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I gotta admit that I didn’t know about KFC having breakfast menu prior to this advertorial engagement. Needless to say I was actually quite curious about it as KFC has always been one of my favorite fast food chains. In fact, I believe KFC was the first air conditioned restaurant I’ve dined in outside of any wedding dinners attended as a little boy.

This article is supposed to talk about the KFC Happy Morning contest, but since this is primarily a food blog, lets do a food review first!

KFC breakfast menu
KFC, that’s where I want to be!

So I went to one of the biggest KFC outlets in town, the 350th restaurant at Jalan Universiti one quiet morning to try it out. At 24-hr outlet like this one, breakfast menu runs from 4am to 11am, others are 8-11am. Check the full list of KFC outlets serving the breakfast menu here.

Since I was out on a mission to do a taste test, I ordered up quite a feast. A sausage platter, a.m. twister, a.m. riser (burger), nasi lemak, chicken porridge, and an orange juice for good measure. When I said “eating here”, it was safe to say that the cashier lady was in a bit of a shock.

KFC sausage platter,  a.m. Riser, a.m. twister
sausage platter, a.m. Riser, a.m. twister

The sausage platter came with two chicken sausages, the bun that also comes with any KFC snack plate, hash brown, and scrambled egg. Though presentation was not exactly gourmet, the sausages actually tasted pretty good. I suspect they are from the same good quality Ayamas sausages since they are under the same roof. I like the scrambled egg too.

A.m. Riser is a breakfast size burger with a original recipe chicken patty on top of scrambled egg sandwiched in between the sesame seed buns. The taste is pretty close to colonel burger, but with the extra flavor of scrambled egg.

A.m. Twister is a pita wrap with pieces of original chicken, tomato, and some sauce that tasted similar to mayonnaise/tartar. The tomato makes it kinda refreshing and it was actually better than I had expected.

KFC nasi lemak, chicken porridge
nasi lemak enak, KFC chicken porridge

The KFC chicken porridge actually tasted pretty good too, I like the fact that it comes with crunchy deep fried anchovies. To me, extra pepper is a must, and I kinda wish they serve this on all hours tho.

Nasi Lemak Enak comes with fragrant rice, half a hard boiled egg, three slices of cucumber, and sambal with anchovies. You can also add a piece of fried chicken for good measure, but since I already ordered so much, I didn’t. The sambal was a little too salty and not spicy enough to my liking, I think this dish is still in need of some refinement.

The full breakfast menu and pricing can be found here.

happy mornings contest

OK now lets get on to the serious stuff!

There’s a contest in conjunction with KFC Breakfast Meals, and it is a very simple 3 step to participate.

  1. take a photo of you or with a group of more than 2 people with any KFC Breakfast Meal(s)
  2. Submit your entry on the website or MMS your name, NRIC, and photo to
  3. Collect points to win. Individual photo – 10 pts, Group photo – 20 points. Collect as many points as possible to win!

Of course, you can submit multiple entries, but make sure they aren’t duplicates of just taken from different angles.

Grand Prize is a cool MacBook Pro, and there are 8 iPhones as weekly prizes!

Check out for more info

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  1. Everything looks good except the nasi lemak enak part. Doesn’t look very enak to me… I must go and check out its pricing too! would be interesting…

  2. eiling,
    that is a very fair assessment. 😀

  3. yeah! can’t agree better with you when u said Ayamas do goo sausages!

    no chance to be up so early durin the weekends for this.

  4. I like the am riser and am twister ads on the LRT. Heh! Very nice.

  5. saikua,
    Yess it’s awesome! and until 11am la not that early also.

    Huai Bin,
    Yahh that’s true, very appetizing!

  6. omg i want KFC RIGHT NOW T_____T;;;;

    american kfc not as nice as malaysian kfc… some more dont have hot and spicy…

  7. pinkpau,
    American KFC quite a bit blergh, I even went to the state of Kentucky itself but they’re not anywhere close to our Malaysian version!

  8. gonna try the chicken porridge tomorrow.
    MCD’s has rockin fish porridge some time back, but they discontinued it.

  9. @finder301,
    Ooo never knew McD had fish porridge.

  10. Yeah, Malaysia KFC is still the best. Remember trying KFC in UK once…not to ummph because no Sos Cili Thai!

  11. just out of interest for those of us not living in msia, how much do those items cost?

  12. JD,
    Yess, it’s the bestest in Malaysia!! 😀

    anthony wong,
    There’s the price list on their website. Everything you see in the pictures cost me slightly less than RM 30.00

  13. Lulz…KFC for breakfast…

  14. I should go & eat KFC Mornong Breakfast! I always wanted to go & eat BUT so far didn’t yet…

    BTW, Pls Visit My Blog & Comment On What Should The Ending Be…. 😀

  15. Kennee,

    Hehe do it!

  16. Actually I beg to differ with JD because KFC in UK has a special item which we dont have here: A tub of KFC sauce. Its the same sauce we get on our mased potatoes here but only MUCH thicker. Absolutely delish stuff to dip your chicken into instead of the usual chilli. Adds much more flavour in my opinion. =)

  17. KFC in Malaysia is very nice! A must-have when I visit. Chicken juicier 😛 I kinda like the nasi lemak concept (if they improve the taste according to u) n wish they have it in Singapore’s menu too.

  18. Lyrical Lemongrass

    I love my KFC, I dooooo.

  19. Looks yummy and since all of us love KFC so much, we should be a fan in KFc Malaysia invited already.cheers.

  20. foodcrazee

    scambled egg. . . .looks like OML to me . .

  21. walao bro… i really salute you.. can wallap everything in your stomach…

    yeah tried the nasi lemak.. quite disappointing… but anyway, thanks for sharing…

  22. Jas Min,
    oOo interesting, never had that.

    Yah the nasi lemak is still a bit to improve I think.

    Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Me too!

    Hahhahaha okay

    OK what is OML? :X

    Hahah I didn’t really finish everything. :X

  23. Wah you ordered so much for a breakfast! I might be able to finish it, but I am quite sure I will end up sleeping after that. 😀

  24. Chef Mel,
    Hehehe, wah you hardcore. I cannot finish it :X

  25. eh KY, the a.m. twister looks like a breakfast burrito to me. are you sure it’s a pita and not a tortilla?

  26. KFC, finger lickin’ good 😀 Too bad am not in Malaysia to participate and try my luck on free goodies!

  27. Charlene,
    Haha i don’t think it’s tortilla. 🙂

    Ahh, too bad! 😀

  28. da twist looks very kecil le…not worth it…

  29. wonder anyone still remembers, KFC was selling banana split, and jelly with ice-cream, way back then.

  30. Hahaha, it’s not a pita lah 😛 A pita is usually double layer and a lil bit more puffy, with a pocket in the middle. This is a tortilla. See ===>

  31. foodcrazee

    OML = Omelette

  32. annant,
    actually pretty decent size for breakfast consumption

    ooo yah I think so!

    lol, okay you win! 😛

    hahah thanks!

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