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Ahhh, fashion, what is this fashion thing I kept hearing about? Until a few days ago, all I ever really think about when it comes to dressing up are usually two things – that I am conforming to the dress code (party, office, etc), and that they are clean.

Then I was assigned a short consultation by Tangs stylist, Miss Cha Bom (that’s her trade name, no lie). She looked at me for a minute or two, picked up a few articles of clothings, and said “your features are such and such, so these should fit you”.

I looked at the jeans, shirt, and sweater/jacket thingy. They are obviously something that I’d never have chosen for myself, but she’s a professional, so I trusted her.

Put on the cloths, looked at the mirror, I saw someone who’s .. er.. not entirelyΒ familiar but vaguely recognizable as myself. Refreshing.

So this is how I look like in Tangs window Β display, swell?

KY's blogthon wardrobe
to my credit, those are my own shoes, bought on sales

Discuss : Wardrobe? I need a new Wardrobe!

  1. Nice new look. If I go there and ask for advice, I wonder what kind of clothing she’ll choose for me. Hip hop rapper look? lol

  2. wah.. very nice look! really suit you lor! no kidding one. you should wear like this more often! btw i think Ringo’s dress is not so nice.

  3. best let the professional handles it. I think we’ll royally mess it up if we try that ourselves. lol

  4. lotsofcravings

    the name sounds terribly familiar. i think i have been introduced to her or shes a fren fren..i was like wert? cha bom?

    have fun blogging man

  5. all the best to u…u look nice by the way…how’s cheesie doing…

  6. here comes my dribble again.. erm, u look GQ.. not! i prefer your own laidback style of dressing but i guess you cannot just sit in a display window like how you would sit at home or out lepaking with you friends huh? LOL.. btw, do they give you some place to shower too or do u get to stink for 2 days? mwuahahaha πŸ˜‰
    just kidding.. keep up the good blog! (exciting!)

  7. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Do you get to keep your clothes? He he. Nice look, man. Bet you will be getting quite a bit of fan mail after this. πŸ˜›

  8. Ah, it’s a different look, I think I should put on cloths like this for certain occasions, too bad don’t get to keep this set of cloths but we got some vouchers from Tangs πŸ˜€

  9. meens.. i think not as many fan mail as you lar.. but close teehee. eh lemongrass, when will we get to sit in the display and hold our piss in for 3 hours ar? when? when? when?????

  10. LL, KY really looks hamsum hor? we must arrange to go makan with him dressed up LAIDAT! you agree? we must we must we must πŸ™‚

  11. Looks pretty cool but a bit gay if you ask me with the 70’s drainpipe style trousers. Like you say though best left to the professional, wonder if they would have had anything to fit me πŸ˜€

  12. Lyrical Lemongrass

    If I’m sitting in a display, it better be on a toilet seat, man. How else can one have one’s cake and shit it too, hor. πŸ˜›

  13. nice! this outfit suits you.
    its some kinda fashion statement. so keep it going eh! oh, and good luck for your blogathon. i will stay 24hrs for for updates. hehe gambatte!!

  14. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Oh Ciki, we can go out with KY even if he wears Pagoda t-shirt and shorts, as long as he brings his BIG….flash. *grin*

  15. hahahah cumidanciki, do you really want to have to hold your piss for that many hours? not exactly the most pleasant experience evaaaa πŸ˜€

  16. oh LL, that’s true but I tell you hor.. his apparatus is truly huge! i saw it that day at hairy crab.. you remember? you were there too..

  17. no KY, i would not! like LL says, either sit us on the bowl.. or erm.. maybe have a potty handy.. mwuahahahaha πŸ˜›

  18. Hahhahah sitting on the bowl? I think a bottle would be easier, we can aim. hehehehehe, luxury of being a man

  19. yar man.. i bet cheesie wish she were a man! hoho.. can’t be easy.. anyway, have fun.. will check back later for update.. i gotta go.. erm PEE! πŸ˜‰

  20. i never knew u could look THAT leng chai!!! *2 thumbs up!*

  21. Ms Cha Bom…what a name. The new dressing portray you like a gentlemen, which is quite good. Maybe you should dress like this more often?

  22. Charles Chin

    KY GOGOGO, all the best from KK.

  23. So Malaysian blogathon is on! It was pretty exciting when the Singapore blogathon was on few months ago. All the best and keep writing. Good luck on the sleep, or rather, lack of….

  24. hahah Tey Cindy you are too kind!

    STUMPBO: oo Yah this is fun too, thanks for dropping by, leave more comments on other posts πŸ˜›

  25. PokcketAnne

    You look great KY! never seen u dress up like this before. now that you have picked up tips on how to dress up fashionably, you can burn all your old clothes n redecorate your wardrobe with new ones. Anyway what brand she picked?

  26. Jaclyn Chew

    hehe yeah and so happen cha bom is dating a friend of mine / erics friend / colleague in his office..
    she’s a pretty good stylist as i have heard lol

  27. kimberlycun

    wahseh i can’t believe miss cha bom can transform you into a semi-model. NOT BAD! i still remember your favourite red/white myanmmar singlet, why don’t you wear it anymore. you really looked like burmese immigrant in that but look at you now….SO HANDSOME!

  28. U got a point from reply???

  29. PocketAnne,
    Hahhaha thank you thank you, I have no such money to burn my wardrobe yett πŸ˜›

    wah small world!

    Yahh she is awesome, so amazing I cannot take it! lol

    Only when the reply is more than 20 words thoughhh..

  30. Jaclyn Chew

    hahahaha omg!
    trying to imagine KY looking like burmese immigrant!
    but i must say KY todays dressing suits u loads. esp the sweater, ask Tangs to sponsor your wardrobe πŸ˜›

  31. Jaclyn Chew,
    Hoiii, don’t listen to kimberly! πŸ˜›

  32. I hope u’d win cos I think ur gigi veli cute. Like bugs bunny cute. Not being sarcastic. AYAM SERIUS! and ur shoes the one u bought from sales quite nice also.

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