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Following the attendance to Nippon Paint workshop where I learn all about colors and how they affects mood and create certain ambiance, the next project was naturally, a makeover with Nippon Paint.

For my project, I chose the first living room. Since this is the first room to the house and the wall was painted a rather sad hue of yellow, I wanted to have it changed.

nippon paint makeover
from yellow to a very light shade of brown, by Nippon Paint

Initially I had the idea of perhaps painting some manageable patterns on the wall on top of a soothing base color. If that was indeed what was done, you’d see some geometrical patterns on this wall now.

But I’m generally a very lucky person. While cooking Maggi after fishing prawn with Haze, I casually told her about this project, and she volunteered to design and paint the wall for me!

nippon paint - design and tracing
Haze at work, tracing the outline of her design

Now Haze is a very talented artist, she does web design (such as cheesie‘s current blog skin), video editing, 3D, makeup, and more.

When she first sent me the design, I was like “Whoa!”. I showed a few people and got similar reactions.

But of course I have faith in this girl, so we ordered the chosen colors from Nippon Paint and they were nice enough to send in the painters to put up the base coat, a soothing shade of brown.

haze long working on wall design
master at work, I was merely painting those big black patterns

I chose Nippon Paint’s Odour-less Premium All-in-1 because it has almost zero pollutants and suits interior wall best. This is especially important if you need to work with the paint for many hours.

After the base coat was done. Haze came over and spent more than three days working on the wall, but the result was amazing!

haze long wall design - finished product
the finished product, by Haze, using Nippon Paint

Transferring the design to the wall took the entire first day. In the subsequent days, the design came into view little by little, the whole works took a little more than three days. Since the paint is water based, mixing colors to make different tones aren’t too difficult.

front wall design - by haze long
the front

The design is a something that isn’t overly masculine (like a sports car), nor it is too feminine. Haze told me she got the idea of the musical theme since I like to play guitar hero.

The result is amazing, isn’t it?

the guitar - haze long
the side

The right paint and the right designer = music to the eyes.

Just in case you want to replicate this design , the colours used are:
Base colour: Basket Beige 4061P, Designs: Shaded Porch 4065P, Knockout Red 4065P, Golden Dome 7033D, Peasant Blue 7232T, Black 144, White 145.

Discuss : Nippon Paint Makeover – design and execution by Haze Long

  1. kimberlycun

    haze is awesome!

  2. Gin,
    Awesome no? 😀


  3. o.o
    no thank you for my bedroom ><
    can u sleep with such strong graphic?

  4. oh oh.. i just noticed. its ur common area. anyway. cool 😛

  5. woho….DIY wall paper with nippon

  6. Christine,
    Yahhh living room, not bedroom 😀

    oOo not wall paper but wall art! 😀

  7. thenomadGourmand

    Very nice! So I get to c this on Christmas eve?

  8. thenomadGourmand,
    Oh yes! answer the facebook invite pls! 😀

  9. Wah, the design looks great. So the design is actually on top of the coating on the right picture then?

  10. pinkpau,
    Yesss you can see it this x’mas eve!

    Yah, on top of the coating, paint over! Very sweet 😀

  11. haze is teh talented!

  12. a piece of art man…..

  13. wow, that looks gorgeous! Black is a bold color i dare not use on walls. thumbs up.

  14. Wow, fantastic! She painted the Les Paul strat on your wall and it looks so real.

  15. Yah it’s DAMN AWESOME man.

  16. suanie,
    Yesss! she is!

    No doubt 😀

    Yaaa, can wan, but u have to be talented like Haze hehe

    Yahhh, looks awesome. Thank you. 😉


    Yaaa 😀

  17. Haze is like Apollo in Greek Mythology! God of Art~ 😉

  18. Cindy,
    She is insanely talented!

  19. WAH…GENG!

  20. agreesssss that Haze is very good indeed.

  21. WOAH!!!!! That’s just awesome! I need a friend like Haze too

  22. SilverIsle

    OH. MY. GOSH.

    I so want this in my music studio in the future! But I don’t have friend like Haze. T_T

  23. Yeah it sure looks good!

  24. Tony Wan,
    Thank you!


    A Lil Fat Monkey,
    Hahhaa yah she is the best!

    You can hire her, just pay 😛

    Huai Bin,
    Yaaa! TQ!

  25. I want to marry Haze!!!

  26. kolokmee,
    get in the line, it’s a long line! lol

  27. Harlo, first time here..hehe..
    Woah! your paint damn nice! I hope i can do it in my room too~~

  28. wow that’s amazing painting man! so niceeeee

  29. Jing-leBelle,
    Thank you thank you, try it. 😀

    Yahh, awesomesauce!

  30. wow this is so so cool!can hire her?hope not to expensive hehe

  31. Finally it’s up. It’s awesome. Can she come paint my wall too? haha… bet my mom would keeeel me!

  32. holy shit
    this is the shit!!
    can i borrow haze?

  33. erica,
    Hahaha you can ask her 😛

    Can, just hire her. 😀

    Yess, you can rent, not borrow. lol

  34. OMG my ego is so ballooned up right now.. mehehe. no autographs please. can’t believe it. feeling damn good! see you guys at xmas. lol.

  35. That is bloody awesome mate

  36. Haze Long,
    Oh nooo. lol

    Yess, Haze is amazing!

  37. Fuwawh!!! so nais!! next time I hire Haze liao!

  38. xes,
    Yesss, hire her only if you want the best!

  39. It’s wonderful… but is it really you??

    (Your friend flatters you a tad too much… she should’ve given you a guitar with buttons, not strings.. o-0)

  40. ooohh this is teh awesomeness!! so how many lunches/dinner you gonna have to chia her for doing such a great job? ;D

    ….I want her to do my walls too….

  41. Suertes,
    Me? not me, it was Haze! 😀

    ai wei,
    Thanks to me awesome designer!

    Haha yah you can, just hire her. 😀

  42. i noticed something weird, why the drawings only hav SINGLE boobs???

  43. seonpcs,
    Art ok! ART! not porn! 😛

  44. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Ah finally can see big2 (as compared to teeny tiny pic on teeny tiny Ass90). Haze is amazingly talented.

  45. Now I know who to look for if I need illustrations on walls.

  46. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Yess, she’s a genius! hohhoho

    Yah, just hire her!

  47. impressive! really cool painting ^^

  48. That is truly an amazing work.

    Although its not that hard to design that in Photoshop, I gotta say its practically impossible to paint it unless you’re a talented artist.

    Very well done!

  49. I LOVE HAZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. wow.. awesome design by haze!!! T___T i want one too… the girl on the drawing is 1/2 girl 1/2 guy? one boob missing!

  51. that’s really a piece or art you’ve got there…lucky you! Haze is so talented!

  52. haze is fucking awesome!

  53. Jestina,
    Yesss 😀

    “not that hard to design in photoshop”? hehehe I wouldn’t really say so. 😛

    get in the line. lol

    Hahah it’s art ok art! 😛

    Chef Mel,
    Yess! 😀

    Li Ann,
    Yess I am indeed very lucky 😀

    No kidding! 😀

  54. nice!!!!!!!!….

  55. very nice wall you have there. i wonder if dulux paint works the same.

  56. wow…damn kao nice ler! wish my room is like dat…

  57. winsern,

    Haha I’m not sure!

    You can hire her! 😀


  59. of all the designs i think yours is creatively ‘complicated’

  60. this is art!


  61. aud,

    Hahaha, thank you

    awesomest! 😀

  62. ok …hope she charge me a low price…kekeke …will be super cool if paint it outside my house…

  63. vialentino,
    hhohohoh hopefully 😛

  64. That is awesome n creative design.. can her design for me too? hee

  65. Wow!! Great graphics man. The make over is nice and one thing I envy in the pics is you having a foosball table. Hit me back.

  66. Wow,U have a brilliant creativity…Very nice piece of work…Good Job man 😉 😉

  67. junkbuzz,
    hahaha yah just engage her 😀

    you too can buy a foosball table 😛

    Hahah thanks to haze 😀

  68. the guitar looks 3D

  69. Vivien,
    it’s just awesome isn’t it? 😀

  70. haze did a great job =) lolx nice design KY

  71. SBdude,
    thanks to Haze, she did everything. 😀

  72. OMG! I love this wall art the most!!

  73. Jean,
    Thank you very much, all thanks to Haze

  74. the painting is so amazing!!

    gosh u spend more time on it rite?

  75. DaHLia,
    My designer is awesome!

  76. WOW.. this is fabulous!!

  77. Shirleen,
    Please bow to haze 😛

  78. best among all

  79. yaeber,
    Thank youu 😀

  80. Whoa! A really radical design you have here!

  81. Alice Phua,
    And talented!

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