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Back in the days when internet was just starting to spread its tentacles to engulf our everyday life, cyber security was often an after thought. Remember how in Windows 95, the screen saver password screen can be defeated by a simple CTRL-ALT-DEL combination and kill the process?

It was an entirely different world then, PCs (especially those running Windows) were quite easily exploited. There were simple methods like doing a ping flood where you overwhelm the other person with a lot of packets of data to get them disconnected from the net.

irc flooding
flooding on IRC to annoy everyone

I also recall there’s a command to reset certain models of modem and watch the other party gets disconnected from the internet. Then of course, there’s those annoying flooding activities on IRC. (no such thing as Twitter then)

Then there was Back Orifice, a client-server trojan that I must confess I didn’t exactly not have fun using it on a few unsuspecting victims. One sorta found out it was me when I played with the CDrom door, oh well, it was all fun then.


Fast forward a decade and the cyberspace is not merely for chatting, emailing, and morally questionable jpeg photos anymore. With online shopping, banking, and all sorts of personal information and financial transactions going on, cyber security is becoming a lot more important.

While some of the more benign security threats has faded away, email spam, scam, identity theft, phishing, cyber-stalking, and more are threatening our daily lives ever more.

Enter World Computer Security Day (WCSD), led by CyberSecurity Malaysia, a government agency tasked with promoting cyber and Internet security among Malaysian internet users. WCSD falls on 30 Nov, 2009.

According to CyberSecurity, computer security is a social issue that involves all Malaysians directly or indirectly, and thus should be treated like any other crime. Similar proactive steps should be taken when it comes to computer security as one would to personal security, they are just as important. Lastly, anyone who’s a victim of computer security breaches or illegal activities in cyberspace should turn to the authorities. Do not suffer in silence.

There are several things you can do to be part of WCSD:

  • Visit the website – In August 2009, CyberSecurity Malaysia launched, a website that is a repository and resource for all Malaysians to learn more about computer safety – from handy tips, cool posters, interesting videos and other resources on cyber security and safety
  • Submit your true Internet-horror story – In conjunction with WCSD, CyberSecurity Malaysia is in the midst of enhancing with Web 2.0 interactive elements for Malaysians to be able to share with each other their computer security-related experiences and learn from one other. Site visitors will be able to submit their experiences in video and text format, view the submission of other visitors as well as start educational discussions that will make them less susceptible to threats
  • Be a fan of WCSDMY on Facebook & Twitter – Besides the website, WCSD also has a Facebook group (World Computer Security Day (WCSD) Malaysia) and Twitter account (@WCSDMY) which will update and remind its followers on useful tips and quizzes related to computer security
  • Submit a report if you are or know of a victim of online threats – Malaysian netizens who are victims of computer security breaches or any illegal activity in cyberspace are encouraged to refer the incident to Cyber999TM Help Centre by calling 1-300-88-2999, sending e-mail to, or filling up an online report at or
  • Practice any of the tips provided by Computer Security Day – here

Have an awesome time online!

I went back to Penang over the long weekends.

toll fees: RM 93
hours spent driving: 9 hours both ways
petrol:  RM 100
distance traveled: 780 km both ways
seafood noodle for two: RM32.50
having dinner with mom: priceless

village coffee shop fish head noodle, weld quay, penang
Seafood noodle – pick your own ingredients

I suggested Japanese food at first, but it was mom’s idea that we go to this fish head / seafood noodle place at Weld Quay for something a bit more special.

Siong Ho fish head meehun is located within Village Coffee Shop at Weld Quay, just a couple hundred meters from the jetty, and actually quite near to where my late grandma’s place where I spent a big chunk of my childhood. It was a bit nostalgic.

Calling Siong Ho a fish head meehun place is a bit of an understatement, the choice of ingredients offered at this place is quite astounding. There’s fish ball, meat ball, fish fillet, fish head, fried fish, kidney, prawn, cuttle fish, squid, minced meat, and even crab.

fish head noodle with prawn, fish ball, kidney, and more
fish head/seafood mee hun with all the extra ingredients, nutmeg juice

For my bowl of personalized meehun, I chose a couple pieces of kidney (they are very tasty!), fish ball, fish  meat, a piece of fish head, prawn, and cuttle fish to go with mee hun and clear soup. You can also choose to have noodle, kueh teow, or thick mee hun, tomyam soup is available too. (but no version with evaporated milk, like in KL)

Mom ordered pretty much the same thing except without cuttle fish, and deep fried fish instead of the fillet.

The seafood’s fresh, the soup is sweet, and I particularly like the fact that they have this whole container full of deep fried garlic on every table. I like my seafood noodle with plenty of those, and I think I refilled probably 3-4 times, it was an awesome idea, why wouldn’t other shops do the same thing?

KY and Mom at Village Coffee Shop, Weld Quay
mom & I having a simple dinner

One other thing that’s available here (and most kopitiam in Penang) is nutmeg drinks. Blended nutmeg with a dried sour plum, prepared in a way that is similar to kedondong (umbra with sour plum) but without the bitter after taste, and more refreshing.

Dinner cost RM 32.50 in total, and for the amount and quality of ingredients we got, not to mention the good taste, I thought it was well worth it.


Village Coffee Shop
107-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay),
10300 Penang, Malaysia

GPS: 5.411949,100.338049
Tel: 019-458 8693

I attended perhaps the most awesome party in 2009 – the second installment of the now rather infamous Malam Tumpang Glamour party, this time by the pool side at Metropolitan Square. I also went to the first MTG a few months ago.

For those who’ve not heard of this strangely named party, it was conjured up by Michael, Elfie, and Reta. The idea is to throw a cheap ass party by getting booze and audio equipments/DJ sponsored, and collect some money to be donated to Furry Friend Farm to help out them poor animals.

In an alternate universe, we’d just eat those animals and save all the trouble, but there’d be no party. Just go to show that you can’t have everything in Vietnam.

KY, elfie, haze, liling, at malam tumpang glamour 2
KY & Elfie; big party; Elfie, Kelvin, Li Yin w Kendrik, Li Ling; Haze

Anyway, MTG 1 was fun, with a venue that was a bit too hot and slightly too packed, but MTG, man, it was a real party. There were over 100 cheap ass party goers who attended; friends of organizers who brought friends, who brought more friends. The whole 4th degree of separation thing sort of got out of proportions.

I managed to convince Haze the workaholic designer to join us to the party, and thanks to her I made the right decision to go prepared – with a swimming trunk under my “beach wear”. I also brought along the swimming goggle for good measure.

fiona, ee laine, reta, KY
Fiona & Ahfa; a wet Reta; KY & little Kendrik (not my son)

The party started out not exactly quite as fast as we’d like to, so Terence and I decided to get the ball rolling by jumping into the pool. It was GODDAMN COLD! I had to swim a couple laps to warm up. Jack and AC soon joined us.

But a pool party isn’t complete without getting people thrown into the pool. So we did just that, Reta, Elfie, Michael, Yvonne, Horng, Vicky, Haze, Ahfa, Chris, Siao Ling, Eric, Nigel, Nazrul… were among the people whom Terence and I managed to throw/forced into the pool. There were quite a few more whom we don’t remember or never had the time to know. I think we must have done it to at least a couple dozen people.

throwing people into the pool at Malam Tumpang Glamour
Terence & KY – we got the pool thing going!

We basically went up to someone random and asked “hi, what’s your name?”, said person would answer, and the next question was “why are you still dry?”. 3-4 people would then gang up and haul the person up, remove all phones/wallet/keys, and throw him/her into the pool.

It was damn FUN!… at least until Terence slipped while carrying Yvonne (I was holding onto her legs), and the poor gal developed a small tower on top of her head from the fall, OUCH. (sorry Yvonne, and nice to have met you)

The party then went on with more drinking, dancing, and getting even more people thrown into the cold, cold water. It was a blast! At the end a very drunk Jack had to sleep in his car overnight and somehow lost the wallet during the party, collateral damage, oh well!

everyone at Malam Tumpang Glamour 2
some group photos, and a wasted Terence in the lift

RM 400 was raised for Furry Friend Farm, extreme tiredness for the organizers (thanks guys!), some alcohol induced pre-digested food gathered on the floor, a very drunk Terence who was reported peeing out of a window late in the night, and a tonne of very happy party goers who’re only left wondering what MTG 3 would bring!

The organizers want to thank Carlsberg & Tuborg for the beer, Redbull for the energy drink, (awesome indie music portal) for the venue, and Elfie’s manager Eugene for donating his credit card to charity while being completely wasted.

It seems like it’s been quite a few weeks since my last post on a bak kut teh place, this cannot be be happening!

So today, let me introduce this little bak kut teh place at Seapark that I have visited since a few years ago. Tucked within Sun Fatt Kee kopitiam and somehow overshadowed by the busy mamak that is famous for its nasi lemak at night, this bkt stall isn’t flashy nor it is particularly busy.

bak kut teh at seapark
wholesome bak kut teh, and i love their vegetable

Bak kut teh here is served in a clay pot, with teow chew style soup that is pretty flavorful. Ingredients are as per standard bkt places, lean meat, fat laden meat, knuckle, intestine, tripes, ribs, tofu skin, mushroom, and vegetable – if you asks for everything, my default choice usually.

I particularly like the “oily vegetable” they serve here, it is laden with a lot of fried garlic and oyster sauce, which makes it quite flavorful and not merely a dish with its sole purpose of making us feeling less guilty of having only meat.

horng, rachel, dree, suan, having bak kut teh
everyone had bak kut teh except dree, who ordered nasi lemak (halal bah!)

Although this isn’t the best bak kut teh I’ve had (i’d say it is above average though); the very old school ambiance, friendly service, and convenience its location (close to where I stay) more than make up for it. The price is in line with most other bak kut teh places at around RM 10 ish per person.

The bak kut teh stall only opens for dinner, in the afternoon, the same kopitiam has a pretty good teow chew porridge stall.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Sometimes last month I got an invitation for a food review EEST, Westin. As it turned out, the PR lady, Yoke May, had invited Suan to the same session. Which made logistics a simpler matter to sort out since it was to be on a weekday evening.

The decoration of the restaurant was nice and inviting, an open kitchen, a bar seating area, a section of raised floor, comfortable chairs, big round tables, and a beautiful view.

chef Kuan of Westin
the slightly eccentric but very friendly Chef Kuan

Our mission of the day was to try their Hurry Slowly Signature Lunch Box. The eccentric (not in a bad way) and very friendly Chef Kuan explained to us that they have 5 different cuisines – Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnam, and Thai. Each type comes with its own type of soup, main dishes packed in a lunch box, and dessert.

We were to sample the three most popular lunch boxes, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese. Since there were basically only two of us in the review session.

dimsum at eest, Westin Hotel
refreshing mint drinks, char siu pau, har kao, siu mai (dimsum)

To start, I was served with this refreshing mint drink to open up the appetite. I can’t remember what was the ingredients, but there were definitely mint (like duh!), and some mixture of juice that tasted not exactly unlike umbra (kedondong.)

We also sampled their char siu pau (chicken), siu mai (also with chicken meat), and har kao (prawn dumpling). I gotta say that they actually tasted quite good despite the lack of pork as this is a Muslim friendly restaurant like most other hotels.

westin lunch box - Malaysian cuisine
Eest lunch box – Malaysian cuisine (with wagyu beef cheek rendang!)

Our next serving was the Malaysian cuisine lunch box that comes with soup soto, spring roll, rojak (pasembur in Penang), fried bean sprout with salted fish, and nasi pulut with rendang.

The beef rendang was actually made from wagyu cheek and was officially the best tasting rendang I’ve ever had. In one box you get a taste of typical Malaysian Chinese, Indian, and Malay dishes at the same time, and with good quality ingredients too.

westin lunch box - Japanese cuisine
Japanese cuisine – tempura, miso, salmon, tofu, garlic fried rice

The Japanese lunch box came with a bowl of miso soup with straw mushroom, three huge prawn and a few other types of tempura, garlic fried rice, grilled salmon, and tofu with spinach.

I particularly like the spinach tofu, silky smooth and the spinach really added a different dimension to its taste. A dash of ebiko gave it a bit of texture and the Japanese touch too. Grilled salmon was excellent as well.

westin lunch box - Chinese cuisine
Chinese lunch box, love the black chicken herbal soup

Then there’s the Chinese lunch box, with soup, dim sum, three cup chicken, brocolli, and pickled cucumber and jelly fish. The three cup chicken was very tender and packed a kick with it’s dried chili, I liked it. I think it’ll go well with just a bit of rice.

The dim sum was of good quality too, about as best and you can have it without any lard/pork in it. However, my favorite item from the Chinese lunch box has got to be the soup. The double boiled black chicken herbal soup was very sweet and fragrant, reminded me of the way mom used to cook them.

desserts and glaced gravilax with fish roe
the three different desserts and chef’s special smoked salmon

Just about when we were filled to the brim, came the three types of desserts for the lunch boxes.

Ice kacang for Malaysian cuisine, longan tong sui for Chinese, and the Japanese box came with mochi black sesame ice cream. They were all quite tasty, but I think the sesame ice cream a bit more special.

Chef Kuan was in a very joyous mood and specially created a dish not found on the menu for us – smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, salmon roe, flying fish roe, truffle and beetroot oil. The salmon, with the combination of other ingredients was so savory and tasty I was literally in heaven! Thanks chef!

KY and Suanie at EEST, Westin
KY and Suan at EEST, Westin Hotel

The lunch box is priced at RM 42++, quite a decent value considering the ambiance you get and the quality of food provided. The restaurant is only opened from Wednesday to Friday, 12pm – 2.30pm. The ingredients of the lunch boxes may vary from week to week (probably according to Chef Kuan’s mood), but I trust that they will be equally good.

map to Westin KL

Eest, Westin Hotel
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.147758, 101.714591
Tel: 03-2731 8333

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