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I went back to Penang over the long weekends.

toll fees: RM 93
hours spent driving: 9 hours both ways
petrol: Β RM 100
distance traveled: 780 km both ways
seafood noodle for two: RM32.50
having dinner with mom: priceless

village coffee shop fish head noodle, weld quay, penang
Seafood noodle – pick your own ingredients

I suggested Japanese food at first, but it was mom’s idea that we go to this fish head / seafood noodle place at Weld Quay for something a bit more special.

Siong Ho fish head meehun is located within Village Coffee Shop at Weld Quay, just a couple hundred meters from the jetty, and actually quite near to where my late grandma’s place where I spent a big chunk of my childhood. It was a bit nostalgic.

Calling Siong Ho a fish head meehun place is a bit of an understatement, the choice of ingredients offered at this place is quite astounding. There’s fish ball, meat ball, fish fillet, fish head, fried fish, kidney, prawn, cuttle fish, squid, minced meat, and even crab.

fish head noodle with prawn, fish ball, kidney, and more
fish head/seafood mee hun with all the extra ingredients, nutmeg juice

For my bowl of personalized meehun, I chose a couple pieces of kidney (they are very tasty!), fish ball, fish Β meat, a piece of fish head, prawn, and cuttle fish to go with mee hun and clear soup. You can also choose to have noodle, kueh teow, or thick mee hun, tomyam soup is available too. (but no version with evaporated milk, like in KL)

Mom ordered pretty much the same thing except without cuttle fish, and deep fried fish instead of the fillet.

The seafood’s fresh, the soup is sweet, and I particularly like the fact that they have this whole container full of deep fried garlic on every table. I like my seafood noodle with plenty of those, and I think I refilled probably 3-4 times, it was an awesome idea, why wouldn’t other shops do the same thing?

KY and Mom at Village Coffee Shop, Weld Quay
mom & I having a simple dinner

One other thing that’s available here (and most kopitiam in Penang) is nutmeg drinks. Blended nutmeg with a dried sour plum, prepared in a way that is similar to kedondong (umbra with sour plum) but without the bitter after taste, and more refreshing.

Dinner cost RM 32.50 in total, and for the amount and quality of ingredients we got, not to mention the good taste, I thought it was well worth it.


Village Coffee Shop
107-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay),
10300 Penang, Malaysia

GPS: 5.411949,100.338049
Tel: 019-458 8693

Discuss : Siong Ho Fish Head Meehun at Village Coffee Shop, Weld Quay

  1. kimberlycun

    wah looks delicious! harlo aunty!

  2. Hey this is great! Seafood noodles where you can pick your own stuff. There’s even kidney! πŸ™‚

  3. wow.. i thot you were just there.. so fast u post! looks like a generous portion of liao.. value for money man!

  4. omg this is really awesome. Can pick your own ingredients and then got nutmeg juice somemore!

  5. Guys who sayang their mum are so sweet!

  6. kimberlycun,
    Yess delishhh

    Huai Bin,
    Yah I love the kidney!

    hehehe, yah, woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep maa

    Yes! nutmeg juice’s awesome.


  7. Tan Yee Hou

    wahh your car so economical on highway one!!

    hello aunty!!

  8. Tan Yee Hou,
    yess, on highway full tank can run 400+ KM wann!

  9. Hey. what do you call that nutmeg drink in hokkien ?

  10. I think KL restaurants can’t be bothered to prepare fried garlic for their customers. These days, some places even stinge on cili padi. =(

  11. Genova,
    nutmeg’s called “lau hau” in hokkien πŸ˜€

    Yaaa that sucks, fried garlic is awesome!

  12. awesome! the best thing is can choose ingredients ourselves πŸ™‚


  13. Jaclyn Chew

    so sweet d son!
    and i wanna try d soup too!
    nvtapao πŸ™

  14. BabyMocha,
    Oh yes, very easy!

    Jaclyn Chew,
    Hahah tapao till KL busuk liao!

  15. Dangerous Variable

    This is my definitely on my to eat list when I come back from London. Gosh, it has been quite a while and your blog actually drives me insane and salivating most of the time.

  16. your mum snapped photo for you?!! hehehe .. cool.
    9 hours both ways?
    yday it took us 6 hours from pg-ipoh!

  17. Dangerous Variable,
    Wah cool nickname. lol, learn to cook then πŸ˜›

    Yah, mom took that photo, canon S90! woohoo

  18. Hey KY,
    Did you break up with Mel?

  19. Wah it looked so tasty! I’m so hungry now! A must try for my next trip back to penang!

  20. jot down on my notebook on to go list when I go to Penang in the future!!! Went there last 2 weeks but didn’t have much time to explore around.. rushing to another wedding in Kuantan after my friend’s in E&O

  21. Dude,
    We’re separated but we’re still friends. πŸ™‚

    Yes do it!

    Wahh E&O very nice hotel πŸ˜€

  22. Was half blur reading this post this morning since on medication. But kidney, always the best. Not widely available in KL though.

  23. JD,
    Yahh, you can find them at some bak kut teh places, like the one at Kepong. πŸ˜€

  24. 9 hours for both ways?!?!?! got so fast or not?

  25. melisa teoh

    Feel bad that we didn’t get some bro, sis and mom time when ur back. i was too busy with work and stuff since i came back from BKK, plus it’s end of the year. Was glad that u came back and spent time with mom.

  26. yatz,
    Got la, if without traffic jams it’ll only be 3.5 hour each way

    melisa teoh,
    Yah, everyone living in a different time zone. lol

  27. wah so nice! Can pick one. I love kidney and the fried garlic! πŸ˜€

  28. Chef Mel,
    Yess kidney is very nice!

  29. oh, my friend told me he saw someone like you that night at this diner. Turns out its really you! πŸ™‚

  30. Eve,
    Small world!

  31. good one ky.. this is one of the famous shop in pg for fish head beehun..

  32. chris,
    Thank you. πŸ˜‰

  33. hey ky, penang jetty is chew jetty? or they are both different jetty?

  34. mich,
    they are different, penang jetty is the one with ferry service, much bigger and modern. chew jetty is just this little small jetty where ppl built their houses on stilts, over the ocean

  35. Wong Pow Long

    Hi KY,

    i have tried the tom yum noodle soup yesterday in Village coffee shop during lunch. overall impression is low as the food is expensive, limited parking and it is very hot.

    May be i should visit during night time which is cooler.


  36. KY, does this place still exist? The variety, kidney and fried garlic look very tempting for a soup noodle.

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