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KartQuest at MAEPS is now both my favorite and most tragic place for karting, more on this later.

I have been on go-kart less than a handful of occasions in my life. My very first experience was probably in Genting, which did not exactly leave me at all impressed. The karts were super slow and you could floor the accelerator all the way without spinning out or worried about hitting anything. That was some ten years ago.

gokart at kartquest
hello my name is KY, I’m a karting hero

About 2-3 years ago, I went karting with Gareth and got to know Yee Hou at ELITE track. It was fun and competitive, but they were a little too strict and so we somehow did not do it again.

Then we discovered KartQuest, and already been there twice this month.

A total of 10 of us went the first time, with Jaclyn not driving cos it was “too hot” and she wasn’t prepared. I, however, brought my own helmet, wore long sleeve, proper shoes and all. We had a blast, and I also ended up with a huge blister on my right palm after 2 x 10 minute session of intense karting (RM 20 per session). We went all out speeding.

karting with the bunch of noobs
dree & gf, eric, damien, terence, horng, KY, galvin, amy

Last Sunday, Terence, Horng, Rachel, Kerol, Jaclyn, Eric, and I went there again. This time around I was a bit less prepared, no long sleeves, no proper shoes, and I was only wearing shorts. It turned out to be huge loads of fun, I think the guys gave us more than 10 mins per session.

Instead of going all out in speed, we were more towards nudging each other and trying to fish tail the person in front of us. There was quite a lot of almost unintentional accidents, and Horng even broke the tyre wall and created new route by himself.

blackberry scratched, nokia n86 shattered screen, but still working
Blackberry Bold the smartly escaped. meet the new N86 shattered edition

I ended up being the villain of the day by banging everyone else on the track, it was just so addictive and so fun!

But karma has a way of biting you back. I made the mistake of keeping the phones in my pocket while on the track.

They fell, and the Nokia N86 (where majority of the photos on this blog were taken with) probably got rolled over a couple times.

Amazingly, both phones still works 100%.

Who wants to go karting again maybe this weekend!?

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Discuss : This is Why You Don’t Bring Phones to go-kart Tracks

  1. omg heart painnnn but chunted that they still work.

  2. hahaha, and you’re still cool about it? you only realized the phone got dropped AFTER the race? or in the midst? heheh …. imagine them wrecking havoc only to find you crawling on the track searching high and low. =)

  3. LOLz one pwned Nokia N86 that is… how much is it gonna cost you to fix it? LoLz

  4. oh… hurts, new phone ….

  5. electronicfly,
    oh well what to do!

    Oh well tak kan cry about it mehh


    Hahaha it cost me RM120, not so bad

    Hahaha no la still working

  6. Time to get the new N97 Mini? πŸ˜‰

  7. Looks fun. But the pricing is based on 10 pax? Went for one near the Shah Alam stadium few years back and the circuit was quite good, although there are some kart that is underperforming like the Torro Rosso lar.

  8. is there any minimum pax per session…looks fun definitely have to try..

  9. Simon Seow,
    Hehehe noooo, fixed it already

    No it’s any number of players, RM 20 for 10 mins, very worth it!

    None that I know of. πŸ˜‰

  10. Aiyok.. Poor phone.. Karma~~
    n I want play tooo and I know I’ll be good or I’ll just keep my phone somewhere far… XP

  11. poor phone! poor u.. at least you guys had fun;)

  12. Hey KY,

    Did you take the Funkart (4 stroke) package? In the website it’s rm25 for 10 minutes. The other package is 100cc (2 stroke) at rm55 for 10 mins.

    Got it here:

    How are the helmets btw?

  13. JolynGoh,
    Hahahah good idea!

    was a lot of fun! πŸ˜€

    Yep funkart, they’re having promotion now. 2 stroke they only charged us RM 30. The helmets are pretty decent but of course it’s always best if you bring your own.

  14. Jaclyn Chew

    luckily can fix for only rm120

  15. eh Y u still bloggin abt XPAX?! i thought campaign ended? :O

  16. Jaclyn Chew,
    Yah thank goodness!

    Tey Cindy,
    Hahah, but Xpax & Xpax BB are slightly different my young padawan πŸ˜€

  17. Yeah that is pretty tragic mate. πŸ™

    Sorry to hear that.

  18. Huai Bin,
    Thank goodness it’s all fixed πŸ˜€

  19. omg………….. the phone is not cool anymore πŸ™ nvm, use bb now!

  20. vvens,
    Nemai it’s fixed! πŸ˜€

  21. ooh nevermind. you can get some new phones and give these to me!

  22. eiling,
    YA RIGHT i wish!

  23. Wootz.. Outdoor Go-Kart !!!

    Kuching only has indoor go-kart which is as fun as outdoor’s πŸ˜€

  24. ahlost,
    Ohh is indoor as good? do they allow u to go as CRAZYYYYYY? πŸ˜€

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