golf resort, a hotel that I’ve stayed a couple times on business travel.

Lemang stalls at Kijal, Terengganu
the stretch of lemang stalls at Kijal

What Kijal has though, is this whole stretch of lemang stalls by the road side between Kg. Baharu Batu Anak Dara and Kg. Meraga on trunk road 145. And yes, I got the information from google map.

On the way from Dungun going south, there’s a little sign board that says “Lemang in 500 meters”. We drove past that on previous trip, but this time around, I made sure we stopped by and grab some lemang for the road.

lemang with serunding
2x lemang at RM 2.50 each, 2x serunding at RM 5 each

We stopped by the stalls and bought ourselves 2 lemang with 2 container of serunding (meat floss, we bought chicken and beef) to go with it.

The aroma of glutinous rice with coconut milk came gushing as soon as the lady split open the bamboo that was holding all that goodness in.

haze and KY enjoying lemang
snooze inducing food, guaranteed

We dug in as soon as we got into the car. The rice was soft and so fragrant, and I didn’t imagine that glutinous rice with coconut milk could taste so good! The meat floss gave it a bit of extra flavor but I seriously could eat the piping hot lemang all by itself. If only we had some rendang too…

map to lemang stalls at kijal, terengganu

So if you’re traveling on that road, don’t miss out the lemang. A word of caution though, lemang is also probably the best traditionally sleeping medicine in Malaysia. Haze certainly pengsan about an hour after the lemang, and I almost snoozed off while driving too.

Kijal Lemang Stalls
Kijal, Terengganu
GPS: 4.3306878, 103.4508196

Discuss : Lemang Kijal oh my god!

  1. Tan Yee Hou

    Makes you sleepy cos got santan!!

  2. Tan Yee Hou,
    yah but it was awesome!

  3. kimberlycun

    i need it!!!! last time i had it was 2007 i couldn’t eat lemangs from other places since.

  4. kimberlycun,
    ok should have some left in haze’s car :X

  5. Suertes

    Funny lar.. sleeping potion lemang! Hmm.. wonders what other types of food, in your experience, have that kind of effect?

  6. Suertes,
    nasi lemak often does, just not as strong as lemang. hehe

  7. Haze Long

    yesterday night, i finished it off. Dead weight asleep in like 15 minutes. I swear there is sleeping pills inside.

  8. foodcrazee

    agree w u. . .serunding is awesome but rendang goes best with lemang. . .lomang kawang

  9. Haze Long,
    Waaaa you need to have it everyday to regulate your messed up personal time zone

    yeahh, they don’t sell rendang tho

  10. My 1st Lemang time was at a very young age and it’s too hard to even swallow. It’s only later that I realised that Lemang is meant to be eaten hot with curry. Seldom find any here except during Hari Raya, but looks good.

  11. JD,
    yah, steaming hot is best 😀

  12. Jerine

    testing….1…2…3… not sure whether my comment will be published. i still think you secretly hate me and block me from commenting.

  13. Jerine

    oh…i wanted to say… wait until you try terengganu one.

  14. xiiinyiii

    i realized reading ur blog in the middle of the night aint a good idea because i’m feeling hungry and craving for food right now..

    erm,anyaway,terengganu one is nicer.

  15. Kyril D. Soul-X

    swt even me myself also feeling hungry reading ur post ~ swt case

  16. Jerine,
    hahhaha Kijal is in Terengganu!

    again, Kijal is in Terengganu 😛

    Kyrill D. Soul-X,
    hahahah sleep!

  17. dangerous~ driving under the influence of LEMANG! lols…

  18. Glo-w,
    hahaha, yah, actually true!

  19. eiling

    don’t eat lemang while driving! Lol…

  20. Aiyo. so dangerous wan ah?
    They should put a warning label on the lemang: Danger! – delicious but coma inducing!

  21. eiling,
    haha yah definitely.


  22. Yah after eating it I had to pull the car over on the highway and sleep haha.

    It’s the MOST awesome Lemang ever tho, and the Redang is bloody fantastic too. Sigh I miss it now.

  23. ShaolinTiger,
    ahh I didn’t have with redang, next time!

  24. JaCJaC

    I wantttt!!!!

  25. JaCJaC,
    lets go to Kijal! 😛

  26. Hey, KY, are you driving the Satria Neo now, where is your old MR-2????

  27. kimi_,
    MR2 was at home, Neo isn’t my car 😛

  28. […] but this buffet spread proved me wrong. Except for the slightly lack luster lemang (I love Lemang from Kijal) and ordinary pasta, everything we’ve tasted were actually very […]

  29. Im comming from germany, europa. we was there in 2012. we have making a bustour trough Malaysia. The food was verry good .

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