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It’s been a while since I wrote a bak kut teh entry, in fact, the last one was more than 3 months ago. For a food important enough that I dedicate an entire category on, this hiatus is far too long.

It was not like I’ve stopped eating BKT. The lack of new entry has to do with the fact that it was getting difficult to convince my regular eating buddies to try out new places when they already have their favorite BKT joints. Meng Kee at PJ Old Town, and Yap Chuan at Puchong are the two places we frequent lately.

restaurant Weng Heong at Klang

After a brief retreat to Awana Genting with colleague and a bunch of friends a couple weeks ago, we decided to get some bak kut teh for lunch at Klang. Naturally we head to the BKT capital that is Taman Intan at Klang.

There’s at least half a dozen BKT specialty restaurants within stone’s throw distance, at one point of I had wanted to try all of them but somehow didn’t get around doing it, maybe I should… emm..

Anyway, instead of the over packed Teluk Pulai BKT, we decided to head right next door at restaurant Weng Heong (永香海参瓦煲肉骨茶).

the glorious pot of goodness – Bak  Kut Teh

For the 8 of us, we ordered two pots of clay pot bak kut teh, some yau char kwai, and a plate of vegetable to go with oily rice. We kept it fairly simple, one pot of lean meat, and the other mixed lean and fatty pork, didn’t order any innards either.

I usually do indulge in all sorts of spare parts and not-exactly-lean meat, but the order was a right one as it turned out that I was the only one not on 100%-lean-meat diet around the table. If we had ordered innards and pork knuckles too, I’d probably be typing this at a hospital recovering from heart attack right now.

Yau Char Kuai, oily rice, and of course, some vitamin C

Like most Klang Bak Kut Teh, this one did not disappoint. The soup was rich and full of aroma, the meat too cooked to perfection, soft and flavorful. Fried shallot is available to add an extra character to the yummy oily rice that goes so well with the soup too, no one was complaining (except for the heat and lack of air conditioning).

As per old school bak kut teh practice, boiling water is available right next to our table for self serving hot tea refills. The staffs were quite speedy in refilling soup too, always a good thing at BKT places.

Chloe, Vicky, Li Choo, Ivan, Bee Eng, Roy, Li Zhi, KY

The bill came to about RM 10 – RM 12 per person, pretty much in lined with most other BKT places just about anywhere in Klang Valley. The lunch was mighty satisfying, but next time I should do it for breakfast instead.

Restoran Weng Heong Bak Kut Teh
28, 30, Jalan 5, Kawasan 16,
Taman Intan, Klang, Selangor

GPS: 3.056268, 101.474018
Tel : 012-382 4408

Discuss : KY eats – Weng Heong Bak Kut Teh at Klang

  1. BKT post after lunch is no good. Still hungry. Been quite a while since my last BKT makan. Time to head to Meng Kee for some good BKT.

  2. KY u macam semakin lengchai in pictures

  3. JD,
    well it’s better than before lunch 😛

    semakin manis la mulut si Cindy ni

  4. Lean pork is just wrong. Pork should come with a thick layer of fat…more is more in this case. 🙂

  5. Huai Bin,
    I ended up eating all the fatty ones. 😛

  6. ericyong77


  7. Cheh.. originally Klang BKT also put vege mer… I tot it will spoiled the soup taste???
    HA HA…

    • i fully agree with “sotong” – ‘original’ Klang BKT with vege??? you godda be kiddin me man!! CHEH CHEH CHEH!!!

      • taiki: haha but this was in Klang, and one of the oldest shops!

        • ya meh? but i’ve never liked greens in my bak kut teh soup wor cheh cheh … and will never ever like it lor!! lately, i’ve been hooked on Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh in Mid Valley and Pavilion 6th floor outlets – both are to die for lor!! finally can enjoy my favourite food in beautiful clean environment. see beh song oh!!!

  8. ericyong77,
    how about cos bkt will make ppl fat!

    hahahah that tan kar leng cannot trust wan la

  9. this is not klang original bkt lar. GOT vege one. LOL

  10. myhorng,
    LOL yeh, ask tan kar leng!

  11. plc for the BKT.. i like the dry black one.. even oilier and fattier and finger lickn good… 😉

  12. cumidanciki,
    Hahhaa yeaa i like them all! so long as they’re fatty. :X

  13. Klang BKT restaurants are evil – they give free flow of the deep fried shallots to make you eat much more rice than you planned to.
    =_= <— *Recently fell victim to carb binge*

    (It's so yummy tho!)

  14. J,
    hahaha what’s wrong with eating more rice? 😀

  15. Nothing wrong except love handles are not really so loveable. Haha…

  16. J,
    hahaha but they are delicious!.. to eat 😛

  17. You’re right! BKT cannot just consist of lean meat la… must have some fat then only syok!

  18. RealGunners

    lean meat.. go home sendiri cook better la =.=”

  19. eiling,
    Hahahah true true

    can still taste the soup I guess, I’m not to judge, I love fatty meat 😛

  20. It’s been a long time to I haven’t got to Klang for this sinful goodness.

  21. eh, why got weird japanese ads at the bottom one?

  22. yea! this is a nice place for BKT! Alot of locals go there cause the teluk pulai is always packed wif ppl.. >.<!!

  23. is it better than teluk pulai? *drooools*

  24. Simon Seow,
    make it happen!

    advertisement links 😀

    that’s very true. 🙂

    they are pretty comparable. 😉

  25. Eating pork without the fat is not eating pork 😛

  26. Chef Mel,
    Hehehehe I agree 😛

  27. Ivan Khong

    KY, u tried Ah sang BKT in Sg Way? Wanna head out there tomorrow for lunch? Email me.

  28. Ivan,
    Yah I had, of course. 😀

  29. looking at your maps. i saw my maybank logo. wa bangga ooo…

    you eat 1st, then withdraw money.

    Any suggestion near menara maybank Ky?

  30. bzz,
    ahh, menara maybank in Pudu? well head to tengkat tongsin/jalan alor lo 😛

  31. I like “zhu kiok wan” the most. Must order when come to this shop. super super nice.

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