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A couple of weeks ago I posted Mr. Porky pork crackles, one of the best and most sinful snacks ever. Well, my stance on that claim is still true, but today, I want to introduce a healthier alternative that is almost as tasty, and actually halal too! Enter fried salmon skin!

fried salmon skin
RM 3.90 a pack, whole afternoon’s worth of almost-healthy snacking

You can get this at Isetan KLCC’s sushi counter for RM 3.90 a pack, it is not available all the time nor even everyday, but if you see them, grab one! Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall is another place that offers fried salmon skin on their conveyor belt.

Much like pork scratchings, fried salmon skin is crispy with an underlying bits of fat still intact. The best part of salmon skin comes from the belly area. They’re just so yummy, and since it is fish, it shouldn’t be quite as bad for your body. (disclaimer: I am not a doctor I’m just talking out of my ass)

Tips: even though this is a Japanese snack, using it to go with porridge would be quite excellent!


got Blackberry, no life!


Before Cheesie got her Blackberry from Xpax, she was always “why do you always play with your BB?”. Apparently that was because it is sort of a habit that whenever I sit down, the first thing I do is to whip out the BB and check on my twitter feeds, emails, etc. I guess it’s not a very good thing to do when you are among people who aren’t addicted to their phones.

But look who’s talking now. This girl can’t even leave her phone while walking! One of these days she’s going to walk into some smelly dudes with wet armpits, just wait. 😀

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  1. foodcrazee

    sounds delish . . . now i am relunctant to get a bb . . . .

  2. anything to do with frying is not healthy ok?!! Very clever way of making money out of unwanted salmon skin!

  3. LOL last sentence of ur post LMAO…

    Is BB so addicting? wtf

  4. cw,

    Addiction varies from person to person hehe

    What waste? Salmon skin’s never wasteful! Hehe

    Tony Wan,
    Haha yah it can be

  5. Yah you all go Cristang BB only!

  6. I am surprised at the addictiveness of the BB as well…prob coz of UberTwitter, MSN and BBM – the three main culprits. :S

  7. Shaolintiger,
    Cheesie the worst, not me! You’re always on N97 too

    Huai Bin,
    Hahha ya those 3 are the worst, and facebook too

  8. enjoy reading your blog 😀

  9. fish skin rocks!! i tried it in HK….straightaway addicted to it dy! =)

  10. tsk tsk…please tell that girl it’s quite dangerous text-ing while walking! Times are bad, robbers are everywhere.

  11. lih wern,
    Thanks! 🙂

    Yaaa very delicious,

    I just showed her your comment lol

  12. is it high cholesterol a not?

  13. vialentino,
    Haha, not as much as the pork scratchings I bet. 😛

  14. KY,

    You and Cheesie demonstrate why BBs are often called ‘CrackBerries” in the U.S.A.

    BTW, the Motoral Droid may not be available in your part of the world, but the Droid is going to offer serious competition for BBs and the Iphone.

    It has a great feature set, very reasonable price, here $199.00 USD.

    CNET review/comments found @:

    Let me know what you think of the Droid.


  15. lb: why u pretend like u dunno me. i emo 🙁

  16. ic ic…ok…yeah…i like the fried pork skin but bcos of the high cholesterol…i reduce it…seems the fried salmon skin sounds much healthier

  17. kanki sushi has this too! DELISH!!!

  18. Cheesie,

    Hahah true, but I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist though 😛

    Ooo cool!

  19. eee..teruk kau. *smelly armpit* yuckkkk

  20. i want a BB too.

  21. zomfgwtfbbq

    I agree with the bb thing too. I use the Bold and am constnatly on it when i’m out and about.

  22. nice bro, will get it one day at isetan.

    by they way, thanks for your posting for nice food in melbourne as i will be flying there tonight. Taking it as my guide…..

    See you soon bro. Thank and take care!

  23. hi! i’ve been an avid reader of your blog.

    Recently, I’ve been starting to write some food reviews on my blog. any advice for an aspiring food blogger like me?


  24. hi KY!
    nice to have met you in person (finally) since me and hubby r great fans of your blog! Take care and see you soon.. !

  25. Mike,

    Make it happen 😛

    Hahah yah crackberry!

    You’re welcome. 😉

    Ian Liew,
    Cool, keep it up. Make sure you let people know how to get there as well as how good/bad the food tastes. 😉

    Nice to meet you too! *shy* 😛

  26. dont you do the same thing while you walking too??

  27. ky

    thumbs up. I will. Thanks!^^

  28. you always tweet about salmon skin! make me crave for it. when i come back holiday you better bring me go eat!!!!

  29. hitomi,
    Hahah, not nearly as much as her!

    Ian Liew,
    Thanks! 😀

    Hehehe do it! lets do it!

  30. Mizz Sharon

    Salmon skin! Nice!
    Im gonna be real random here but…
    The best part of the fish in my opinion is actually the cheeks LOL. Sucks that fish don’t have bigger cheeks thou lol.

  31. Mizz Sharon,
    Hahah I like the belly more, and lips too!

  32. […] current fix is the salmon skin from Isetan from time to time, while it is good, it is no match for proper pork rind. haihh Tags:  haze, […]

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