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Tucked at the corner on the ground floor of Wisma Central is a little hidden Japanese ramen shop that even many white colar guys around the area is oblivious to. I didn’t realize the existence of Tenka Daiichi Ramen for the first couple years I was working at KLCC myself.

tenka daiichi japanese ramen
Tenka Daiichi Ramen at Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang

Despite its hidden location, business seems to be pretty brisk whenever I went there. The restaurant is operated by a middle age uncle and the chef looks to be his Japanese wife. This is of course, purely my own interpretation via observation.

Lunch and dinner menu differs, with more choices over lunch and only 5 combination dishes served at night. However, there seems to be a separate menu in Japanese that might offer other choices, or that could be just a sake menu. The clientele at Tenka Daiichi Ramen for dinner consists of almost entirely Japanese expats.

japanese ramen with charsiu
Ramen with char siu

I almost never failed to order their char siu ramen whenever I’m there. A couple pieces of glistering rolled pork shoulder (not roasted like Chinese style though) swimming in the subtle but sweet tasting soup and that soft but firm noodle. You can also order them with a side of gyoza too.

Other items they serve include cold tofu, pork patty, grilled fish, and a few different types of ramen. Expect to spend around RM 10 for lunch and perhaps over RM 20 for dinner here.

Tenka Daiichi Ramen (behind 7-11)
Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

3.158728, 101.714473

Discuss : Tenka Daiichi Ramen at Wisma Central

  1. faint .. why u do this to me.. whyyyy? i swear the swirl of the pork slice is hypnotic .. if u stare long enough it’ll suck u in! hehe

  2. ciki,
    I just made myself hungry too! grrrr

  3. I know this place, my old haunt. They had nice kimichi ramen as well. Always go there for gyoza.

  4. neko-hime,
    oOo, you know this place too! 😀

  5. Yeah.. famous leh for KLCC folks. But hor… that time when i was eating here… taking food pictures was not “in” yet hahahaha

  6. Ajisen ramen’s char siu ramen worth a try.

  7. neko-hime,
    Hahahah old school.

    oO thanks for the tips. 😉

  8. the charsiew looks so fat but juicy! 😀 fat n juicy.. yummy 😛

  9. Merryn,
    yes they are oh so yummy!

  10. I get the feeling Japanese restaurants have a tendency to be pretty well-hidden, especially those run by Japanese people. Like, there is this one at the Shoplex Mont Kiara, where the older Coffee Bean and Baskin Robbins are located. It’s inside and can only be ‘discovered’ as you go to use the toilet.

  11. Super Love “Sa Chang Bak” (3-layer-pork)!!! Love Jap food too! But, in Kuching all Japanese restaurants serve no pork =(
    Thanks for sharing, I must try this!! 🙂

  12. i like the tonkatsu there, very addictive!

  13. hi, am not sure if this is the jap restraunt i used to frequent 8 yrs ago also in Wisma Central, that time it was located near roti boy origin lot; last year i was hoping to go tat jap rest again but it wasnt there anymore. It was run by a sweet japanese lady, quality was good. Their pork ramen was really yummy

  14. is such a special..ramen with char siew here..keke

  15. yea, all Jap restaurants in Kch serve no pork, in fact, most restaurants. the funny thing is Kch’s Malay population is lower..

  16. Yeah the char siew looks different! Looks promising with all that fat on top. 🙂

  17. Suertes,
    yah those mom & pop restaurants usually don’t run on premium locations.

    you’re welcome. 😀


    it is the same one! they moved location.

    it’s nice!

    hahaha yah that is indeed weird.

    Huai Bin,
    Yess! slurps

  18. their ramen is quite good…i use walk thr for my lunch sometimes…

  19. squall,
    Yaa i need to do that soon!

  20. That cheap ka? Looks like a steal! 😉

  21. With the price you’ve mentioned, it’s pretty reasonable for Ramen. Again, I think I need to move office to KLCC.

  22. Bangsar-bAbE,
    Yaa it’s nice n good! and cheap!

    Hahhaah do it! 😛

  23. KLCC area 🙁 just the thought of the traffic jam is enough to deter me from going there

  24. Leo,
    Take the smart tunnel! 😀

  25. wah i feel like eating ramen too!! slurps

  26. i have been there before

  27. eiling,
    yesss slurps!


  28. yeh i love this place too, price is cheap, service is good!

  29. Jess,
    haha you know your food too 😀

  30. […] Ramen used to be a bit of a novelty in this country. For a long time, Wisma Central’s Tenka Daiichi and Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway were two of the few places that serves […]

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