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Life as a Mannequin

November 13, 2009 25 Comments

Hohoho, I’m currently stuck in this window display at Tangs Pavilion from 10am to 10pm. The current time as I am writing this is 11:30am, so there’ll be another 10.5 hours to go. I think the first toilet break is not for another 1.5 hours.

This is of course, the Intel/Lenovo/TANGS Live Mannequin Blogathon.

not going anywhere for the next 10 plus hours

I slept for a good 3.5 hours last night. Woke up at 7:30, picked up cheesie and braced the traffic all the way to KL (smart tunnel was all jammed up, by the way, I think that the road system is a pretty lousy idea. When you need to transport the most people/car, it become the slowest and most inefficient system.. blah), and got here at Pavilion.

OK this post is taking a little long to write due to all the intense lobbying we are trying to get from the crowd. It is almost 12 now, can’t wait till the lunch crowd’s in!

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  1. fwar! so, here is my no less than 20 word comment. nice shot.. so i heard that you can only take 3 hours piss breaks. that means, don’t guzzle the coke, the coffee nor the ice tea! LOL.. ok, my quota is up! happy bloggin.. send cheesie and HB cheers;)

  2. Yea, Malaysian road system sucks big time. I AGREE on that. Seems like they dont plan at all before building the roads. Sigh…

    Anyway, have fun inside there!

  3. Eh don’t u think u need to pee? How u going to tahan? Drink more water wei! Come on Futsal partner, succumb to toilet break already XD damn I’m bad lor hahahahhaah

  4. tell us what they serve for the way do you bring any snack there..LOL.. jia you!! jia you!! happy blogging!! 🙂

  5. I understand Cheesie being in the display, but how in hell did they think having YOU as a live mannequin would be a good idea? haahahahha.

    Hey, you should order delivery from McD or Pizza Hut and tell them, “The window display in Tangs PAvilion”. Then blog about the food! LOL

  6. Hope can reach 20 words from this! When is your next toilet break? xD Hope you can brave through this and win the laptop ya? Ahahaha.

  7. There should be toilet break right? If not how to tahan? Bad for the kidney :p Today can’t come to support. I’ll try to be the first one to be in Pavilion tomorrow morning :p

  8. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Looking sharp, KY. Surprised you can tahan with 3.5 hrs sleep. Will you be performing for the crowds later? Let us know so that we know what time to turn up (or stay away), k. 😛

  9. hey, how’s it going in there. You should get your food friends to bring you some awesome food in the window. Share it with the crowd!
    Food’s always a good way to one’s heart.

  10. do they provide alcohol while you’re doing this? anyway, wishing you all the very best in your blogathon. these words didnt exist when i was a youth. you guys are so lucky to lead such exciting lives. go KY go!!!! have i hit 20 words yet? should be la hor.

  11. Hahaha… I hope you enjoy yourself in there! It looks nice with the chandelier! All the best to you, KY! I think you got better pee-management! LOL! ok, more than 20 words d! Haha! Yay!

  12. yo, looking great in the display window.. what’s all that stuff on your table? items to help you get thru the day? Hehe, anyway, all the best 😉

  13. whoa…inside window display??? the it should be something in geylang redlight district (goldfish aquarium)…haha…anyway, all the best to you..Go Go Go.. i think here should hav enuf 20 words dy…. Good luck (hope friday 13th won;t effect)

  14. Well, that’s interesting…. 🙂
    (Think of the amazing stories you’ll be able to tell your kids/grandkids/etc…)

    Good luck btw! And hope you have fun….

  15. Why oh why! I should be there to laugh at you from the other side of the glass! Like the boy who laughs at Bart Simpson in The Simpson movie. *ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha* Jokes aside, good luck! 🙂

  16. Dear all!
    Thank you for all the commens! Been very busy here trying to get votes from the public, can’t reply comments individually. 😀

  17. vote vote vote vote vote !! this constitute a vote right?

  18. PocketAnne

    No wonder you said you are going to Pavillion early in the morning. I thought there’s mega sale or something that you wanna queue up for it. Anyway now you know being a mannequin ain’t easy eh? Tahan pee is the hardest thing. Might drop by pavilion later after work to flash u my boobs hehe

  19. xes,
    the comments have to be over 20 words then only got points! 😀

    Pocket Anne,
    Hahhaha not for sales, for blogathon!

  20. wei fatboybakes.. you can always enroll in the next blogathon u know!! and meens.. if you are showing up.. CALL ME! call me… baby baby call me now.. call me !

    (dua puloh perkataan sudah lah! )

  21. geez.. i never use to be so good at writing long comments till they said.. make sure you write twenty word comments.. so i have u to thank KY for teaching me how to be long winded. thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 kahkahkah

  22. if i go bla bla bla bla for 20 words, will they count it as one comment? yes yes!! order delivery (online some more!) and then blog about it…like dominos pizza, nandos or mcd!!

  23. Jaclyn Chew

    not really mannequin, becos you guys get to sit down and move and type and blog and tweet and all.. if only it was really a contest of not moving at all for the longest time, sure i stand there for 1 hour to kacau u guys hahahahha

  24. kimberlycun

    wah got nice place to sit one issit. i thought all of you have to sit on invisible chair or something. where got challenge like this. tangs/lenovo if you’re reading this can you start feeding these people worms or roaches or something. make it more challenge..more exciting!

  25. cumidanciki,
    Hahah you’re right!

    Wah this would count, I think! hahahha thanks

    Hahha true la if standing sure koyak!

    Yess, cannot la otherwise. 😛

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