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Spanish cuisine isn’t exactly very wide spread in this county. As far as I’m aware, there are only a handful of restaurants that go the whole deal instead of only having some tapas on the menu.

As the new kid on the block (just barely a month old when I visited), El Meson is true to its Spanish origin, from tapas to iberico pork. I was overjoyed when I saw El Meson on the list of restaurants that are running the Merry Guinness promotion, and chose to come here without thinking twice.

El Meson at Bangsar Telawi 3

Situated at Telawi 3 just right across Bangsar Village 2, El Meson is a pretty nicely decorated restaurant. There’s the bar with a proper Guinness tab and seating areas around it. Dining tables sprawled around the 2-shop lot restaurant with at least half a dozen tables set along the walkway ala alfresco.

It is a pretty chic yet comfortable set up along the busy street.

cold cuts as appetizer, Guinness the main meal, chocolate cake the dessert

To start off dinner, we ordered the cold cuts as appetizer. The menu stated – iberico, serrano, parma, salami, salchichon with melon & olive (RM68); which basically means a few different types of very delicious pork with some olives and rock melon. They were really, really delicious. It was no less than what I had at Bermuda and Onions over a year ago.

And of course, the pint of Guinness went very well with the meat, saltiness of the cured pork versus sweetness of the melon versus the slight bitterness of the black beer = perfection.

Chilean sea bass, Capellini aglio olio with prawns and scallops

For our mains, Karen and I ordered the Chilean sea bass spaghetti (RM 46, one of the two dishes that comes free with a perfect pint of Guinness during the promotion) while Elfie chose to have Capellini Aglio Olio with prawns and scallops (RM 39.)

Both dishes were quite excellent, the sea bass fresh and not over cooked, with the pasta and its sauce tasting just right too. Elfie too gave her thumbs up for the aglio olio, now if you know Elfie you’d know that this girl can be very critical, if it’s not good, she’ll just tell it to your face that it is horrible and then proceed to blog about how bad it is on her blog.. or something like that.

KY, Karen, and Elfie with some Guinness

We capped off the night with a couple more glasses of Guinness and a slice of chocolate cake to share. While the food was great, service at the restaurant proved to be slightly slow at first, probably due to the fact that they were just opened.

However, the manager Miguel (a guy with Spanish origin, no less!) was very friendly and did take care of us exceedingly well. I am sure this place warrants many returns.

This occasion also served as a testament that good food and drinks can bring people together, Elfie is the first fellow Kadazan girl that Karen met despite having stayed in this region for 4-5  years already. Here’s one to Guinness!

For more information on Guinness 250 anniversary promotion and the list of participating outlets, check out Guinness Malaysia facebook page. You can also find all my previous posts with Guinness (including last year’s promotion) here.

El Meson espanol
No. 61-63, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.130435,101.670978
Tel: 03-2282 8290

Discuss : Spanish Cuisine at El Meson, Bangsar

  1. Oh, Elfie is Kadazan too!

    Iberico pork is the best!

  2. Huai Bin,
    Oh yesss, both of them are Kadazans 😀

  3. foodcrazee

    now u make me hunger for cured pork. . . .

  4. thenomadGourmand

    I agree! The cold cuts here is good!
    Try the Homemade Spanish Blood Orange Sorbet (suitable for alcoholics like ya ;p)

  5. foodcrazee,
    Hohoho go eat! 😛

    oooo but too bad I am not an alcoholics. I just love Guinness tho 😀

  6. dissappointed

    They do a very terrible version of tortilla de patatas. it came out as a normal omelet. their reason is that they can’t justify making it the original way because the turnover is too low. lame excuse. Blackboard and Pincho’s do the proper versions.

  7. disappointed,
    oOo, interesting, didn’t get the chance to try that myself though, but thanks for informing. 🙂

  8. you r the man..guiness again…

  9. have never developed much liking to jamon (cured meat). guess its a taste to be acquired.

    i think you gonna love all the ñam ñam here in spain! drop a line if you ever come by madrid! =)

  10. nikel,
    Hahah thanks.

    Sure thing! If i ever have the chance. 😀

  11. Spanish food is OMFG the best ok!!! You should try Pinchos at Changkat it’s the BEST I’ve had so far. The Paella was omfg good! AND. I forgot my train of thought …

    Oh and the owner is hot.

  12. May Zhee,
    oOo relllii? you come to this one oso!

  13. hey merry christmas.. thx for da invite (via haze;)) we got to go away for xmas so cannot join you , but im sure you’re gonna have one helluva rocking party.. will wait photos!


  14. Merry Christmas 🙂
    El Meson has already jotted down in my 555 book… now I only have to wait until the right time to hit this place!

  15. ze food looks good. Ze girls look good! Merry Xmas!

  16. chun chun….pork time!

  17. cumidanciki,
    Merry xmas to you too, too bad can’t see you guys!

    Hahah do it! 😀

    Merry xmas!


  18. this post has aroused my sudden craving for Guinness infused dish >.<

  19. how’s the bill? pricey?

  20. hitomi,
    Heheh make it happen 😀

    I already stated the price maa 😀

  21. one of the place i found for spanish food is la-cocina in usj. tried once and not bad..give a try..


  23. Those cold cuts look excellent !! and i will die for that sea bass too.

  24. erica,
    ah, I’ve been there and reviewed on this blog too 😀

    JOms 😛

    Yah nom nom nom nom nom

  25. haha is it..wah then i should miss this blog..let me check it out. i was there for their christmas eve menu…superb and fantastic.plan to return there again but before that i will try out @ EL Meson

  26. erica,
    sure thing. 😀

  27. hi ky … can u pls email me the exact location of this restaurant? am using the GPS the actual coordinates is wat? N …. den E….?

  28. chris,
    GPS location is there, and you can convert it to the other format, or use google maps for help. Another method is to adjust your Garmin or whatever GPS application/device to use this format instead. 🙂

  29. there’s promo on dealmates and this post has just convinced me to buy the deal. hahaha.. Gonna try the suckling piggie soon :3 and definitely gonna have a couple of Guinness! Rwoww!

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