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A few weeks ago I had a chance to go in front of a HD video camera for the first time of my life, with proper production and all that jazz. It was a shoot for the Astro (though only to be used online, but a commercial nonetheless). The video was used to promote Astro B.yond services during the blogger’s night out last week.

mic up, and ready to roll at Desa Park City

The shoot wasn’t too difficult, I had to do 3 takes. The first had a bit of discontinuity, and there were people walking behind the scene on the second, otherwise I’d say it went pretty smoothly. I guess having been acting on stage before gave me a bit of an advantage. It was quite fun even though the weather was melting us.

Check out the video below, Redmummy, Gareth, Kim, Cheng Leong, Nazwan, and Huai Bin were among the other actors in the shoot.

On the 13th of January, 11 of the #porkgang members went to the Astro B.yond blogger’s night, and the video was played in full HD. If you click on the HD button in the original video here, you’ll be able to see a pimple just below my nose. This whole HD thing is a bit too clear, gah!

we had a blast and Eric won the 32″ TV with 1 year’s Astro B.yond

The event was held and Modesto Hartamas and we had quite a blast. Eric, Horng, Gareth, Terence, and me also teamed up to participate in the “murder mystery” competition and came up on top. At the end we had to compete against each other and it was Eric who walked away with the 32″ LCD TV and a year’s subscription for Astro B.yond services. (He ended up spending us a big meal at Cristang)

We had quite a blast at the event, danced silly and basically didn’t leave till the whole place was almost empty. Haze, Jaclyn, Kerol, Cheesie, Ruby, Kim, and Kerol made up the rest of the gang. The OBC lady Miss Suanie, and the ganas FA were missing though, I’m still waiting for an event where all 13 (lucky number!) of us shows up.

2010 is going to be great!

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  2. JaCJaC,
    testing only testing only, put already 😛

  3. hope the event will be on friday so it can be friday the 13

  4. You’ve acted on stage before? Cool!

  5. myhorng,
    You don’t make sense? :S

    Yess. long time ago. hehehe

  6. ya..i noe..i c thru d video ady..

    from Nikel Khor

  7. nikel,
    cool, and btw can we just stick to having the link to your blog like everyone else and not a separate line?

  8. HD for human faces not too good..later those pores n pimples can see clearly..susah nak cover >.<

  9. Oh that’s not a commercial – it’s a HDTV blogger’s NYE video meant to be used on Astro Bloggers Night. It’s not used to promote Astro B.yond either, but as a showcase of what HD is and one of the launch gimmicks of that night.

    Yeah, that shoot was fun eh? 🙂

  10. Wah, didn’t know that you are an actor as well. Haha. So when getting the b.yond?

  11. Emeryn,
    Hahaha yah very tragic!

    Huai Bin,
    Ops you’re right, and yah it was fun, sans the sun tho. 😀

    Hahaha when I get a HDTV!

  12. I can see the BIG pop on your face.. tee-hee-hee 😛

  13. why everybody also want to lose weight wan!

    hahaha i also want to see ST in a compromising position in HD!

  14. sotong,
    shut up 😛

    Hahaha i don’t need to lose weight!

  15. Yea not commercial … it’s whatever Huai Bin has said so eloquently 😀

    LOL should have pinjamed one of the gals concealer for that pimple 😛

    Been meaning to ask something off topic … do people actually get to the makan places via the maps u draw? Like seriously??

  16. Aza,
    Yah seriously, guys read maps. KEKEKKEKE

  17. too funny ur video. too funny…u pretend serious. HAHA

  18. u neba take pikcha with me! 🙁

  19. wah it’s so clear that I can also see pimples! very good la this HDTV.

  20. Haze Long,
    Ciss what! 😛

    You never come see meeee

    oi! hehehe

    Tey Cindy,
    make it happen. 😛

  21. wooww..ayu2 cewek sana ya..???

  22. escoret,
    hehehe sikit sikit :X

  23. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Wahhh you famoooos!

  24. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Not as fehmes as youuu!

  25. looked like fun.. gals r so pretty!

  26. ciki,
    and you’re pretty too!

  27. wei KY, didnt tell me.. super star la now…

  28. soohsia,
    Hehehe actually it’s not even a real commercial la 😛

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