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PJ is one of the oldest townships in Klang Valley with it’s oldest part aptly called Old Town. In this part of the valley, you can find quite a number of eateries older folks are familiar with.

As a general rule of thumb, older establishments that withstood the test of time usually offers better foods, which is why once in a while we’d head to the food court at PJ old town for some good old fashion hawker food.

stingray curry, vinegar pork, and chicken rice at PJ old town food court
sting ray curry, vinegar pork, and chicken rice

The last time we went was a few weeks ago, and this time around we ordered the curry fish from Gerai Seong Kee. There were a few types of fish to choose from, we ordered a big clay pot of stingray curry mainly due to the lack of hazard in fish bones.

I almost always choose stingray when it comes to ikan bakar as well. It’s just a lot easier, not to mention the fact that I actually love the way it tastes.

curry fish at PJ old town food court
clay pot stingray curry fish from Seong Kee

Rather than ordering white rice to go with the curry fish, we got a serving of pork knuckle with vinegar and a plate of roast pork and roast chicken from Kie Kee chicken rice. This way, we get to have four different dishes with chicken rice instead of plain tasting normal steamed rice.

The concept is pretty much like how you’d dine in a Tai Chow place, except this is actually a food court.

chicken rice and vinegar pork at PJ old town with horng, KY, kerol, and rachel
roast chicken, roast pork, and pork knuckle with vinegar from Kie Kee

As it turned out, the rich and creamy santan based curry fish actually does go very well with chicken rice. Combination of cabbage, brinjal, ladies finger and that soft silky stingray meat mixes well with the slightly oily rice.

The pork knuckle was fatty and quite strong tasting, just the way I like it. The best thing is, alternating the few dishes ensures that your palate doesn’t go dull by having the same taste throughout the entire meal. It was good.

Best of all, the lunch session didn’t exactly cost us an arm and a leg, it’s in a food court after all. However, the serving from Kie Kee seems to be getting smaller and smaller while the price basically remains rather cheap. I guess you can’t escape from inflation after all.

Intersection of
Jalan Othman & Jalan Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.087519, 101.645948

Discuss : Curry Fish and Chicken Rice at PJ Old Town Food Court

  1. All these dishes are to my liking! Can’t wait to try how nice these are or better than what we get in Singapore.

  2. PJ Old Town! I love a good serving of pork knuckles, it’s comfort food, my mom and my grandma can cook up a mean version too. I think that’s why I got to like pork knuckles so much, it’s hard to go wrong with it. The photo looks promising, fat in all the right parts and nice chunks of meat. =D

    hahaha I’m not sure if they are better, but they’ll be good for sure. 😉

    Huai Bin,
    Ooo my mom’s pork knuckle too is awesome. YUMS

  4. foodcrazee

    ia the chicken rice stall still there?

  5. i do share your lurve for the safe stingray, for the lack of bones, and none too prickly to poke a hole in your mouth.
    but fish head makes a better ingredient in curries.

  6. Thanks, KY, for highlighting all the good food at all the “hidden gem” places. Who would have expected, a stall at a food centre at Old Town PJ, serves such great food! The claypot stingray curry fish looks so good, comes in a generous portion too…

  7. WAH the curry siap limpah-limpahan! hahahah

  8. Yeah i also like the sting ray. Cos i hate bones!

  9. u went to the exact place where I wanna go for the longest time.. ever since Axian came to Seong Kee food stall… have you ever ordered the abacus dish??? Apparently.. it’s good!!!
    Where can we park the car?? When it comes to PJ Old Town.. I always clueless on the place to park!

  10. foodcrazee,
    Oh yes it is!

    Yah so much easier right? they have fish head too!

    hehehe you’re welcome cecilia!

    Tey Cindy,
    sedap siall!

    Likewise 😉

    ooO I never tried their abacus dish, u can park right behind the food court.

  11. Where do you guys normally park when you are there? It’s quite a handful to find parking around the area…

  12. JD,
    there’re some parking spots behind the food court, usually not terribly hard to get one. 😉

  13. My parents took us to PJ old town food court for “Siew Yeah” in the 70s and 80s. We would have satay, Hokkien mee, Lor Bak, ice kacang, kueh and etc. I remembered the young Chinese woman who worked at the ice kacang and kuih stall. I live in Florida and visit KL every few years. My aunt took me to the food court last year. I met the same woman. We chatted about those old days. Her stall had shifted a few times and her kids are in their 20s. Time flies so quickly.

  14. Meng,
    wah, that’s like 30 yrs back, time really flies

  15. wah the stingray curry like really nice lahhh

  16. xin,
    Ohhh it’s nice!

  17. The Ice Kacang there is orgasmic too. You should try..the Gula Melaka is freaking awesome! Yummy!

  18. Sue Me,
    Yahh I tried it before, but was too full that day. 😀

  19. also the yong tau foo there is quite nice.
    been eating there since small.

  20. calvaryzone,
    Ooo, cool, nice to know!

  21. hey i think I’ve been there once but that’s a long time ago already…

  22. night time got anything to eat there?

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