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Hoho steamboat is probably one of the earliest “pulau ketam” type steamboat in town, it has been operating for so long that Kim said her parents actually dated there. It is then safe to say that this place has been in operation for well over two decades.

Hoho steamboat, established since forever

Housed at the same premise as the pretty well known Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo at Segambut just a stone’s throw away from the intersection of Jalan Kuching and Jalan Duta, the restaurant is converted from a former Bungalow with ample parking space. There are tables inside the building, under the tin roof (with fans and ample lights), as well as under the moon light. The usual ingredients for pulau ketam style steamboat.

steamboat set, deep fried dumplings, bacon strips

Most of the porkgang and two extra guests braced the traffic last Friday evening for a good steamboat meal thanks to the suggestion by Cheesie.

For the eleven of us, we ordered steamboat set for nine pax that includes dumplings, pork balls, fish balls, fish noodle, tofu, prawns, vegetable, tofu skin, eggs, noodles (yee mee), mee hun, quail’s eggs, and fish cubes.

Kim and Cheesie doing the hardwork

We added a couple plates of deep fried dumplings to munch while waiting for the soup to boil, and they are actually rather delicious.

Other extra orders we had were clams (to make the soup sweeter), quail’s eggs (cos Eric has low cholesterol), and of course, extra pork balls and some raw bacon. Hoho is one of the very few steamboat places that offers bacon strips, the concept is a bit new to me as I usually like my bacon fried, but the boiled version is actually pretty nice too.

Haze is a very happy girl. Jac doing the “cooking”

Due to a bit of miscommunication, we ordered both tomyam and clear soup for our pot. While the tomyam soup turned out to be pretty tasty, I usually prefer to have only the clear soup. Having the pot split down the middle with two soup base that has very different tastes is usually not a great idea as they tend to mix up quite a bit when boiling.

The sambal supplied by Hoho steamboat is rather potent and fragrant too. To me a pulau ketam steamboat is never complete without good sambal, and this place does not disappoint when it comes to that.

map to hoho steamboat at segambut

Though not the absolute best out there, the combination of price (less than RM 25/pax with drinks), taste, and experience does make Hoho steamboat a place worth visiting. By the way, they have the best URL too:

Hoho Steamboat
67, Jalan Segambut,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.180645, 101.677523
Tel: +603-6252 6473

Discuss : Hoho Steamboat with the porkgang

  1. What is a “Pulau Ketam” steamboat? Originating from Pulau Ketam?

    Yeah, boiled bacon is pretty good too! 🙂

  2. I wanna try d crab roe 🙁

  3. Huai Bin,
    It’s the combination of herbal soup, the ingredients, and the sambal. Most probably originated from Pulau Ketam as per the name suggest. 😀

    next time!

  4. Why i didn’t get any sotong on that session?!?! WHO ATE MY SOTONG?!!?!?

  5. sotong,
    Eric was actually the one who ordered last Friday. 😛

  6. My brother took me out for steam boat in Puchong. I don’t remember the name of the coffee shop. It was really good. The bill was about RM45 for the 3 of us including drinks. We couldn’t finish the food. It was too much.

  7. this is so far my best place to have steamboat, i always go to their main branch in sri petaling and they only have clear soup. its pack even with 3 shoplots with upstair & downstair! their clear soup is absolutely amazing, which they boiled with fish head..

  8. my happiest steamboats ever!!!!!!!

  9. kimberlycun

    awesomesauce steamboat! but my parents dated when it’s just ipoh yongtaufu, think the steamboat came later. and i know why it’s dog friendly…he he he

  10. steamboat..long time din eat le..

  11. hoho.. nice one.. aww, haze does look so happy.. btw, it’s good u need to feed haze n cheesie more.. they two iz sew skineee;)

  12. Meng,
    oOo interesting, depends on what you order I guess. 😀

    Ah, sri damansara also got a branch kan? 😀

    Haze Long,
    hahah evidently!

    oHhhhh I see. lol

    Eat then.

    Yah those two skinny bitches need to eat more!

  13. That session changed my perception entirely on steamboat session. I always associate it with all bola bola stuff & did not fancy steamboat at all.

  14. Yah, this is one of the better steamboat places I’ve been too.

    The ingredients are fresh and good quality, nice location and good parking.

    I approve!

  15. SC,
    Yah it’s awesomesauce right? 😀

    yaa, parking is always important to me too

  16. they’ve got a branch in Kota Damansara too, which is the one I normally go to. It’s much nearer 🙂

  17. Very near to my in-laws place but I’m surprised that my wife side of the family didn’t know this place. Time to persuade them for some steamboat during Saturday dinner then.

  18. Enoch,
    Ooo, year, a bit nearer, true. 😀

    Hahah time to make it happen then. 😉

  19. bro, typically it not really favourable by myself as it it still slack of some taste.

    I even tried the YTF (yong tau foo)in the noon session and it taste so so only.

    Btw, nice posting.

  20. CLEMENT,
    Thanks, and I guess it is really the overall experience that I enjoyed there, not just the food per se. 😉

  21. Ho Ho Ho… Merry X’mas!!

  22. Is that TK sit next to cheesie? hehe

    BTW… yummy steamboat…

  23. Tey Cindy,
    lol so long ago!

    Heheh you are very smart 😛

  24. after you have the steamboat, did all of you go HOHOHO?!!*lame I know* lol

  25. me too want crab roe. 🙁

  26. eiling,
    Of course hohoho

    Me too!

  27. I find some of your reviews are really overrated. Some of the places you recommended are not even worth visiting.

  28. shilo,
    I guess food is a veyr personal thing, you might like things I don’t and vice versa. 🙂

  29. […] before CNY, the #porkgang went there after having dined at Hoho Steamboat. There were some 10 of us, but we managed to order 13 different items, in part thanks to Kim who […]

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