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Char Kueh Teow is often the first thing people think of when Penang hawker food is mentioned. So whenever I have a chance to play host back at my home town, I always make sure the guests get a chance to get a plate of good char kueh teow.

It’s kinda like you should have chicken rice balls in Melaka, tomyam in Bangkok, ramen at Akihabara, or KFC in the state of Kentucky (ok just kidding about the last one, it sucked, I had.)

penang char kueh teow
check out the size of them prawns on the char kueh teow!

The most famous of all the Char Kueh Teow places in Penang has got to be at Lorong Selamat, operated by this lady who now also owns Kafe Heng Huat.

As some of you might remember, this stall was previously operating at another kopitiam just a stone’s throw down the road (that is famous for its ais kacang), that shop now has another CKT stall operated by a guy, and to be frank, I think both stalls serve up equally delicious CKT.

lorong selamat char kueh teow
yes, Elfie uses fork & spoon for CKT

Since it was going to be Elfie’s first taste of Penang char kueh teow last weekend, I decided to bring her, Jon, Jun, and Wai Meng to the original version at Lorong Selamat even though I had once decided to not pay the old lady a visit anymore due to their extremely bad service while still operating at the other kopitiam.

However, I have heard that they have improved ever since operating the new kopitiam, and true enough she wasn’t at all the angry old lady anymore. I guess a little bit of competition from the other guy helped too.

big prawns at lorong selamat char kueh teow
KY, Elfie, Wai Meng, Jon (also known as Don Juan), Jun

A plate of CKT here goes for RM 6.50, or more if you asks for extras. The photos you see here were the Rm 6.50 plates, with three really huge prawns that is properly marinated with salt to give it that extra kick, there’s also egg, cockles, Chinese sausage (lap cheong), chives, bean sprouts, and of course, a handful of kueh teow.

They are the best char kueh teow there is, the only way to improve this would probably be swapping the chicken egg with duck egg, and perhaps add a bit of lard? I’m asking too much, it’s about lunch time now, and I am hungry! haih…

lorong selamat char kueh teow map

Kafe Heng Huat,
Lorong Selamat,

GPS: 5.417183, 100.324831

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    Seriously, I think this lorong selamat CKT is too overrated. The one in Swatow Lane is just as good! Nom NOm NOM…

  2. I went there too…
    Went to the uncle & not the aunty XD

    Nearby with tune hotel where I stay there last time ^^

  3. 63T,
    For every famous place, there’ll be people who claims it’s overrated. hee-hee. πŸ˜›

    The uncle one’s nice too!

  4. I had never tried Penang famous CKT till last 3 month after read from various blog about good CKT in Penang island. I have visited 3 CKT in the 2 days visit to Penang. Lorong Selamat CKT(the lady), Sister CKT and Ah Leng CKT. I would rate 1)Lorong Selamat and 2)Ah Leng CKT. The Sister CKT is totally not what I want.

  5. TC,
    Yah, unfortunately the standard of Sister’s CKT dropped considerably over the years. Used to be one of my favorite joints.

  6. Yah most Penangkia always say this one is overrated, but no one has taken me to a better one yet.

    For me this is still THE best.

  7. Never have enough when it comes to Penang food. I also remember got one that operates at night where they put in Mantis prawn.

  8. I remember certain CKT stalls would sprinkle crabmeat on top of each plate..back in the day, when I was growing up in Penang. That’s the best lahhhh :P~~~

  9. ShaolinTiger,
    Hahah I agree.

    Ooo I think nowadays mantis prawns are way too expensive to be included in CKT already..

    Ah, the Sister’s still do that, but the standard’s been quite bad lately.

  10. oh this is the aunty with the goggles stall. oogling at the gigantic prawns.

  11. eiling,
    yess, safety goggle is the good!

  12. Yeah~ I tried this, super duper yummy πŸ™‚

  13. hi bro how are you? hope everything is good.
    btw, naik harga already? it was 3-4 years was RM 5 per plate. now RM6.50. wow inflation so high.

    Yet it taste good.
    Nice post bro!

  14. tat stall near penang famous cendol thr d, nice as lorong selamat d?

    coz ll go have try in tis weekend..

  15. Penang CKT is just so so so good! πŸ˜€

  16. KY,
    Famous? what famous? For all I know she’s only well known for her courteous manners, her economical price and wonderful service. In fact there’s a blogger who seems to agree with me awhile ago -> How things can change!!LOL!

    The problem lies not with the CKT but with the penangkias that u know. Go find NEW penangkia friends! LOLZ!

  17. uLi,

    Hahah yah, prawns used to be cheaper I guess.

    Yah that place is as nice!

    Chef Mel,

    Hahhahah yah, things changes, people changes, quality degrades, and sometimes they improve too. πŸ˜€

  18. Vacation Deals

    its seems that you really enjoy your visit there..
    love the pics..thanks for sharing..

  19. your blog is so painful for me sometimes ky…. :(:(:(

  20. have u try d duck egg CKT at BM?

  21. Marcus Lee

    I dont like the “famous” Lorong Selamat CKT due to their BAD attitude towards customers.

    For Penang CKT, I would prefer the Ah Leng CKT at Kafe Khoon Hiang, short distance from the Dato Keramat’s football field. Though it is also eye-popping expensive at RM9.50/plate with duck egg + 4 prawn. :(( Why Penang CKT can be so expensive? The prawn at such size only RM20/KG at supermarket. Are we all being slaughtered?

    At my hometown Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan here we have 1 CKT stall (cockle & egg only no prawn) and I would rate it is one of the best 5 CKT in Malaysia i ever tried. Only RM3.50/plate. πŸ™‚

    It is located at the soon-to-open EconSave supermarket area (or Giant, not sure yet).

  22. Vacation Deals,
    Yaa, thank you πŸ˜€

    Hahahah don’t laa! πŸ˜›

    I had tried duck egg ckt, but not at BM. πŸ˜‰

    Oh yesss

    Marcus Lee,
    Ah, I was the same, but at least the attitude problem seems to be gone now. Will look for Ah Leng’s next time. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  23. find time come BM try la…hahaz…taste diffrent from penang d..

  24. over-rated? a bit. service? so-so. now still require us to carry our own plates?
    but last time i rmbr they serve such plump and juicy cockles, they looked humongous!

  25. nikel,
    Hahaha, will see how!

    I find that the cockles aren’t so great here but the prawns are very yummy! Overrated? I don’t think so, service’s improved quite a lot, no need to carry own plates anymore. πŸ˜€

  26. absolutely love the CKT here.. where’s the aunty with the big yellow plastic shades.. πŸ˜‰

  27. cumidanciki,
    Yaaa she’s there!

  28. wow thanks for letting me know penang hawker food can be so expensive… rm6.50? is like those operating in shopping mall price..i was expecting it to be like normal CKT price in city..i never been to penang to try on foods anyway..

  29. norick,
    Most penang hawker food’s pretty cheap, except some of the CKT stalls since they serve you BIG PRAWNS!

  30. ur blog is definitely not suitable for ppl who’s trying to watch their weight. damn u!

  31. Robb,
    You have no problem with your weight la, just muscle/fat percentage maybe. :X

  32. Still think that if you dont fancy the drive from KL the best CKT on our doorstep here is the old uncle wong CKT behind Hock Lee supermarket, Damansara heights. Meet me there on a Saturday morning if you like and we can compare the taste!

    • CKT in KL?? Puhlease. Where can compare with CKT in Penang?? It’s like mun pei (mosquito thigh) compared to ngau pei (beef thigh). Mo-tuck-pei — no can compare!

      • TK: hahaha yah u’re right, the comparison is not exactly spot on but what to do, no choice bahh

  33. KL Visitor

    You will get bad treatment if the old char-kuey-teow lady is not in good mood… I vist once, but for sure will not go back !!

  34. KL Visitor,
    HAhahaha yah that’s right!

  35. Tham ciak

    Please don’t go to the CKT at Lorong Selamat. I am a Penangnite and we all boycott the Lorong Selamat char koey teow. She is simply too arrogant, she likes to tell off customer by saying, β€œI want to wait then wait, else no need to eat” and when you order she will give you one angry look. Please do not repeat your order or she will rudely tell you off. Also do not ask when will you koey teow be ready she will angrily ignore you or scold you. This is too much, she doesn’t realise that its we all, the customers, that give her the business, if one day more and more customers are pissed off, then she will have no more business.

    Char koey teow at other places in Penang are equally or I confidently say, nicer. The taste of char koey teow in Penang are quite similar. Why do we have to be insulted by her.

  36. Tham ciak,
    these days not so bad already lor, pretty agreeable attitude already.

  37. Yeah, boycott! Read today’s Star – 23 September 2010. Reader’s letter titled “Boycott arrogant hawker”. No need to pay to be insulted. We Penangites have this saying: “so eow kui-meh?”

  38. πŸ™

    Everyone should boycot the Char Keow Teow of this arrogant lady. There are many tasty and cheaper Char Keow Teow in Penang and not just this arrogant one.

    Please visit: and

    to show support the boycot

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  41. I love Malaysian foods after looking at those pictures! I can’t wait to go to Malaysia (KL) in September 2012.

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