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One of the weirdest description of egg I’ve heard from someone went something like this

“You said you’re a vegetarian, so how do you get your essential protien?”

“Oh, I still eat eggs”

“But isn’t that liquid chicken?”

“er… “

In all honesty, I think the real goodness of chicken in liquid form that is trusted through the ages has to be Brand’s Essence of Chicken.

brands chicken essence

Almost everyone throughout my primary school and secondary school rely on this goodness in the familiar tiny glass bottles to get better grades in all sorts of exams. USPR, PMR, SPM, and even college/university. I have a feeling that the sales of Brand’s Chicken Essence must increase quite substantially during major exam periods.

steamed haruan fish with Brands essence of chicken at Yap Yin

Brands has always been associated with positive energy and active vibes. Though some might think that the taste is a little unusual, I actually love it! Be it cold, warm, or room temperature, I usually don’t gobble it down but savor the taste in my mouth, hehe.

Give me half a dozen bottles of chicken essence and I’ll usually finish them in just a few days, and when I was told that Restaurant Yap Yin actually serves steamed Haruan fish with Brands chicken essence as soup base, I just couldn’t miss it. It was just an awesome combination to me.

Late last year I also participated in a Brand’s Challenge at Singapore, we prep ourselves by drinking Brand’s chicken essence for a couple weeks and participated in a mainly IQ contest with another team of bloggers in Singapore. We were runner ups.. oh well.

brands launch
Aril, Hafiz, Mr Khoo (GM), Julie, Akim, Black, Choo Hou Ren

The other day Brands launch the Generasi Hebat campaign.

Generasi Hebat is represented by five “hebat” individuals who has been chosen to lead the campaign – ingenuity, open-mindedness, alertness, determination, and a go-getter attitude, acronym HEBAT in our national language.

HEBAT translate to:

brands generasi hebat

brands generasi hebat

brands generasi hebat

brands generasi hebat

brands generasi hebat

There’s also a contest with the campaign that comes with some very generous prizes. By generous I mean 10 LG LCD TVs, 20 HK Disneyland trips, and 20 LG GM 900 Arena phones!

Join Generasi Hebat on it’s facebook page to know more!

Discuss : Liquid Chicken, Doesn’t Come in a Shell

  1. I love ayam pati!!! thats how i got 9A1s!! serious!!!

  2. Cheesie,
    I love ayam pati oso but I didn’t get 9A1ssss!! grr

  3. i LOVE BRAND’S ESSENCE! Every time i feel i need a perk, or feel slightly hungover/sick, i drink it. My friends think i’m mad and it’s all in my head :p

  4. foodcrazee

    tht haruan will be dam delish eapecially if its wild . . .

  5. JoyceTheFairy,
    But its delicious! Your friends don’t know how to appreciate it only!

    Yaaa, wild caught fish is always better 😀

  6. Y u can blog in English one! mine was selected 4 Malay! lolzzz

  7. I’ve been told by my mom so many times since I was a small kid. Too bad I never listened 🙂
    now it’s my wife’s turn to preach me about the benefit of Brand’s Essence of Chicken!!!! hahahaha…

  8. Yeah, I also like the taste of Brand’s. My grandma used to give me a bottle before every exam (as well as instructions to break the egg yolk when I cook instant noodles so I won’t get a zero).

  9. Tey Cindy,
    Cos my Malay language not so canggih!

    Hahaha pwn!

    Huai Bin,
    LoL the breaking egg thing is new to me!

  10. i don’t think Brands work for everyone tho. I drank twice and went to sleep almost instantly. LOL.

  11. Ahhh, Brands chicken essence. My mom used to buy these for me nearing exam time when I was in secondary school and college. I like the taste too.

  12. Chef Mel,
    Hahaha that’s weird.

    Did you do well in the exams? hehee

  13. Protien is not protein! haha…

  14. I think it’s one of the best gift to get when you are visiting someone in the hospital too.

  15. It’s a Heng Hua superstition – an egg yolk looks like a zero so to avoid getting 0 for your exams my grandma insisted I break the egg yolk (which I did reluctantly coz I prefer whole egg yolks) so it won’t “look” like a “zero”. 🙂

  16. eiling,
    Opss :X

    Yah that’s true. 😉

    Huai Bin,
    Interesting. lol, hopefully you don’t need to punctured a football too 😛

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