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Mine’s at the pristine beach on Tenggol island. 6 dives yesterday and today, now waiting for sunset, dinner, and a night dive.

sand, sea, bliss!

Still no whale sharks, but we have at least another dive tomorrow before heading back to civilization.

How’s your weekends?

Discuss : How’s your labour day weekend?

  1. So nice. Mine was fighting my way thru a sea of people in Homedec KL! So not fun! 🙁

  2. all the best finding that whale shark.. some divers don’t even get to see it their whole life… if you do find it, take lots of photos to share.. haha =)

  3. Merryn,
    Hope u got some good deals!

    Yah, just hoping anyway 😉

  4. what do you do if you come across a whale shark?

  5. aud,
    Go out and say hi!

  6. How’s my weekend? Just ate a not-so-satisfying buffet at Munakata. 🙁

  7. foodcrazee

    niamah! sai meng. . . .we poor sob hv to work !

  8. sotong

    show off! =.=

  9. I spent my labor day weekend on a white sand beach, watching some guys jet skiing and having fun.

  10. fraulein,
    awww, bad buffet? sorry to hear that.



    waa nice too! 😀

  11. hope you had lots of fun!

  12. Woke up early on both days during the weekend and have great breakfast. Thanks to my baby alarm clock.

  13. Yiling,
    yes I did 😀

    hahahah baby alarm is the best 😛

  14. Fantastic way to spend labour day 🙂

    Ended up running errands, meeting old friends and watching Ironman 2 instead 🙂

  15. Mark,
    yah it was 😀

  16. i wanna go diving too!! if i have astigmatism (not that much. below 150), do i have to get a custom pair of googles? how much would that cost?

  17. j3ff,
    I don’t think astigmatism will pose any problem, I have 100 & 150 on me too.

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