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Back when I was growing up in Penang, we used to refer to kids who aren’t particularly bright as “huan chu”, which actually translate to potato in Hokkien. Well, luckily that reference does not transcend across different languages for today I am going to attempt to look like Mister Potato himself!


Lets not digress, this advertorial is about Mister Potato’s “No Compromise Game”, and what I am sharing here includes some of the tips you might find useful when playing the actual flash game on

The flash game consist of 8 different levels that are related in some ways how a packet of 160g  Potato Crisps is created (by the way my favorite flavors are Hot & Spicy and of course, Original).


Mister Potato is made from quality imported potatoes from the best, and healthiest Atlantic, Dakota Pearl and Hermes Potatoes, so appropriately the first level of the game is related to picking and choosing good potato from the source. Good potato goes to the good basket, those with poor quality goes to the bad basket, simple? You gotta do it fast though.

Level 2 is a question, pick the right one to proceed to the next level.


Level 3 is my favorite! Chopping potato and then pushing them to the side. If you notice, there is a “Cooks” category on this blog, so naturally I think my chopping skill should be better than average joe out there whose cooking experience only involves instant noodle, but alas, the flash game is slightly different..

Level 4 and 6 are both Q&A, so make sure you have a pack of Mister Potato and scrutinize the packaging properly. Level 5 is a quality control game picking between Limp & Super Crunchy chips (this is cos every chip has to be tasty, crunchy and nice, NO COMPROMISE!). Level 7 is a mini game that requires you to memorize sequence of letters.


Which then brings us to level 8, the final stage – dressing up as Mister Potato and upload the picture online. I’ve uploaded mine, you can see it on the screen shot above, I think I should improve it a bit though. Voting period is from 29 Nov to 5 Dec, so there’s still time for me to improve on my Mister Potato imitation!

Ah, and the prizes?

Grand prize – RM 5k
1st Runner up – RM 3k
2nd Runner up – RM 2k

I love cash prizes the best! For those who doesn’t win the cash prizes, there are invitations to Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 party to be won too. 50 highest voted contestants will win a pair of tickets.

The party will be hosted by Nuffnang on the 19th of December with Mexican/South American dress code. That should be fun.

For those who are lousy gamers, there’s also a blogging contest, and the best 50 written blogs too, will score a pair of invites each to the party, with the top 3 posts getting the same RM 5k, RM 3k, and RM 2k prizes. The title of your blog post should be “No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009”, and submit it by 11:59pm, 21 Nov 2009.

Good Luck Amigo!

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  1. WADAFAK. now everyone’s gonna say i copy u.



    Ok i love Mister Potato.

  2. Wah…lunch money I like. Maybe I show grow a mustache, I wonder if got enough time or not.

  3. sorry but i still love jack n jill more.

  4. Cheesie,
    Heheheh, ok ok you win!

    Haha, I can’t grow worth of crap!

    oO, don’t need to be sorry. lol, everyone’s entitled to have their own favorites. 😀

  5. f you notice, there is a “Cooks” category on this blog.. ! how cute.. so u must be terror at the game ler.. how many hours to get good ar? or is it really easy.. also, the prices look attractive.. i better get cracking;)

  6. cumidanciki,
    Heheh, not very terror at all, need to do better!

  7. wow the cash prizes are very attractive!

  8. Naiss! Your Mister Potato picture so small !

  9. eiling,
    Yes, monehhh!

    I shy 😛

  10. Hmm…dress up my Mr. Potato eh? I’m about his size now so I think I can pull it off. 😉

  11. Huai Bin,
    Hahhahaha where got same size!

  12. fan shu not sweet potato meh?!!!

    wait, i dunno hokkien, so dont scold me … O_o

  13. J2Kfm,
    Hahaha sweet not sweet all “huan chu” in hokkien 😀

  14. huan chu hahaahahha

    eh where’s your mister potato lookalike picture?!

  15. aud,
    Hahaha, got la my own pic in the last collage 😛

  16. […] the successful previous contest (with cash prizes up to RM 5ka piece, I always love cash prizes!), Mister Potato is at it again. […]

  17. hi need help. my sister is one of the participanhts. where can we see the results. pls do not publicise my email

  18. chrys,
    ahh this has been over for a while, i think if you didn’t hear from there, it’s most likely that your sister didn’t win 🙂

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