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Following the successful previous contest (with cash prizes up to RM 5ka piece, I always love cash prizes!), Mister Potato is at it again. Only this time it is even bigger, with grand prize being a gold bar worth RM 88,888!

GOLD BAR! I’ve heard about these mystical thing when I was young, we called it “Kim Tiau” in Hokkien. Those old TV series with the rich tycoons playing with gold bars sitting behind their desk, it was so bling, so surreal.

And now you’re telling me there’s a chance I can win one of these babies? (not the actual picture of the prize)

I think I’d use it as a door stop *evil grin*

If I win the gold bar, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you, my dear readers. πŸ˜€

There’re 3 x RM 8,888 first prize, and another 100 x RM 888 consolation prize winners. These are all cold hard cash, and with over 100 winners it’ll be quite unlucky if you actually don’t win.

The contest:

  • Get the unique SMS code from the 75 or 160 gram Mister Potato contest edition pack.
  • Guess the combined weight (in KG) of Mister Potato, Ortega, the three Mariachis (Unos, Dos, Tres), and the sack of 100Β potatoes. Send in via SMS with unique short code)
  • Submit as many entries as you like, but each short code is only valid for 1 entry
  • for more details go to

Sherlock Homes’ deductive skills is utmost important here. There are clues on the website as to how much these characters weigh in. Let me give you some tips (I shall not share all for I want the gold bar!)

  • Mister Potato himself – 33 pounds heavier than a baby elephant (at 105kg), with 2.2 lbs = 1 KG. A simple calculation should put his weight at 120 kg or so.
  • Ortega – profile puts him at “about” 132 lbs but definitely below 134 lbs. That’s between 60-65 kg.
  • Tres – 40 kg (from the clue given)
  • Dos – Dos + Mister Potato = 170 kg, so that should put him at around 50kg
  • Uno Β – with the Mariachis averaging 48 kg, Uno should work out to be around 54 kg
  • sack of 100 potatoes – not gonna give you this one, work it out yourself!

Now excuse me while I go get some Mister Potato, the contest runs from 1st Jan till 31st March 2010, so hurry!

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  1. he is skinny bitch!

  2. Cheesie,
    possibly skinnier than you!

  3. I also want a gold bar too. So time to much on Mister Potatoes chips.

  4. Palie Massa Studio

    “I think I’d use it as a door stop”

    hahaha… i like your statement..

  5. JD,
    make it happen! πŸ˜€

    Palie Massa Studio,
    Hahah πŸ˜›

  6. such contest, do u think there will be insider leaking out info to friends?

  7. ahgroo,
    If there is one I wanna know that guy!

  8. guess…noe eat oli la..

  9. nikel,
    Hahah yehh

  10. Wah almost 100k, I also want!

  11. gold bar looks like tin foil for chocolate

  12. ShaolinTiger,
    but you can’t count! πŸ˜€

    but try biting it! πŸ˜›

  13. kim tiau means pooop also.

  14. myhorng,
    that’s damn old school hokkien ok

  15. foodcrazee

    want me to inform them how much is a sack of potato weigh in?? average lar.

    Tel myhorng BAK TIAU AI MAI?? thts old school!

  16. foodcrazee, i only fancy ham chim peng 1 all the time. bak tiau not my type.

  17. wah this is worth joining. I’ll use the gold bar as my paper weight!

  18. foodcrazee,
    Hahah shhh don’t tell!


    Yahh very good deal!

  19. if only the gold bar is as heavy as mister potato!

  20. aud,
    But at least it’ll be almost as heavy as you!

  21. i’ll let u all bite the gold bar if i get it..hahaha

  22. gold roger,
    you just wait!

  23. mister potato

    Here, have a gold bar


  24. mister potato

  25. i follow the contest,because i want gold or money hahahahahaha

  26. suhaimi,
    yesss, moneh is good!

  27. Mister Potato will give the winner whom is the insider to the company…so the money is still remain for the company….+ the company gain profits as buyers keep buying….!!!

    They won’t tell you the exact answer when the winner is announce…!!

  28. aaron,
    ahh don’t be such a cynic, I’m quite sure there’s no need for a company this size to be doing something like that. πŸ™‚

  29. Tunku Badlishah

    the total weight answer is 345kg … I’m in the final, guess RM888 in the bank err potato bag…

  30. The winner already announce?

  31. Tunku Badlishah,
    waaaa, nice! goddamnnn

    I don’t know yet, going to check it out now.

  32. Wau, Tunku. so u got chance to win grand prize? after that belanja us can ka?.

    KY, any news, u are in the list also?

  33. steven,
    waaa yah mesti belanja. i don’t think i got it. gahh

  34. Just wonder why the result not 345.++kg?

  35. Hmm..well, just wait full list winner from potato web side..hopefully still in the list..:P

  36. steven,
    I think cos it’s supposed to be round figure anyway?

  37. Izwan Adzman

    When they want to posting contest result?

  38. Izwan Adzman,
    I’m not sure, i think they’ve delayed it a bit cos lotsa ppl guessed correctly.

  39. mane resultnya???? nie yang buat hati panass nie!!!bila contest ari2 iklan. bila ?tolong jawab mammee

  40. yanz,
    I’m also waitinggg

  41. 14th April will be the last day for the tie breaker so meaning we may have the result soon.

  42. How much cost u all invest for this contest?

  43. Me,
    yah soon i hope!

    not much, like normal makan mister potato only

  44. hehehe…so, what the answer for total weight 100 pcs potato? any idea?

  45. steven,
    well the total is 345kg, so u can work your way back. πŸ˜›

  46. ashraff hasni

    Hi.. I also shortlist for the tie breaker. Hopefully can get at lease rm888hehe.

  47. ashraff hasni,
    good luck!

  48. From Switzerland With Love

    Today also not announce yet.. Hope it will announce before May, coz 3May is my birthday :p

  49. Yeah I was wondering when are they going to announce the result?

  50. Izwan Adzman

    I have a friend working at MDD (Which is company running for this contest) and she say basically the winner will be announced 1 month after the closing date. So, i try push her to get an answers, then she only say keep waiting until end of this month.

  51. yeahh, everyone is waiting!

  52. The results are out. I think this is a pure bull shit and marketing gimmick…anyone won?

  53. I didn’t win gahh

  54. Look at the names listed, they looked fake and I can’t believe myself of not winning at least a consolation prize for the tie breaker…fcuk mister potato…it’s a scam for sure!

  55. I think I have to agree with you. It’s a scam and what a joke all of us believe that we can win…hahahaha..

    Anyway, I personally think pringles is away better than mister potato.

    What you guys think?

  56. Izwan Adzman

    True, this is their marketing strategy… Their first priority only to make profit besides that making the contest only to attract customer to purchase MP Chips. Actually Pringles is a way better than MP Chips.

  57. Izwan Adzman

    BTW, I spotted Tunku Badlishah in this thread winning Rm888

  58. Desperado

    Now the result is out. Who win in this contest, share with us what is your guess for the 100 potatoes. So this way we can tell what is the real weight of it.

    Me first, my guess (I win consolation) is 14KG.
    Next please.

  59. hahah don’t be such cynics though. I think the contest was a bit too easy and hence lotsa ppl got the 345kg answer right.

  60. Ya. I’m in the list too..consolation prize ler..still okay ler..cover up all my invest cost…hehehee.

  61. steven,

  62. Hellen

    Where are the winning list? I can not find it…

  63. kat mane result keluar???

  64. Hellen & yanz,
    it’s on their website,

  65. Hellen

    The website is not valid…

  66. any news for this result..

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