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I have been accused of being a very unhealthy person when it comes to food, and this isn’t something that I can readily deny, nor is the accusation completely untrue. I love my seafood, meat, and a host of other food often prepared in the ways that aren’t exactly approved by your friendly dietitian.

There is a whole category devoted for Bak Kut Teh, so I suppose I am guilty as charged.

That said, like some of my teachers have demonstrated over the years, you don’t always have to do what you preach. So today let us talk about some healthy food readily available in our beloved country


There are actually quite a number of vegetarian places, and one of the better ones would be Restaurant Kuan Yin at Seksyen 17. Though I find eating soy based meat for religious purpose somewhat hypocritical, there is nothing wrong if your reason is based on health choices. The vegetarian char siu there is simply awesome.

no animal was harm in the creation of these dishes

Other choices include Jade Garden at BU Centrepoint, and for Indian version, try Gopala at Briekfield where you can sample the pretty creative Indian Yong Tau Fu.


Teow Chew porridge (or other types) has always been one of my favorite foods whenever I am under the weather. One of my favorite places for a meal of good old Teow Chew Porridge would be Sun Fatt Kee at Taman Paramount, PJ.

Bonjuk at Hartamas – Korean porridge

Another personal favorite with a little bit of a foreign twist is Bonjuk at Hartamas. They specialized in Korean porridge, each set usually comes with a small serving of kimchi and another type of banchan, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Healthier Fast Food:

Even fast food has a healthier choice these days. There’s the chicken porridge at McDonald’s, but my recent favorite healthy food served fast would be 1901 Hot Dogs.

1901 Hotdogs

1901 hot dogs differ from other cheaper alternatives in several ways. Firstly, they are made of actual beef/chicken meat instead of machine separated meat (from leftover cuts). Secondly, everything is steamed instead of fried. And lastly, you can’t even order normal soft drinks; there’s Diet Coke, or orange juice to go with your set.

Fast food doesn’t mean unhealthy food.

Chinese Herbal Soup

For good old Chinese food, there are also quite a number of places that serves good herbal soup. One of these places would be Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2 where you can find dozens of herbal soup each specialized in curing different ailments. There’s one to strengthen your lung, another to improve eye sight, and so forth. They are mighty delicious too.

Friendship Herbal Soup restaurant at SS2

There’s also herbal chicken soup noodle that I always like (with black chicken especially), and if you’re the cooking type, I have a recipe here too!

So why do I need to do all these?

Well, to stay healthy, duh! I recently attended a health briefing by Prudential in which we were treated with food, massage, and a health check session. I checked out alright, which means I can still eat all my other not-exactly-healthy stuff, but I guess having these healthier alternatives in the mix wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

I too have a policy with Prudential which I am considering changing to the new PruHealth plans. Staying healthier then actually carries a very measurable advantage with their NCB clause – $$ for being healthy.

Not that being healthy in itself isn’t good enough, but I wouldn’t mind the rebate at all.

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  1. I used to be a carnivore until 17 year old… coz my parents never fed me veggie when I was young. I only learned to eat slowly and surely when I went to college and uni (living expenses was very high and it was economic crisis in 97)…
    Now I try to eat more veggie than meaT…

  2. wah, so many HEALTHY food, true or not??

    Hmm, korean porridge is it nice?? never have a taste yet…must try one day. any good korean restaurant that serves decent porridge??

  3. Leo,
    Hahah, I guess a balanced diet is always better. 😉

    I’m not sure about other Korean places, but do try out Bonjuk

  4. I like some vegetarian places – those fake drumsticks actually taste pretty good!

    Hmm…that herbal soup place is worth a try. 🙂

  5. Huai Bin,
    Yah those fake stuff can sometimes taste pretty good, I like fake char siew. hehe

  6. hmm, but fast food without fries …aiks. ..
    does anyone else feel that the NEW 1901 is not as good as it used to be?

  7. J2Kfm,
    I don’t know if there’s an old and new 1901 :S

  8. foodcrazee

    is that really healthy? not to me . .the cooking method is not

  9. Marcus Lee

    Does 1901 contain Sodium Nitrate preservative like other sausages?

  10. Vegetarian food is expensive, and according to my vegetarian friend, the mock meats have lots of preservatives and flavourings which definately not healthy..hmm but not sure abt that, btw saw you in the sun NP, cool.

  11. foodcrazee,
    cooking method of 1901? They’re steamed.

    Marcus Lee,
    That, I have no idea.

    Some places, true, that’s why I usually order the vegetables instead of fake meat. 🙂

  12. my favvv is Herbal Soup! can compliment my Soup Diet!! yay~ i MUST go; summore @ SS2 onli. hehe

  13. Tey Cindy,
    Yess, jom lets go!

  14. speaking of vegetarian food in section17, there’s this shop in section 17 called Kedai Kopi Hong Seng-road 17/38 if i’ve not mistaken.. Delish vegetarian mixed rice! and the ham choy from the teowchew porridge shop (same coffee shop) is delish! You should go!

  15. I’ve never really thought of Bak Kut Teh as unhealthy food, but I guess that’s because I do not eat the fatty parts or the skin..

  16. Jac,
    Ooo Thanks for the tips!

    Haha I almost ONLY eat the fatty part :X

  17. Actually some vegetarian dishes aren’t that healthy since they use a lot of flour and involves a lot of frying. The only healthy vegetarian dish is vegetables! haha…

  18. eiling,
    That’s true, nothing beats the real green. 😉

  19. i am a regular patron at kuan yin sect 17 too… they have another outlet at pj state.. its call nirvana or sumting.. quite good.. i especialy love the friendship herbal cos so many choices of soup!.. tasty dishes but slightly on the higher price though…

  20. Josephlcs

    typo: no animal was harmED during the…

  21. connie,
    Uah I’ve been to that one too!

    Ops, thanks 😀

  22. i like the chicken herbal soups!!

  23. jason,
    Me too! 😀

  24. I am longing for a variety of herbal soups! And yong tau foo, though I am unsure of the healthy bit 😉

  25. Those vege meat doesn’t consider as healthy food as well, the ingredient itself has a lot of MSG and salt to make it tastier.
    And Mcdonald porridge is full of MSG, the real healthy food u mention in the blog is Soup

  26. Kiran,
    Hhaha just eat only!

    Hahaha, that’s not mcD porridge though.

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