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It is 6pm now, another hour to go before dinner time, 4 more to the end of day one. We’ve been pretty busy blogging, performing tasks, and trying to lobby for on-location votes. One thing that can’t be complained though are the meals served so far.

We’ve had the luxury of getting catered food sent to us from Island Bistro, located at third floor, Pavilion KL.

fried tong fun
fried tong fun with chicken fingers

Lunch was a plate of rather delicious fried tong fun (glass noodle) with chicken fingers. The fried chicken was juicy and with just the right amount of saltiness, and the noodle went well with the cili padi provided. A glass of orange juice for that vital vitamin C too.

sandwitch and fries, island bistro
sandwich, fries, and coleslaw

This morning, we had this pretty interesting sandwich – a combination of blueberry (or maybe cranberry) jam plus tuna. I couldn’t really think of anything similar, it was kinda strange but in a good way. The fries were very crispy and very good! I think I had more than my share of fries.

Tea time was a different type of sandwich, now we’re waiting for dinner. If I remember correctly it’s going to be fried rice. Yes! I need rice. 😀

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  1. Wow.. is the food really that good?

    I mean, you’ve been sitting in a confined area the whole day – do these simple sandwiches and tong fun really impress you?

    I guess you’ll be eating this same stuffs tomorrow right?

  2. Oh nooooo,

    Now I’m hungry!! T_T

  3. EEeee

    the food looks so mush wan… lembik lembik.

    u sure is not fail food? Ken gutter it if is sux.

  4. Eric Yong,
    Hahha yah quite interesting combinations all!

    Eat eat eat 😛

    Hahah no food is good enough for you. 😛

  5. Damn, I’m hungry now. I don’t know whether want to drop by Pavilion later for dinner and show some support or not. Scare very jam lah. Maybe tomorrow only I’ll come. See you 2morrow 😉

  6. wah, 7pm already, i have forgotten my dinner until i read this post, aww so hungry…pass me that chicken tong fan pls..

  7. Christine Diansuri

    yum yum.. the sandwich looks good.. i should try making it my own next time. btw what they put inside? chicken, berry, how about mayo?

  8. Aiyoh, now you make it sound like a Gourmet Prison … or maybe zoo at feeding time!!

  9. oooo just had dinner, it was fried rice, yess, and two satey. Love the satey, but the fried rice isn’t too bad either. 😀

    lb: go eat 😀

  10. Jaclyn Chew

    mgh looking at the food post makes me feel super hungry now.. wrong wrong wrong!
    anyways! lucks for tomorrow!
    *pulls out pompoms and do cheerleaders cartwheels*

    …. *pause*

    *then falls over flat on the back*

    FAIL 🙂

  11. Jaclyn,
    Hahahah what time already still look at food. 😛

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