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Over the weekends I went to Kuantan for a short trip with Sheryl. We didn’t have any concrete plan, and it was basically just an opportunity to spend some time and catch up after she’d come back from her post graduate studies in Europe. After all, it was some 7 years since we were last living together in the States.

Pak Su seafood restaurant, with the best al fresco dining experience

After spending better part of the afternoon chilling at Cherating beach sipping coconut juice, we decided to check out Pak Su seafood restaurant by the beach. It was partly due to convenience as Pak Su is located rather close to where we were staying.

While this is a Chinese restaurant, it is also halal, and there were quite a number of Muslim patrons and workers alike at the premise.

We took a table at the al fresco dining area by the beach. The scenery was incredible, full moon, strong waves, and the rather powerful sea breeze makes up for one of the best seafood dinner ambiance I’ve experienced.

fresh oyster, butter prawn
fresh Canadian oysters, vegetable, butter prawn

For the two of us, we ordered a pair of fresh Canadian oysters (RM 8 each) to start. They were huge, juicy and absolutely delicious, the other other place with comparable oyster would be Kensington at Seremban.

Butter prawn (RM 20) was another commendable dish, it was cooked in the “wet” style (there’s also the other butter prawnΒ preparation you might have had from Chinese wedding dinners, this is not the same method). The prawns were huge, fresh, and rather delicious.

To fulfill the illusion of having a complete meal, we ordered a plate of vegetable (豆苗 RM7) too. It was however, a bit too old and not something I’d recommend.

stuffed crab at east-coast, Malaysia
stuffed crab and steamed siakap

The one famous seafood dish everyone must try when at East-Coast is the stuffed crab. Pretty much every seafood restaurants from Kuantan to Kemaman will have this particular dish on the menu.

We ordered two stuffed crab from Pak Su (RM 6 each). It was basically a crab shell stuffed with plenty of crab meat and god knows what else, but it was quite tasty! I would order more than one next time, it was like having the best of crabs without having to deal with the whole peeling off crab shell nonsense.

The steamed siakap (RM 18) we had was forgettable. The fish steak as per recommended by our server was way too tough it felt like we were chewing on cardboard. There are quite a lot of other live fish to choose from though, so perhaps other choices would be better than what we ordered.

KY, Sheryl, and the great view
KY, the awesome view, and Sheryl

The service at Pak Su follows the life style of east-coast Malaysia quite a bit too much, it was horrendously slow. While it didn’t take too long for us to get our food after ordering, getting the attention of servers to start the prepare our table/ordering/paying/getting change took way too long.

Our dinner was RM 84 in total, including 5% government tax, pretty reasonable price that is comparable to KL standard.

As for the food, there were dishes that was rather good (oyster, stuffed crab, butter prawn), and some were pretty lousy (vegetable, fish). However, I do feel that this place is worth visiting even if just for the ambiance. You really have to be there to appreciate it.

Pak Su Seafood Restaurant
No.4/1417, Batu 6, Lot 922, Kg.Bahagia Beserah,
26100 Kuantan , Pahang Darul Makmur.

GPS: 3.87582, 103.36636
Tel: 09-544 8025

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  1. OMG…seafood..fill stomach..staring on it onli..

    from Nikel Khor

  2. OTT….can give a review fpr places that serves nice yee sang?? πŸ˜€

  3. yea i had lunch here when i visited kuantan last year. the lala’s were freaking huge.

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Your description of the alfresco dining is so romantic. πŸ˜€

  5. if you are looking for the best stuffed crab then can spend another 25minutes drive towards kemaman where the real McCoy is.
    Restoran Malaysia or Tong Ju serve the stuffed crabs since >15years ago.

  6. next time try shark meat… not sure whether controversial or not, but there’s one restaurant near Tanjung Lumpur that serves good food featuring shark meat

  7. not bad that u know this place in kuantan…very very nice place to eat saefood and enjoy the wind there…

    the last time i went….the stuffed crab taste a bit drop compare to long time back…anyway…good and cheap seafood there…

  8. Nikel,

    Will try πŸ˜‰

    Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Well thank you! πŸ˜€


    Looks like I shd have ordered lala too!

  9. yl,
    I heard!

    I eat shark meat, just not sharks fin. Eating the whole animal is fine but not the cruelty in which the fins is harvest

    Ya I thought it wad quite good and of course the ambiance more than make up for everything else

  10. That’s pretty cheap for what you ordered.

  11. ShaolinTiger,
    Yaa pretty decent pricing

  12. Wah very nice food, and a lot of food for 2 of you. But then again, you’re the blogger that we wonder isn’t fat already right? Haha.

  13. JD,
    Cos jaga health ok πŸ˜›

  14. haha I like your awesome map with the sight of the sea!

  15. The stuffed crab looks very promising. I’ve seen it done in a lot of places but the best are the ones with lots of crab meat. πŸ™‚

  16. eiling,
    Hehe thanks

    Huai Bin,
    Yess it was nais!

  17. MickyMeow,
    Yah it’s pretty good!

  18. foodcrazee

    the only 2 things that caught my eyes is the oysters and STUFFED crabs. . . .!

  19. ha. kuantan my hometown. u should head to restoran zaman (near airport) when u’re on your way back to kl. they’re famous for nasi lemak, mihun soup etc..but there’s more u can find in kuantan πŸ™‚
    p.s/ 1st time commentin on your blog. coz its KUANTAN! lol

  20. foodcrazee,
    Hahah yah they were good!

    ooOo wish I had known that earlier! πŸ˜‰

  21. waaaa.. fresh canadian oysters.. i want!

  22. ciki,
    they are delishhhh

  23. lo, I am from Kuantan too. You should try Satay Zul (near Hotel Vistana). It is the best satay in Kuantan. Price also resonable.

  24. omg..i love that stuffed crab! brings back fond memories of when i was staying in kuantan! <3

  25. Penguin,
    Ooo cool, thanks for the tips. πŸ™‚

    very nice kan? πŸ˜€

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  27. […] first time I had stuffed crab was only earlier this year at a pretty busy Pak Su seafood restaurant near Kuantan. The experience was rather good and I have been thinking of a repeat for this dish […]

  28. We have planned to go to Pak Su Restaurant for our trip to Kuantan during the Raya Festival. Unfortunately, my friends and myself do not enjoy at all and we felt we have made the wrong decision.

    The staffs are rude and service is very poor. The food is so so and nothing to proud with it. I would not recommend to anyone.

  29. Just went there yesterday, overall the food is just below average and very expensive where we did not expected at all . We went there due to some Internet eatery recommendations about the place nearby the Sea which serve fresh Sea foods. In the end,we felt really disappointed.Total bill come to RM116.20 for 1 Patin fish , 1 sayur , 1 tauhu, 2 pieces of stuff crab(RM6.50 each) and 3 coconuts drinks.

    • Lewis: seems more and more likely that this place has gotten worse since, best to avoid now i guess!

  30. Elise Ng

    Worst attitude lady boss i’ve ever seen…. food is not all that good & pricey… … the restaurant has very bad set up, it give you unpleasant experience with strong wind kept blowing at your face.. & especially when it rains, water is all over the place .. the floor was so slippery, a kid fall down .. i swear i’ll never go there again !!!

    • Elise: ouch, that sounds horrible. our experience was quite decent tho nothing to shout about.

  31. km Leow

    Went to Pak Su restorant on 2 July 2012. The service is bad and the food
    that they serve is very slow. The first dish that came out is the vegetables and
    tofu came out 20 minutes later and etc. We almost finished our rice while waiting for the rest of the dish to be out. Not much customer at that time
    and probably 5 tables but yet the service is poor and slow. The bill is expensive
    and not really value for money. I will not recommended this place for sea food in Kuantan.

    • km Leow: yap, seems like service has gotten from bad to worse, probably not worth visiting anymore.

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