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By now, you’ve probably read about the Blackberry 8520 that is designed with prepaid customers in mind from this blog and/or elsewhere.

Although I’ve been talking pretty much exclusively about the offer from Xpax (advertorial ma..), we do something a little different today, lets put Xpax and the offer from Hotlink head to head for an very direct and simple comparison.

Xpax blackberry plan
rate plan for Xpax from here

First, from Xpax, there are two plans to choose from, and they are pretty simple.

  • Blackberry Social – RM 1/day (from 12.00am to 11.59pm) you get facebook, Myspace, instant messaging such as YM, Windows Live Messenger, BBM, Gtalk, ICQ, and more
  • Blackberry Advance – RM 2.5/day, you have everything the BB 8520 has to offer,  push mail, web browsing and any application that connects to the internet, including my favorite – Twitter.

So in short, it’s around RM 30 to RM 75 per month.

note: although branded “unlimited”, the data rate is capped at 1 GB per day, additional data usage subject to RM0.10/10kb. Source.

hotlink blackberry plan
rate plan for Hotlink from here

Now lets look at Hotlink’s offer. There are four plans in total, so a direct comparison gets slightly more tricky.

  • BIS Social – RM 28/month, services are similar to Xpax’s Blackberry Social, but data is capped at 100 MB
  • BIS Messaging – RM 28/month, with instant messaging and push mail only, data is capped at 100 MB
  • BIS Weekly Premium – RM 28/week, this is everything, similar to Xpax’s Blackberry Advance, data is capped at 50MB
  • BIS Premium – RM 98/month, data at 1.5GB

Data cap is for Hotlink as per the subscription period of either weekly or monthly, additional rate is at RM 0.01/1kb peak and RM 0.005/1kb off peak. Source (pdf).


In terms of pricing, Xpax is clearly cheaper with RM 75-77.50 vs RM 98 per month for Advance/Premium plan, while Hotlink priced their Social plan slightly lower at RM 28 vs RM 30/31 per month.

Hotlink has the Push mail + Instant Messaging plan that Xpax lack (at RM 28/month)

However, the biggest difference in these two offering is at the data caps. Xpax’s quota is on at 1 GB per day while Hotlink’s cap varies from 100MB to 1.5GB per month is just a lot lower in comparison. If you’re a heavy user, this is quite clearly a cause for concern.

Located at the ground floor of Tropicana City Mall right opposite the escalator coming up from Carrefour, Sushi Tei is one of those places I have noticed for quite but somehow haven’t visited despite the frequency I find myself at this place since it’s opening.

Well I finally went there last week with Kerol since we decided to dine at TCM and Cheesie suggested she could join us and there’s “this pretty nice Japananese place” we could go. It turned out to be just the place I had wanted to try for quite a while.

Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall
Sushi Tei is rather nicely decorated, and with illustrated menu

The concept of Sushi Tei is pretty similar to one of my favorite belt sushi chains – Zanmai. A conveyor belt with the most common sushi dishes going around, but also spot a pretty extension menu for other dishes from sashimi, rice bowls, hand rolls, to udon and even curry rice and more.

Other than mid to lower end ingredients that are typically associated with conveyor belt sushi chains, Sushi Tei offers some of the stuff you find at classy Japanese restaurants, including umi (sea urchin) and toro (tuna belly).

Salmon Avocado Yukke, handrolls, hotate wafu
Salmon Avocado Yukke, hand rolls, Hotate Wafu Carpaccio

We ordered quite a number of dishes, and they were all quite delicious, with the exception of the hand rolls (RM 4.80 and RM 3.80, which were just ordinary according to Kerol).

I particularly love the Hotate Wafu Carpaccio (RM 18.80), four good size scallops  paired with seared tuna soaked in Japanese style soy based vinaigrette and topped with alfalfa sprouts and a hint of ebiko. The sweetness of scallops with the slight sourish, salty taste of the sauce and the different texture and freshness from the sprouts were just heavenly. I highly recommend it.

The Salmon Avocado Yukke (RM 12.80) too is another dish typically not associated with these type of restaurants. A generous serving of diced salmon with avocado and a raw quail egg on top that goes surprisingly well with the Japanese garlic peanut sauce that is sometimes served with salad.

Irodori Chirashi don, Sansai Udon, salmon sashimi, Inari sushi
Irodori Chirashi don, Sansai Udon, salmon sashimi, Inari sushi

While Kerol ordered the normal Chirashi Don (RM 11.80) to lace her stomach, I asked for the Irodiri Chirashi (RM 30.00), a higher end version of the same raw seafood on sushi rice dish. The difference is the latter came with two amaebi (sweet shrimp), octopus, and even toro (tuna belly) that was so delicious. This is in addition to salmon, squid, and other sashimi slices in there.  In my opinion it was well worth the extra I had to pay.

Cheesie got the Sansai Udon (RM 13.80) which she enjoyed, and a plate of inari sushi (RM 1.60) for good measure too. We also tried the Salmon Sashimi (RM 9.80) that were pretty fresh and generous in serving despite the attractive pricing.

tuna belly, hotate wafu, KY, Cheesie, and Kerol
tuna belly, scallop, KY, Cheesie, and Kerol

Overall, we had a very good dinner at Sushi Tei. It was very decent Japanese food without all the bells and whistles of a full blown “proper” Japanese restaurant. Total bill came to about RM 40 per person with the 10% service charge added in, it was well worth it.

I think Sushi Tei will now be my favorite conveyor belt sushi places, replacing Zanmai as the former is just too crowded at almost any day during dinner time.

Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.130757,101.626421
Tel:03-7728 4299

In school, we’ve always been taught that brushing your teeth is always the best practice after a meal. Not only does it help the teeth to stay healthy, it leaves a nice fresh taste in your tongue too. But truly speaking, who really ever have the discipline and time to do that?

The next best thing though, of course, is by popping a couple tablets of mint in your mouth.

wrigley's extra professional mint
Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints come in two flavors

The latest mint from Wrigley’s – Extra Professional Mints, come in two flavors and has a very unique surface and is designed to clean your tongue and give it a fresh, clean feel with reduced germs. This is because the mint’s surface is designed with special formula with dissolving micro granules. But lets not get too technical anyway, the two flavors are Peppermint and Forest Berries, very welcoming after those nasty stuff.


Even if you don’t have someone to kiss after meal, the minty fresh taste is always most welcomed, especially after you had something nasty like what I almost regrettably did with Cheesie and the whole nasty candy experiment.

Best of all, this thing actually tastes very good. I got myself the Forest Berries flavor to try it out and I gotta say I like it a lot, very very addictive. The only problem is keeping the box tucked away so my colleagues wouldn’t steal em from me. 😀

Wrigley's Extra Mint game

There is a flash game you can participate to win prizes too. Simply head to, play the online game by scrubbing unwanted food stuff and germs off the tongue with the mint, and stand a chance tow in these cool stuff!

prizes from wrigley's extra mint game

Weekly prize of Sony Video MP3 player, and the grand prize of.. jeng jeng jeng..

Sony VIAO Pocket Style PC! Actually I saw this particular VIAO in Sony store before and it’s seriously the sexy. Wouldn’t mind one myself, I’m gonna take my chances in this game thing! You enticed? 😀!

Some of you might know that I am quite a consumer of pork and lard. Things that aren’t exactly healthy, but so tasty I just couldn’t help myself. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, and pork crackles (or pork rind/pork scratching) happen to be one of mine.

Mr Porky Pork Crackles
Mr. Porky pork crackles, from UK

Cheesie knows this fact rather well, which was why she gave me a packet of Mr. Porky pork crackles she obtained from a friend who came back to Malaysia from UK a few weeks ago.

For the uninformed, pork scratchings is basically pork skin with a layer of fat that is seasoned with salt and baked until most of the liquid fat is drained off. The resulting snack is mostly dry but with a hint of fat you can still taste, it is quite salty and porky. Without saying, this thing goes very well with beer.

It’s actually almost like a cross of fried lard (chu yau cha) & salted fish, in a very good way!

I didn’t manage to procure a can of cold beer to go with this little packet of goodness. Perhaps the next project would be self baked pork scratching as suggested by Kim (who also bought me a packet of pork scratching from UK sometimes last year, but I finished it before having a chance to take a picture).

Everytime we went out to eat with Chow Ahbeng aka Galvin, he would always say something like “next time I bring you to eat at this place, they serve the best xxx”, and one of the places he mentioned most was this “fried porridge” thing at Klang.

So after listening to him talking about it for a good part of last few years, we finally made a trip to Klang a couple weeks ago and actually tasted it for ourselves. The place is appropriately named Restoran Bubur Goreng, direct translation – Fried Porridge Restaurant, not the most imaginative name huh?

Restaurant Bubur Goreng at Klang
the group includes Galvin, Damien, Rachel, Kerol, Horng

The restaurant is located right across the 7-11 at Berkeley Garden in Klang. Berkeley is in turn, located on the right of Federal Highway after taking 3 o’clock at the round about not far from the Klang toll. Not exactly terribly difficult to find even for a first timer to the area.

Galvin did the honor by ordering for the nine of us. A big plate of Hokkien Mee, two bowls of their signature fried porridge, and another huge portion of crab meehun.

hokkien mee, fried porridge, crab meehun, sugar cane
hokkien mee, fried porridge, huge plate of crab meehun, bottled sugar cane

The Hokkien mee here is a little wetter than usual, and the extra sauce really does help bring out the flavor, I just wish there were slightly more lard like those at restaurant Ahwa in PJ though.

Crab meehun was this giant plate of fried meehun with three or four rather good size flower crabs. I’ve always love crab meehun and this did not disappoint, having flower crab instead of the usual mud crab made it easier to eat too. This was my favorite dish from the dinner.

crab mee hun and fried porridge
crab meehun, and fried porridge with extra lard!

As for the fried porridge itself, well, I find it tasting a little weird. It’s a combination of familiar tastes that never felt quite right to me. The porridge has pork, tofu, spring onion, and some ingredients I couldn’t identify/recall. Horng and Galvin seemed to like it, but the slightly burnt porridge taste was still a bit weird, probably takes a little used to.

map to Taman Berkeley, Klang

The bill came up to less than RM14 per person with drinks included. Pretty reasonable considering a typical meal of Hokkien Mee at PJ and drinks will fetch close to RM 10 anyway, and we had plenty of crab meehun.

Restorant Bubur Goreng
(Old Berkeley Cinema)
Lot 6932, Lebuh Bangau Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
GPS: 3.056758, 101.463928
Tel: 016-6868 579