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Like a lot of people, Singapore is actually the first country I visited by myself. The first time I went there was just right after collecting my SPM results eons ago. The  goal then, was to secure a place at one of the polytechnics in the republic.

Ultimately, fate has it that I ended up pursuing higher education in the States instead, but the first impression that I got from Singapore was something I never forget. The ultra clean state, efficient transportation systems, the bustling Orchard road, and of course, Sentosa.

Subway sandwich, pork, Singapore
the real Subway Melt, with bacon

I’ve since been to Singapore multiple times, both for leisure as well as to attend events related to this blog. If I were to plan an itinerary (this is of course, food related) for a one day visit, mine would be like this:

Right after touch down:

If you’re love sandwich, nothing beats a good Subway Melt that comes with proper ham and  pork bacon, yums! This particular tips was bought to me by Suanie, who insist that we must go to Subway instead of having hotel breakfast. It turned out to be a wise choice.

After breakfast, I’d be heading straight down to the city for some walk & shop. There’s pretty much everything for everyone with a budget, for me, I’ll be checking out camera gears. When the exchange rate is friendly, Singapore is one of the best places to pick up electronics.

MOS Burger – of course, with pork

Lunch time:

For lunch, I’d be heading to one of the MOS Burger outlets. MOS is a pretty popular Japanese burger chain that has its presence in both our closest neighbors but unfortunately, not in Malaysia. I love their pork burger with rice patty, and there’s still a lot in their menu I need to go through yet. One at a time.

After lunch, I’ll visit Underwaterworld Singapore where one gets to actually get to swim with the dolphins without having to go all the way to Bali. This would be also be fitting to my resume as the president of Aquarium Society back in high school as well as being someone who own a koi pond, yes!

muallaf the movie
Muallaf the movie, by Yasmin Ahmad

Prior to dinner, I would take an opportunity to catch a movie completely uncensored, or better still, one that is actually banned in Malaysia. Last year we actually watched Muallaf by the late Yasmin Ahmad. A movie shot in Malaysia, by Malaysian director and Malaysian actors, but banned in the country. Nice.

santouka ramen, singapore
charsiu ramen and gyoza at Santouka Ramen in Singapore


After spending a few hours at the aquarium, the logical choice would be to eat something that doesn’t involve any fish or marine mammal – RAMEN. This Santouka Ramen place in Singapore does ramen the proper way, with soup that is cooked under the perfect temperature with pork bones.

The one complain I have with Japanese restaurants in KL is that almost all of them are halal, hence robbing the one important ingredients especially when it comes to ramen – pork based soup

Clark Quay, by the riverside


After dinner, the best place to chill in Singapore would be Clark Quay, the de facto watering hole in the republic. Here you can find drinking places like Brewerkz that actually brew their own beer, and if you feel like dancing, there are plenty of clubs around the area to choose from too.


If there’s a concert running, you can forget about supper party till you drop. We went to Oasis live in Singapore and was overwhelmed. It was completely awesome! Who’s coming next?

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience! None of the activities described in this post can all be done outside Singapore in one day, and pictures are all taken by me! 😀

Discuss : Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

  1. .. as long as you stay away from Geylang Satay, which appears to all be factory made and tasteless..

  2. Suertes,
    Hahhaha thanks, will avoid that for sure. 😉

  3. still, i dunno what i can do in sg other than event n stuff. but food with pork is good though.

  4. foodcrazee

    dollar per dollar cost of living in Sg is much cheaper than Msia . . . .city of course.

    and the bacon we can all kill for is plentiful. . . . .

  5. I’ve been reading all about Uniquely Singapore experience from many bloggers this few days now 😉 After all these readings, I can’t wait to visit Singapore! When?? Only God knows! Bila I balik to KL la 😀

  6. Myhorng,
    Yess pork is always best!

    Well, but when you factor in ownership of cars & houses…

    Yess, make it happen 😀

  7. foodcrazee

    car is similar prize to ours . . . .cept for certain charges i dont remember what they call them . . . .houses . . . .err…thts a diff story

  8. That’s why I need to go to Singapore every month to indulge! Hahah… love the subway melt. Thanks for introducing it to me!

  9. Haha, how much did Singapore Tourist Promotion Board pay you for this post?? Kinda funny you intro mostly fast food instead of local food.

    Subway is nice, I didnt know Malaysia does not have this brand. Next time you are here, you can try Quiznos, new competitor to Subway, some say even better. They are in the new mall, Orchard Central.

    Santouka Ramen is one of the best here, good rich soup stock. I do fancy it is a little pricey but all the additional sides we order.

  10. i prefer States than Spore loh… don’t u? xD

  11. foodcrazee,
    try also, yah.

    Hahaha every month is a bit excessive.

    Hahah I don’t get a single cent from Singapore Tourist Promotion Board 😛

  12. Tey Cindy,
    It is also a lot further and more expensive to go! lol

  13. MUALLAF!! arghh i’ve been waiting for that movie for long time now!! sadly not shown here. i’m going there nxt mth for the christmas’s gonna be awesome!!

  14. rita,
    Yahh, it’s a shame that the movie’s banned in Malaysia.

  15. yeah WHEN the exchange rate is friendly

    which it hasn’t been for quite a while now 🙁

  16. Enoch,
    Yes. lol tragically

  17. hey ky.. m goin to bangkok next month… where to find mos burger in bangkok?

  18. connie,
    Siam Paragon!

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