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The weather lately has been nothing short of spectacular, it is as if the power that be has stopped knowing how to pace and it is now either a thunderstorm (which is might fine), or a long baut really really hot max weather.

When it’s hot out, I always have one thing in mind, the very thing that made 7-Eleven a household name – SLURPEE! the coolest drink on earth.

To be frank, I have this other habit of enjoying slurpee in the winter when it is cold out too, but that doesn’t really apply to Malaysia.

ANYWAY, lest I digress.. Today I want to tell you about “My Funniest Slurpee Video” contest. How this work, is fairly simple

  • Create a video between 30s to 2minutes showing your funny moment with Slurpee (any size and any flavor)
  • Upload to youtube
  • Register at as a member of Slurpee nation and submit the video
  • Video will be reviewed and approved within 24-hour
  • You can submit multiple videos
  • Get your friends to vote for your videos

This one is my video (very pro wan ok!)

As with any contest, we are also interested in the prizes. Instead of only one grand prize, there’s weekly prizes, grand prize, first prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, and even consolation prize!

Weekly prize is RM 500 cash + Slurpee T-shirt, the first one to be awarded on March 25, all the way till April 22. Five in total. The grand/first/2nd/3rd prizes all consists of vacations to Redang, Tioman, Langkawi, and Berjaya Hills. Very tempting!

Furthermore, the grand, first, and 2nd prize winners will also get 52 pieces of 22oz Slurpee vouchers!

So check out , join the SLURPEE NATION, create your video and lets see if you can put u p any fight and be better than mine. hohoho!

I have the super casts of Koyuki and Cheesie on my video ok. Don’t mess!

Discuss : Hot Max and Snow Dog video!

  1. didja know that it’s apparently not possible to get brain freeze in winter?

  2. irene,
    ooo really? interesting!

  3. HAHA. Belanja your super cast la!!!!!!!!

  4. cheesie,
    Sure, will buy you more slurpees! 😀

  5. Oh my goodness.
    That Slurpee is so red it’s practically glowing! Haha…
    (Good luck with you video – gambatte!)

  6. cheesie : look it’s a crazy man

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i dunno why that part was so funny to me 😀

  7. J,
    haha thank you!

    LOL what I’m not crazeeee :X

  8. kimberlycun

    makes me wanna get a slurpee nao!

  9. kimberlycun,
    me too! so hot nao!

  10. walking a snow dog when it’s hot max…sounds more like dog abusing..meh!

    I hope her little pink paw pads are still pink in colour lol.

  11. lb,
    Hahahah of course they’re still pink, she loved it! Didn’t you see she got chilled by licking slurpee? 😀

  12. Look, there’s a crazy man! Haha… so terrible, only let the dog lick the cup and not the slurpee inside!!!

  13. eiling,
    Hahahah cos it’s all mine all mine!!

  14. haha loved ur face when u got brain freeze.

    good job on the video, also saw cheesie’s. i think u both did great 🙂

  15. Misa,
    Hehehe I take it as a compliment. ;P

  16. Nice jacket there but funny act!

  17. boon,
    heheh I used it during winter back in the States 😛

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