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Alright, it’s almost 4pm and we just completed the first task required at this Blogathon. We were given 20 minutes to roam around TANGS to capture and blog creatively on the following six keywords (creative is relative, heehee)

The keywords are –

  • Ultra slim
  • Inside
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Long lasting
  • Eye Candy
  • Idea

So here goes!

ultra slim lenovo pc
Ultra Slim

Spotted this sexy all in one Lenovo PC, when it comes to desktop PCs, this definitely fits into the Ultra Slim category. No more letting your desktop take up half the table space. Would love to have one!

this is what you wear inside

What goes inside must not be compromised, be it briefs or “maa yin thong” (boxers), make sure they’re at least as stylish and above all, clean as what you wear outside.

high fashion
Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashion, ahhhh, something that isn’t exactly my forte, but we do learn new things everyday, so.. Anyway, almost any photo at TANGS would conform to the “fashion and lifestyle”

long lasting memory
long lasting accessories

Jewelery is synonymous of long lasting, and none too apt than diamonds and pearls. I’m sure everyone has heard of the tagline “a diamond is forever”, that should satisfy the keyword “long lasting”, no?

eye candy
eye candy!

Spotted this walking eye candy at TANGS. Refreshing. hehehehe

eye deer!
now that’s an eye deer!

Last keyword – idea! Ah now that is a tough one. Was thinking a long time till I found this .. deer’s eye, in reverse that’d be eye deer. How about that for an idea? 😀

Slightly more than 5 hours to go at Blogathon Day 1, I can do this!

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  1. oh my! you got a brilliant ideass..! *thumbsup* hehe. and keep blogging. im waiting for more updatess! p.s: i love reading you blogs.

  2. Wow, that is a very very creative posting on the keywords. Things I like the most, the eye candy with the blond hair. Haha.

  3. I guess Suanie is not helping in voting for you that’s 17 words short of 20 words minimum criteria to count as 1 point :p

  4. anna,
    Hahhah thank you!


    THank you very much. yah that was definitely a good eye candy 😛

    SImon Seow,
    Hahhaha oh well what to do!

  5. Christine Diansuri

    i am supporting you all the way KY!! all the best and good luck. btw i like ‘eye candy’ and ‘eye dear. btw the other fellow blogger sixthseal, his attitude is so ‘jhoi lang lo’.

  6. your rivals are kind of strong wei, especially WernShen the cute guy has lots of girls-fan, haha, but i support you and cheesie.

  7. Christine Diansuri

    oh oh not ‘eye dear’. its ‘eye deer’. hahaa.. ok, so u earn another point for this comment because of my mistake.

    😛 gambate!

  8. KY, try to write something relevant to the products of the sponsors. Think that’s what they want bloggers to do, “advertise” for them.

  9. thank you christine, lb, and candy for all the supports. Busy busy writing again.. woohoo

  10. you sure she is the eye candy???

    Who knows when you see in front, you want to Turn around or pretend you don’t see her??

  11. hahaha eh this contest is very nice! i like it! it’s like a blogging scavenger hunt

  12. Jaclyn Chew

    teehehehe.. i like this post

    so who is currently leading?

    wth sucks that i have to count and make sure that i have 20 words comments so that it will qualify as one point for you lor..

    appreciate this >.<

  13. kimberlycun

    i just got back from work and now i can SUPPORT. let me count….one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen comments so far! my one is fourteenth already! are you leading? you better..though i <3 ringo and huai bin i've know you the longest! wah this post is awesome lor..very creative, very ON!

  14. hitomi,
    Yesss! pwetty wan!

    Hahahah thank you 😛

    Jaclyn Chew,
    Hahah I think we all know who is leading!

  15. kimberlycun

    oi where is my comment? i just submitted a longass one??? WTF MAKE IT APPEAR AGAIN. was there a technical difficulty or did wern shen made lowyat ppl hack my pc? hah

  16. kimberlycun

    OK I’m gonna rewrite it again.

    I just got back from work, so now it’s time to SUPPORT. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen comments already so mine is fifteenth. No, I mean it’s sixteenth 😛 oh nice eyedeers…i like! that is not an eye candy, can see her orange peel from here bluerk

  17. kimberlycun,
    Thank you very much, ahhh I didn’t concentrate on any orange peels. I was tireddd :X

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